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So....getting back to the nightly routine was half of the battle, but being back in the routine has paid dividends immediately.  Just this past week I recevied two referrals as result of Active Rain.  First there is a nameless real estate broker owner who wants to meet with me next Monday.  BIG D...
I said that I was back in the game, but I wasn't.  There were two primary reasons.  First, and most importantly, I have just accomplished a major goal of mine in getting published.  The book, No Rewind, should be in print within the next two weeks.  The Active Rain issue was that any writing time...
As a Wells Fargo Alumni I really want them to do well.  I have a lot of my retirement invested in that company.  But I am really liking the big banks recently.  It seems to me that I get plent of business from their turn downs.  Here's how big banks cause problems for the consumer. They don't kno...
Recently I wrote a post about credit scoring entitled What You Need to Know About Credit Scoring. There were 5 variables that affect the credit score of the borrower. Needless to say, I really think that while credit inquiries have the lest amount of weight towards your credit, it also happens to...
Thirty year mortgage rates have been moving lower over the past week and are currently in the low 4s,  + or - , depending on each of the myriad of loan variables.  Many of you know that over the past year rates moved as low as 3.5% for 30 year fixed mortgage loans and as high as just under 5.0%. ...

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