myrl jeffcoat: Great Vietnamese Food in the Greater Sacramento Region - 08/14/13 09:54 PM
In recent months I have been focused on Thai food, Satay, and wonderful peanut sauces with coconut milk.  Focused so much so that I had been missing out on one of my other favorite Asian cuisines, Vietnamese.  Yesterday, I was able to fix that!
The Greater Sacramento area has one of the best Vietnamese restaurants I’ve encountered.  Andy Nguyen’s in Rancho Cordova has been at its Folsom Boulevard location for many years.  It’s always a treat to return there.
I have family in town, and yesterday we enjoyed lunch at Andy’s.  Pictured above is the Sauteed Shrimp with Cashews I selected.  It was … (12 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: From Back in The Day! - 08/08/13 11:23 AM
From Back in The Day!
I originally thought of creating a little contest with this picture, then decided against it. I realized it would likely be old-timers in real estate, who would have advantage over newcomers.
I came across this vintage piece of personal real estate equipment when I hauled it out of an old trunk, tucked away in my garage.
“What is it,” younger folks might ask? Well it’s a TI (Texas Instruments) Silent 700/1200 BPS. But, for me personally, it was one of the first valuable tools that freed me from remaining tethered to the MLS computer at … (27 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: The Number of Equity Sellers Listing Homes For Sale is Improving - 08/06/13 10:39 AM
Recent statistical data for Sacramento County demonstrates the number of homes listed FOR SALE in comparison to the percentage transitioning to PENDING status or SOLD is improving from a year ago.
Housing inventory remains tight, and homebuyers often have difficulty finding suitable homes to buy. However, increased home values in our region are allowing more homeowners to become equity sellers once again. This factor has once troubled homeowners, who once felt unable to sell without entering a short-sale environment, to once again consider selling.
Last month Sacramento County recorded a 40.6% jump in “For Sale” listings, in comparison to July a … (10 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Early Days of Loomis California - 08/03/13 04:05 AM

Somehow, back in the later half of the 1800s, when James Loomis was acting as early day dynamo in his little Northern California settlement, I can’t imagine he foresaw the change and growth existing in the town later named after him. He had acted as railroad agent, postmaster, express agent and saloon keeper to the fledgling town.
From my early kid days, I retain memories of the Union Pacific Railroad, Old Highway 40, and the packing sheds, which make up part of what is the historic part of town.
In the early 1900s, Loomis bustled as the second largest Placer … (15 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Inspirational Thoughts From The Dalai Lama - 08/01/13 06:15 AM

TALL MAN BUT … (25 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Our Numbers Are Better Year Over Year - 07/29/13 01:13 PM
Our Numbers Are Better Year Over Year!

What a difference a year makes! It is being reported that Sacramento experienced a 30% increase in home values, year over year.  And, we are leading the country in housing recovery!
A year ago 4 of 5 homes sold were either short-sales or bank owned properties. This year that number has reversed, with 4 of 5 homes marketed being equity sales, as homeowners are finding a return of home value to allow for traditional sales!
Interest rates remain attractively low, but a lack of inventory is creating frustration for many homebuyers. Many first time … (11 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Huell Howser - Part of California's Gold! - 07/27/13 02:47 PM
Huell Howser - Part of California’s Gold!

I think my friend, Collie McGee said it best when describing public television’s Huell Howser. “He took the mundane and made it interesting,“ she said.
Over the years, while watching Huell present his “California’s Gold” series, I hadn’t considered what it was that made Huell’s travels around the State of California enjoyable to so many California PBS viewers. Looking back however, I suspect it was his gift for breaking surface, and his “folksie” interest in getting the rest of the story about places traveled to - The history - The people.
From … (9 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: A Good Vintage Year - 07/23/13 11:24 AM
There is something so special about stepping out your backdoor, and finding a little something growing in the garden to munch on!
My tomatoes have been a disappointment this year. I think I’ve only harvested 4 or 5 little cherry tomatoes. But, I noticed awhile back that my grapes were having a really good year!
I live on a regular city lot, so space isn’t plentiful. However, there are 4 grape vines of different varieties planted along my fence lines.
I hate to admit this, but my favorites types of grapes are some of the old standbys which have been around forever … (25 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: A Simple Way to Survive the Heat - 07/20/13 12:14 PM
Greater Sacramento, like so much of the country is enduring a heat wave. Local temps in the 100s are forecast. The strategy for enduring this kind of heat, is to rise early, and finish physical outdoor activities quickly.
By 7:15 am, I found myself seated on my bicycle, peddling to California Family Fitness to put in an hour or more of swimming. Riding home, it wasn’t too warm to enjoy the morning and smell the flowers, so abundantly in bloom.
My neighbor, a few houses away, has several Sunflowers blooming in their front yard. Are there any flowers on this good Earth, which bring … (16 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: The Colorful Past of Fiddletown in California Gold Country - 07/18/13 12:49 PM
Several days ago, when granddaughter Macie and I were rambling around and through California Gold Rush towns, there was an opportunity to abandon the beaten path, and find our way into Fiddletown, a small hamlet one would likely miss, if not really looking for it.
Local legend tells the story of how the place got its name from early settlers arriving from Missouri, who fiddled during idle times - especially during summer when the creeks ran dry. A lack of water made mining an impractical adventure.
Fiddletown was a trading center for nearby mining camps and surrounding Shenandoah Valley farms, from about … (22 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Have You Wondered? - 07/15/13 02:28 AM
Have you wondered how long it may be before housing inventory begins to expand, and satisfy homebuyers in search of their perfect home or investment? I know I certainly have. After weathering other real estate cycles like this one these past 3 decades, I have noted when housing recovery begins, new home builders usually wake from slumber and begin taking up the slack.
While contemplating the issue over the fence with this little guy in Fiddletown, California, I’m thinking, one day in the future, he’s going to be constructing a whole lot of something! How wonderful for him, that he lives in his … (13 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: It's Not Only The Greater Sacramento Housing Market That's GONE WILD! - 07/13/13 10:47 AM
While sitting here at my computer processing statistical information for Sacramento County Home Sales, I heard the familiar whup-whup-whup sounds of the Sheriff’s helicopter flying overhead. 

