real estate: How a Seller's Market Affects Realtor Relationships - 03/24/21 07:08 PM
This may be a touchy subject but here goes... Most of the country is experiencing a housing shortage and finds itself in a competitive seller's market. Competition to gain new listings is fierce and the end result is a lot of stress and sadly, the demise of many professional relationships.
As the market began to heat up, many agents began seeking new and creative ways to attract sellers. Unfortunately, this often brings in to play, a shark mentality. While a shark mentality can often be what it takes to get some transactions to the finish line, the end result many times are … (37 comments)

real estate: To Win in Real Estate You Must Get in the Game! - 03/13/21 09:23 AM
Right now everyone wants to get into the game of real estate. It's easy money right??? Anyone can do this gig!
Back in 2008, the market was filled with a ton of real estate agents. When the big bust occurred, many jumped ship and went back to what many called, "their real jobs". I am seeing some similarities from 2008 today.
As I see our local Realtor association fill up with a record number of new agents, I cannot help but wonder how many will survive the next real estate downturn. When the going gets tough, who will sink and who will swim?
No … (31 comments)

real estate: Historic Renovation ~ Granbury, Texas - 02/25/21 03:26 PM
Granbury, Texas is a quaint, historic town southwest of Fort Worth. Winding through the town is the Brazos River that creates our playground, Lake Granbury. At the heart of town is the beautiful and iconic town Square.
My husband and I purchased our first building on the Square two years ago and lovingly restored it where our real estate office, Beam & Branch Realty calls home. We love being on the Square and being a part of this vibrant community. So much so, we decided to purchase another building and closed on it yesterday!
122 N. Crockett is our new project that we … (15 comments)

real estate: Does Your Home Pass the Smell Test? - 09/30/20 03:50 PM
Does Your Home Pass the Smell Test?
Sellers, the way your home smells matters! As an agent who has entered thousands of homes, scent is an immediate and lasting impression. Therefore, evaluating how your home odors affect others is paramount when listing your property on the market.
It is important to have a third party to give you an honest smell-test! In our own homes, we are not the best judge as we become olfactory-numb in our personal environments. Ask for an honest opinion of the freshness or not so fresh smells in your home.
Next, receive the candid feedback and be prepared to tackle any smelly … (11 comments)

real estate: Crystal Wilson ~ Beam & Branch Realty GRI Agent! - 05/03/20 12:06 PM
Crystal Wilson ~ Beam & Branch Realty GRI Agent!
Beam & Branch Realty is proud to announce our agent Crystal Wilson has earned the coveted Graduate Realtor® Institute designation or GRI! This designation is through the National Association of REALTORS® and takes a great deal of commitment and fortitude.
Crystal is a top-notch agent who represents her clients with great attention to detail and a work ethic that is stellar. We have witnessed Crystal going the true extra mile to ensure her client's needs are met. Her ability to seek an "outside of the box" solution is outstanding.
Being a mom of two great … (2 comments)

real estate: How Will You Look Post Pandemic? - 04/27/20 11:31 AM
How Will You Look Post Pandemic?
I've heard lots of comments asking how things will look after this pandemic is over? My question is, how will you look? What I mean by this is, what will your attitude, your outlook, and your persona reflect from this experience?
We all know attitude is important. What we project to those around us says everything. Will you reflect grit, determination, and fortitude or will you cave to the gloom and doom many have chosen?
Your attitude post-pandemic needs to be determined today. Sure we have all experienced loss of business and income. As we emerge, however, we … (18 comments)

real estate: The Plan for the Return to a New Normal - 04/21/20 09:55 AM
The Plan for the Return to a New Normal
Hopefully, all of your Zoom meetings, virtual showings, and other creative real estate strategies are going well.  Now that many states are implementing the roll-out for re-opening, the question is, what is your plan for the return to the new normal.
The real question is to define what a new normal looks like. First, I believe this pandemic has changed our world in many ways. Attention to sanitizing protocols, how we greet one another, and methods we use to communicate most likely will continue for quite some time. 
For some of us, we have recognized … (7 comments)

real estate: ZOOM Tips for Successful Video Conferening - 04/04/20 11:12 AM

I created this or our local Realtor® Association. Feel free to share. Discovering and conquering new ways to stay connected with our agents, clients, and community. Stay well, everyone!

real estate: Creative Marketing While in Isolation - 03/19/20 09:11 AM
Creative Marketing While in Isolation
Stuck at home? Yep, we all are! However, we can still do some effective marketing even while physically isolated.
      * Online home tours! Many of you already do these. Make some more right from your own home! Just videotape yourself talking about the home! Tour them through each room with excellent narrative!
     *Host a Virtual Open House! Set the date and time for people to join you online. Make it fun and creative as possible! Interact with your online audience.
     *Drive by Neighborhood Tours! Jump in the car and take a ride through your … (28 comments)

real estate: Welcome to My Office ~ Come on In! - 02/12/20 12:32 PM
Welcome to My Office ~ Come on In!
The next time you visit Granbury, Texas we would love for you to stop in and see our beautifully renovated historic building! We are located directly on our beloved town Square! And by the way, our town was voted as the Best Historic Small Town in the USA! We are quite proud of this!
We wanted to create an office that was not only visually pleasing, but also a great landing place for our agents. Complete with open working spaces, a large conference area, a full kitchen, and several cozy sofa areas! Our office is … (8 comments)

real estate: NAR ~ Commitment to Excellence Program - 01/16/20 03:03 PM
NAR ~ Commitment to Excellence Program
I'm sure many of you have seen the National Association of REALTORS® program C2EX. This stands for Commitment to Excellence for real estate agents and brokers. The program was launched just a few years ago to encourage continued excellence within the real estate industry.
The program is easy to access and has a level-up program for agents to follow. I found the activities to be engaging and thought-provoking. As the various levels are completed, you can then begin the next stage of learning.
The program is at your own pace and I found it easy to access anytime … (2 comments)

