upcountry maui: When they gonna fix those roads in upcountry Maui? - 07/09/19 12:08 AM
When they gonna fix those roads in upcountry Maui? 
Ask the Mayor!
That was a question for the Mayor of Maui and his answer is in the Maui News.
---> The improvements are coming soon - on some roads that really need it: Upper Kauhikoa Rd and Kaluanui Rd in Haiku.
We look forward to better driving conditions in Haiku, Makawao, and Pukalani.
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upcountry maui: Beautiful plumeria flowers seen in upcountry Maui - 11/13/17 02:30 PM
These beautiful plumeria flowers were photographed in upcountry Maui - Makawao, Pukalani and Haiku.  They really bring a warm tropical feeling to any property, with their delicate fragrance and soft petals.

Plumeria trees prefer a dry sandy soil and you'll see them growing in the sunny seaside towns as well.  Easy to grow from just a piece of broken branch stuck into the ground.  Strung into a lei, these flowers will brighten your day!
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127 Hana … (8 comments)

upcountry maui: Agave plants growing well in upcountry Maui Hawaii - 01/22/17 05:00 PM
Did you know agave plants grow on Maui? 
I was quite surprised to see this field planted with agave while viewing a large estate for sale in upcountry Maui Hawaii.  Why not grow agave plants?  They seem to be doing well and probably don't need a lot of water and maintenance.  Maybe this crop could be planted in the central valley where the sugar cane used to grow.... organic Maui tequila could be huge!
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Agave plants growing in Upcountry Maui
Boutique farming is a way to make agriculture pay off on this small island.  The … (12 comments)

upcountry maui: Halloween leftovers - horse skeleton at the polo match - 11/05/16 12:46 PM
Just going over some pics from last weekend and this was too good to pass up.  At the polo match in Pukalani Maui, this very skinny horse was spotted.  I guess it's a light eater, so cheap to keep. 
Luckily all the other horses were well tended and looking pretty sharp.

More pics from the polo field !
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upcountry maui: Pukalani Maui HI - market update Aug Sept Oct 2016 - 10/28/16 12:24 PM
In Upcountry Maui, Pukalani is a pretty hot market right now with plenty of sales every month.  What's been happening lately and what's for sale now...
SOLD in Pukalani Maui August, September and October 2016:
17 residential sales priced from $515,000 to $1,222,673 average sale price was $669,782 and median sale price was $635,000 Days on Market (DOM) varied from 41 days to 408 days, average 152, median 97 lot size ranged from 5,380 sf up to 2 acres, most of them were under 1/3 acre 11 were 3 bedroom homes, 5 were 4 bedroom homes, and just 1 was a 5 … (5 comments)

upcountry maui: Get your fix at the Farmacy Health Bar in Pukalani Maui - 04/30/16 07:52 AM
The Farmacy Health Bar
Get a great healthy lunch or cold drink at the Farmacy Health Bar in Pukalani Maui. This hip new restaurant at the Pukalani Terrace Center will serve you up some organic and locally sourced healthy food.  Pukalani Terrace has a good variety of places to eat and they'll let you sit outside on the sidewalk, which can be pleasant.  Not long ago Fat Burger was in this spot, but I guess they didn't last long.

The Farmacy menu offers sandwiches and salads, hot bowls and soups, fruit juices and smoothies, and acai bowls filled with fruit.  "Let food be thy … (3 comments)

upcountry maui: Serpico's Pizza Restaurant - Pukalani Maui Hawaii - 01/09/16 11:15 AM
Serpico's Pizza Restaurant -  Pukalani Maui Hawaii
When you're looking for a good restaurant in Upcountry Maui, check out Serpico's Pizza for some truly tasty Italian food.

