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Thoughts of a warm-hearted but opinionated long-time Realtor who sells residential property in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, including resale, new build, and investment, with a passion for Victorian, Vintage, and Mid-Century Modern homes.
EMMA CRAWFORD COFFIN RACE MANITOU SPRINGS In the late 1800s and early 1900s, there were few households that were not affected by the dreaded disease of tuberculosis. Called Consumption for many centuries because of the way severe weight loss appeared to consume the patient, it was also referred t...
Starlight Dining Venetucci Farm If you’ve been in Colorado Springs for any length of time, the name Venetucci is synonymous with autumn, harvest, pumpkins, and community service. This year on Monday, October 20th, they will host a Starlight Dinner at Venetucci Farm, where you can enjoy edible and...
WHAT REALTORS DO FOR BUYERS After hearing a young man say, "At least I have a REAL job . . . it's not like I drive around town all day talking on the telephone," I was surprised at the lack of understanding of our profession, and formulated this list to show just how intense our job can be. It's ...
Why Sellers Need a REALTORMany times I'm surprised that the general public does not seem to understand how much work goes into the sale of a home. It's been almost three years since I first posted this, but I think it bears repeating. I often use it in a Listing Presentation. Not that I expect AN...
Can we talk?  Have we lost control? Who among us is licensed and QUALIFIED? Four times in the past week I have received calls from (3) Sellers and a Buyer. The conversations go something like this: "Hey, Mimi, this is John Smith. I bought my house from you about ten years ago and the wife and I a...
I was recently honored with a Featured post (Over 300 Blogging Ideas) that was picked up by Inman News (thank you, Laura Monroe!). If you've followed me for any length of time, you know I'm a big believer in responding to comments as much as possible. With that same thought process, I tried to be...
We all know we shouldn't show houses to Buyers who haven't been pre-approved, or at the very least, pre-qualified. After several decades of doing this job, it's one of the few hard and fast rules I hold to before taking on a new client. Yes, I'll meet someone at one of my listings and show them t...
Because of our busy schedules, my eldest daughter and I don't get a lot of relaxed time together. A local property manager, her life consists in dealing with a totally different kind of crazy clientele than I do as a realtor. Our luncheon yesterday had been on the books for over a week, making su...
In all of my years in real estate, this is the first time I've heard of this scenario. One of my newer agents contacted me, upset about a home she sold last week. We have a unique area in town called Manitou Springs ~ governed by the regulations of Colorado Springs Regional Building but with thei...
Writing is a passion for me, but as a novelist, my blogging seems to have taken a back seat. A friend and I have been meeting to discuss how we're going to get back to blogging and doing videos regularly. I have lots of old posts with lists for blogging ideas, so I filtered and combined them to c...

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