real estate: 2019 Year in Review ~ Beam & Branch Realty - 01/08/20 12:24 PM

It is rewarded to take a moment to review your year! During our recent One-Day Retreat, I shared this video with our team. Being able to see all that we've participated in provides us great encouragement as we move into a new year.
Our love of the community we live in here in Granbury, Texas, is reflected in this video. We stay very involved with festivals, boards, charity, and many other wonderful groups. We love giving back to this fantastic area in which we live.
Beam & Branch Realty, located directly on the Historic Granbury Square is your go-to real estate professionals. We hope you will stop in and … (8 comments)

real estate: The DNA of Real Estate - 07/26/19 03:18 PM
The DNA of Real Estate
Remember back to freshman biology and you learned the design and structure of DNA? Maybe you slept through this part of class but I bet you have a good idea that DNA is the amazing structure within our cells that dictates everything about a living organism. How it will look, function, grow, etc.
The other day, a new agent was sharing that while in their real estate classes, one of the wise instructors mentioned to the students how no two real estate deals are ever the same! The client changes, terms are different, type of property, financed, not … (11 comments)

real estate: Pit Stops and Pot Holes - 03/18/19 09:59 AM
Pit Stops and Pot Holes
This life journey I awaken to each and everyday is interesting to say the least. The journey in real estate is rarely on a straight and narrow road either. Typically, there are many winding roads accompanied with several pit stops and pot holes.
When we do experience a real estate transaction that is super smooth and closes without incident, we celebrate as this is not the norm. Those of us in real estate most likely experience transactions with numerous challenges along the way. This is where an experienced agent will add the most value to their clients.
The pit stops … (3 comments)

real estate: Announcing: Agent's Choice Award! - 04/04/18 01:41 PM
Announcing: Agent's Choice Award!
 Our team at Magnolia Realty Granbury in Granbury are pleased to offer our seller's, our monthly Agent's Choice Award! After touring selected listings each month, our agents vote on the top home! The criteria for the award are:
Curb appeal, tidiness of landscaping, and overall presentation. Interior cleanliness, lack of odors, lighting, and individual features of the home. How is the home priced compared to others in the area? After our monthly tour, agents complete a questionnaire which is provided to the Seller's. This tool helps our client's understand the market while also offering them recognition for a beautiful presentation. … (2 comments)

real estate: Seller Surveillance Systems ~ Educate Your Clients - 03/12/18 10:32 AM
Seller Surveillance Systems ~ Educate Your Clients
In this day and age of video surveillance systems, this is a game-changer in real estate. Potential buyers must be aware of the possibility of being video recorded while in a seller's home. But....did you know that here in Texas, audio recording of which the person recording is NOT a party to the conversation is a FELONY?
Under the Texas Penal Code "it is prohibited to audio record without the consent of at least one individual who is part of the conversation."
Recently, an agent called me (broker) to complain about one of my agents showing … (44 comments)

real estate: Before You Show, Get Your Ducks in a Row - 02/14/18 02:02 PM
Before You Show, Get Your Ducks in a Row
Many times, real estate agents are so eager to show a prospective buyer homes they don't take the necessary steps to have the client qualified and prepared to make an offer. In this day and age of impostors, scammers, and sometimes just uniformed buyers, Seller's more than ever are savvy when they are accepting offers. Therefore, it is imperative that real estate agents educate their buyers BEFORE showing property.
If you are a prospective buyer, please do not be offended when your agent asks you for your Pre-Qualification letter, proof of funds, etc. In order … (16 comments)

real estate: Magnolia Realty Welcomes Wendy Graig - 08/17/17 11:55 AM
Magnolia Realty Welcomes Wendy Graig
Our Magnolia Realty family here in Granbury continues to grow and thrive. And we say "family", we mean it in every sense of the word. Our agents are a close knit group who truly care for one another. Wendy Graig comes to us with years of experience and a desire to continue to learn and to be a team player.
Growing up in a small farming community in Hill County. He parents both instilled invaluable traits such as a hard work ethic, honesty, integrity and the tenacity to succeed and accomplish goals. These traits have carried over into her real estate … (2 comments)

real estate: Real Estate and Kindergarten - 08/16/17 06:07 PM
Real Estate and Kindergarten
Today as I watched my little guy heading into his first day of Kindergarten, my heart was swollen with pride, nostalgia, and a little lump in my throat.  How did these years go by so quickly? How quickly will the next few years go by?
After waving goodbye, I headed to my real estate office and had some time of reflection. Watching all of the little ones with their brand new backpacks, fresh school supplies, new haircuts, and back to school outfits, I couldn't help but smile at some of the similarities between Real Estate and Kindergarten.
Now stay with … (40 comments)

real estate: 6.8 acres in The Woodlands, Texas! - 05/24/17 11:55 AM
6.8 acres in The Woodlands, Texas!
The Woodlands, Texas is one of the premier master planned communities in the country. It is known for it's beautiful layout, great shopping, spectacular restaurants and vibrant lifestyle. That is why having the opportunity to own almost 7 acres right in the middle of this area is fantastic.
28400 Sweetgum, Magnolia, TX 77354  is available now! Jump on this excellent real estate opportunity now! A rare land availability!
The Woodlands is divided into Villages.  Each village has a shopping area, schools and of course wonderful neighborhoods. In the Village of Sterling Ridge sits an area that was never incorporated into The … (3 comments)

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