Serpico Pizza Restaurant
7 Aewa Place, Pukalani Maui - on the old Haleakala Highway.
808 572-8498
Hours:  11:00 am to 10:00 pm every day
Plenty of parking.
Pizza and pasta, sandwiches and salads, a keiki menu too.  They deliver!  They also do catering, so you can have a pizza party for the kids and make it easy on yourself. 
Look at all the cheese on that pizza!  And what a nice thin crust!
When you're looking for a home Upcountry, start your … (14 comments)

upcountry maui: Makawao and Pukalani Maui - Realtor Caravan listings Dec 2015 - 12/21/15 06:05 AM
Makawao and Pukalani Maui - Realtor Caravan listings Dec 2015
How refreshing it was to see the 4 new listings featured on the December Realtor Caravan this month. Fidelity Title sponsors our weekly events that cover the north shore, and Upcountry Maui. With nothing over $540,000 it was a stark contrast to the Paia/Haiku December caravan the previous week where nothing was under $1M.  You really can't beat this part of the island when it comes to affordable housing with a friendly small town atmosphere.
The Gardens Upcountry condo building, Pukalani Maui HI 96768
Here's a quick run down of the four properties for … (6 comments)

upcountry maui: Upcountry Maui Hawaii - market reports Spring 2015 - 06/27/15 06:51 AM
Upcountry Maui Hawaii - market reports Spring  2015
I've put together some market reports on my Hawaii Life blog, and here's a synopsis of some recent ones showing what's happening in the Upcountry real estate market so far this year... Kula, Pukalani, Makawao, Haiku.
Makawao/Pukalani Spring market report Makawao/Pukalani Caravan report - June 2015 Maui Uplands/Upland Estates - spring/summer 2015 Kula market report - June 2015 Haiku Maui residential report - spring 2015 It's a good time to be buying or selling in Upcountry Maui!
Search for homes for sale in Kula Maui ~ Search homes for sale in Pukalani Maui
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upcountry maui: Sammy Hagar's Beach Bar Rum is made on Maui - 04/19/15 03:28 AM
Sammy Hagar's Beach Bar Rum is made on Maui
Did you know Maui has a distillery in Haliimaile, a former pineapple plantation town?  They make rum and vodka here at the Haliimaile Distilling Company, using pineapples and sugar cane grown locally!  One of the products is Sammy Hagar's Beach Bar Rum. 

You can take a tour of the plant, and visit the tasting room/gift shop for some unique items. This can be a highlight of your visit to Haliimaile if you're stopping by the Hailiimaile General Store Restaurant.

Haliimaile is located just below the town of Makawao, in the upcountry … (2 comments)

upcountry maui: Pukalani Community Center, Maui - take a dip in the pool - 02/27/15 09:47 AM
Pukalani Community Center, Maui - take a dip in the pool

We've had plenty of hot sunny weather in Upcountry Maui, and it's great to have this fabulous public swimming pool available. You'll find it at the Pukalani Community Center just across from the Pukalani Terrace Shopping Center.  90 Pukalani Street. 96768
~ * ~
The pool is open every day. Generally 9 - 4:30, but Thursday they open at 10 and Sunday at 12 noon. There's also a kiddie pool.
Call 808 572-1479 if you have any questions about this facility.
Call the Maui Pools Info Hotline about other … (10 comments)

upcountry maui: Pukalani Maui - more EV charging stations now open - 02/09/15 05:41 AM
Pukalani Maui - more EV charging stations now open
There's another new charging station for EV's (electric vehicles) on Maui, and this time it's upcountry at the Pukalani Terrace Center. It looks like there's room for 4 cars, but I didn't see anyone plugged in yet, probably because it's so new. We need to get word out!
Test drive a Tesla in Wailea Maui Wailuku Maui EV charging station
You can find the EV charging station at the north end of the shopping center, across from the Bank of Hawaii and ACE Hardware, and close to the recycling center. Very … (8 comments)

upcountry maui: Huge price reduction on 4 beautiful acres in Kula Maui HI - 11/28/14 09:21 AM
Huge price reduction on 4 beautiful acres in Kula Maui HI
My sellers are ready to let this unique and lovely 4 acres go. Their loss will be somebody else's gain. With a huge price reduction of over $100,000 the phone is already ringing for this vacant lot.

980 Kamehameiki Road is now for sale for only $665,000 and that's a steal for 4 acres with a Maui County water meter, ocean views, and all usable land.  It's partly wooded and partly pasture, with an old home and a few other weathered structures.

