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Are you thinking of purchasing a new home in 2017? Have you been looking online at houses for sale? Are you picking out the style and price range you'd like? If yes, this is a perfect point to get prepared to accomplish your dream as soon as possible. It is time to jump into the "real" process of...
New HouseKat website - Completed!One of my major goals in 2016 was to implement a new web site for my business. I already had one that I developed myself using the free platform. It was sufficient for my blogging efforts, but not for my real estate business. While I had received ove...
This post is in response to an ActiveRain contest, "Who says there are no do-overs?" The rules are to share something in work or life that did not work out and how we worked to fix it or do it differently the next time.While mistakes are common in everyone's life, including mine, this is not a po...
Listen to your gut!Or your intuition, or inner voice, or whatever else you might call it. It could be important.Sunday is pizza day in my house. I make a point of spending as much of the day as possible at home so I can make my pizza dough in the afternoon. I also make sauce if I don't have any l...
The Monroe, NY real estate results are now available for the November 2016 period.The median sales price in Monroe NY of $231.5K in November was 10% lower than the same time last year and 11% lower than last month. More than a quarter of the homes sold in November 2016 were foreclosed properties,...

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