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Good morning......:)  Every time I say that on my Monday Morning Blog, I am hoping that no one is starting their day off cranky, or overwhelmed.  Mondays are a fresh start for everything.....at least it's an opportunity, and it's up to each and every one of us on how we want today to be.  Unless ...
This time last week I was helping Judge a Marketing Contest....there were a lot of interesting entries, but 2 of them really stood out for me, and ones that I could see myself using.  That was a week ago, and tonight I just finished implementing one of them.  The results of the Contest aren't out...
How do you use your AR time?  Do you go to the fun groups, the technology ones, photography, or any one of a thousand groups that are now here...just waiting for your Post, your participation :)  How do you read a Post and comment?It is almost 9am and I just finished checking out the comments I l...
Oh yes it's Monday again.....and after the Easter week-end, it might be a little harder for some to get started today. It's always harder to go back to work the day after a Holiday, especially if you know you will be dealing with Problems :) But after the first few hours you can get set to enjoy ...
How many times have you gotten a call, wrote something down, and lost the paper?  Never? Well I know I have.  I know my limitations, and my strengths and weaknesses including how many people I can help at one time (clients).  But what happens when we go over our limitations?   Garage Sales  ~ sim...
Good Morning....or should I say " Top o' the Mornin 'to ya "....yep, today is  St. Patrick's Day.  No, it wasn't over the week-end...it is always on March 17th, which is today :)  So today's Monday Gifts will be GREEN in honor of this fun Irish Holiday.                                            ...
I wanted to try something, a test:  It's a test of one of my tablet's features, the pen.  One of the great things about the Tablet PC is that you can use the pen to make notes just like using paper and pen...well except that the Tablets Pen is a lot more expensive :)Anyway, I just tried the pen t...
Tuesday Truths....  So many different personalities, so many different cultures, religions, lifestyles........all sorts of experiences that make up who we are as Real Estate Agents.  Everything I would say except we aren't GOD.....but amazing that some of us act like we were. I remember a book I ...
Good Morning...., it's Monday again, and today I have another gift....something for all of us.  I hope everyone is ready for another good week. I am not sure why I like Mondays so much, maybe because so many people are off on the weekends, and on Monday they all come back :)  Anyway the first gif...
Saturday afternoons I used to watch old cowboy movies ~ The Rifleman, Roy Rogers, John Wayne, and so many others.  I loved watching these movies.  So today when I was making my Real Estate Show on land for sale in Riverside County, I chose the Western Music.  I enjoyed listening to it so much tha...

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