This property is so fun to explore. … (18 comments)

upcountry maui: JOES KULA AUTO at Historic Calasa Garage, Kula Maui Hawaii - 09/19/14 12:55 PM
JOES KULA AUTO at Historic Calasa Garage, Kula Maui Hawaii
When you live in upcountry Maui you're going to need a good old fashioned service station once in a while and there's not many to choose from. I know many of us still refer to the place as Calasa's, since it's been here a long time and that was the original name. Anyway, when you have to get your car "safety'd" in a hurry, you can save yourself the drive down to Kahului and get it done at Joes.  They are quick and efficient and you'll soon be on your way. … (4 comments)

upcountry maui: Kula True Value Hardware - Upcountry Maui Hawaii - gas, hardware and garden - 03/06/08 01:13 PM

KULA TRUE VALUE HARDWARE in the upcountry town of Kula Maui is a great place to buy your gas or pick up some things for the home.  They try to keep their gas prices competetive and it's usually a little cheaper than most other stations.  Besides, there aren't many other stations in this rural area.
The garden center and nursery has lots of selection including bedding plants, pots of bamboo, hanging baskets and fruit trees suited to the higher elevations of upcountry Maui...an area known for it's agricultural bounty.
They are located at 3100 Lower Kula Road, Kula Maui HI 96790
(808) … (4 comments)

upcountry maui: Pukalani Country Club - a Maui Golf Course for locals in Hawaii - 01/18/08 09:48 PM
Pukalani Country Club is located in upcountry Maui, on the slopes of Haleakala, where it's a little cooler.  If you're driving up Haleakala Highway, take the Old Haleakala Highway exit and then take a right at Pukalani Terrace Shopping Center.  Tha's Pukalani Street... drive all the way to the end and there's the golf club, at 360 Pukalani St. Pukalani HI 96768.  It's a public golf course with reasonable fees.  My dad likes to play here because he's cheap, and he doesn't want to pay the high fees at the resorts down in Wailea and Makena.
That's the driving range pictured above... not bad … (4 comments)

upcountry maui: Dels Farm Supply - Kahului Maui Hawaii 96732 - 808 873-0101 - 12/27/07 06:49 PM

Kahului Maui
Del's Farm Supply
326 Hanumau St, Kahului, HI  96732
Call them at 808 873-0101   EMAIL them: kahului@delsfarmsupply.com
M-S 8:00-6:00 / Sun 10:00-4:00
If you own livestock on Maui, you probably already know where Del's Farm Supply is located, on the corner of Alamaha and Hanamau, in Kahului.  With the new expanded warehouse space they have a much bigger selection than they had at the old Maui Shopping Center.  Of course, that store burned down, which was a major inconvenience.  You can find all the usual feeds for your critters, like chicken scratch, egg maker, pig starter, hog finisher, alfalfa cubes, sweet horse … (6 comments)

upcountry maui: Hanzawa Store - Kaupakalua Road - Haiku Maui Hawaii - 12/01/07 08:23 PM

When you're driving around Maui, in Haiku, you'll sooner or later find yourself driving the twisting mountain spine of Kaupakalua Road, the main artery between the upcountry town of Makawao, and the Hana Highway starting point of the historic Millenium Trail.  Going up or down, there aren't many pit stops along the way, and it's really great to come across Hanzawa's, an old fashioned country store.
Hanzawa's Store serves a large community of people in the countryside, from Haiku to Makawao.  It's the only gas station and store for miles around.  Is it any wonder they do a thriving business, selling gas, hot dogs and cold drinks, beer, milk and … (4 comments)

upcountry maui: Hit and Run Drive-By Shooting on Maui - 11/21/07 01:00 PM

Random MAUI Scenes taken from the car while driving
Okay I admit it's a dramatic title, but this is just a quick post with some drive-by pictures of some Maui scenes.  I always hate to take pics out the car window, but sometimes you get lucky and they're not too bad.  That's a view of the ocean close to Mama's Fish House. 
Makawao Town in upcountry Maui has some great old buildings.  And of course, there's always those beautiful rainbows over the sugar cane fields while driving into Paia on the north shore.
Don't worry, I wasn't driving.  Have a great Thanksgiving!  I … (8 comments)

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