Living as close to the American River as I do, I often hear the police aircraft hovering above during summer months, when rafters and other fun loving folks find a place to cool off in the water. 

It was the prolonged period the whirlybird sound continued, that reminded me today is the Third Annual “Rafting Gone Wild” event. I put a hold on statistical analysis, grabbed the camera, jumped on my bicycle and headed for … (11 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Murphy's - The Queen of The California Mother Lode - 07/12/13 12:43 AM
Yesterday, my granddaughter Macie and I found a ribbon of road, which curls in a south easterly direction from Sacramento. We were in search of lunch in a different environment, and reminiscent of another time.
Highway 49 connects a daisy chain of delightfully colorful California Gold Rush towns - Amador City, Sutter Creek, Jackson, and several more.
While driving across rolling hills, with fields of golden grasses and vintage Oaks, Macie told of a place that served up great Lavender Lemonade in Murphy’s, the Queen of California Mother Lode towns.
Although, Murphy’s is about 98 miles from home, and a tad further than intended … (15 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: About Grandma Labels and Floating Troubles Away - 07/10/13 10:48 AM
Even though I’m not much of a Kardashian fan or follower, I had to smile this morning. What caught my eye, was Kris Jenner reporting she had conjured a name she’d rather her new grandkid, North, would use instead of “Grandma.” The name selected, “Momager.”
I know a little something about coming of age as a grandmother, and maybe even fretting slightly at the “Grandma” title. I’ve been through it a few times myself. But, with little prompting my grandkids had the grace to bestow the title, “Nana.” However, during a couple years in the early 1990s, I was sometimes seen wearing … (28 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Not All That Glitters is Gold! - 07/08/13 08:29 AM

One of the more fun things I sometimes do when friends and family from out of town come to visit, is to take them wading along the banks of the American River not far from home.  Invariably we will come upon an area that sparkles gold along the shoreline.  And just as predictably the California visitor will become wide-eyed with excitement.  No, it isn’t what they think it is!  It is instead Mica Pyrite or Fools Gold.  Along the American River Parkway, several areas often dazzle newcomers and even those of us who have lived in the Greater Sacramento region … (26 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Natural Air Conditioning Along the American River - 07/05/13 10:09 PM
While Greater Sacramento thermometers were lingering at the century plus mark this week, the American River between Sunrise Bridge and Watt Avenue became a very popular place in Sacramento County. 
It’s always cooler near the water, especially when breezes provide a natural air conditioning flow.  If not rafting, wading or swimming, you can enjoy walking or biking the trails along the American River Parkway.
These scenes were shot yesterday, after the heat gave it a rest, and temps dipped into the 90sJ



myrl jeffcoat: The Nut Tree - Between Sacramento and San Francisco - 07/01/13 06:12 AM
I honestly can’t remember a time when The Nut Tree along highway 80 corridor, in Solano County, wasn’t a welcome stopping off place between San Francisco and Sacramento. 
My own kids remember the train rides, the restaurant, the vineyards, and the ice cream.  There are also memories of the Corn Maze in autumn.
When the Nut Tree closed in 1996, it left a hole on the hearts of many, however in today’s world, with new owners and developers, there continues a spirit of keeping some historic leanings alive. 
It was on a hot afternoon in July of 1921, that the catalyst … (21 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Why Cats Purr - 06/29/13 04:01 AM
Why Cats Purr
If you hope to get an understanding about how money for scientific research grants can occur, let me tell you about an interesting article I found in the Scientific American. 
It all began when curiosity about my kittens and why they purr got the better of me. So, I simply keyed into a Google search, “Why do cats purr?” 
Sure enough several articles popped up. But it was a “Scientific American” piece titled “Why Do Cats Purr” published in January 2003 that caught my eye. Although we may be working with old data here, it … (28 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Things to Consider! - 06/28/13 05:32 AM
Without a doubt Sacramento has experienced weather whiplash this week.  There has been rain, overcast and temps in the 70s at the beginning of the week, but a quick switch to a heat wave mid-week has temps near or at 100 degrees currently.
There is a couple of things that you may wish to be aware of as we approach this coming week and the 4th of July. 
(1) Century plus temperatures are slated to escalate and peak near 106 – 108 degrees up through the 4th of July holiday.  Greater Sacramento usually has humidity in the single digits this time of year, … (10 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: What They Say About Fishing! - 06/24/13 08:22 AM
I’m not much of a fisherman.  I don’t like live bait, and I absolutely won’t clean a fish!  Nope, I like my fish either Safeway wrapped, or otherwise ready for the frying pan.  I can cook them ok, and I’ll certainly eat my share! 
However, while riding my bike along the American River Parkway, I often enjoy scenes of folks floating cares away while enjoying their favorite sport.  
For many it is true, “The worst day of fishing is better than the best day at work.”




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