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      To some real estate agents, Title companies, mortgage brokers and home inspectors are viewed as being a dime a dozen. They are tolerated as they are necessary for the transaction to come to fruition. On my planet, all that would change.     Real estate agents would prep their client and hel...
     There is a lot to be said that older properties are what they are. While the construction methods used may have worked at the time, the test of time is the final deterring factor.      While inspecting an older property in Brentwood, TN, I kept noticing how the floors were sagging downward o...
     I’ll swear, I believe that there are some folks that do not have the brains to bell a buzzard. Sadly, they were short changed when it come to reasoning beyond payday and the next can of ‘red-neck’ cola.  Bless their little hearts, I know that delivery drivers are an independent lot and are u...
     One of my first real estate transactions was for a real estate agent I did not know. I had only been in the inspection business for a few months and I was just learning how the inspection the game was played. Make things too hard and I will not be called again. I have always lived by Shakesp...
     This past week, John, my other inspector, and I have been running very hard. We both finished our last inspections yesterday afternoon having completed 26 for the week.  Yesterday afternoon, I engaged in a little bit of R&R as I began puttering in the yard doing some sadly needed yard work. ...
    Years ago, the cost of heating and cooling one's home was fairly reasonable.Today, it seems as if folks are in a constant daily battle as rising utility costs dig deeper into the pocket book. As a result, more and more folks are turning to LED's, CF’s and other energy saving devices to help d...
     I have been in the real estate long enough to know that successful transactions = money for all parties involved. I do my damnedest to get both sides of the transaction on the same page. I want what everyone wants: do what is right for the clients. Be fair and equitable in the transaction - ...
    4-10. Growing up in rural GA, I have fond memories of the first shotgun I ever owned. Yes, dear ‘ol Santa delivered it and placed it under the tree. It is a keepsake that I still own and treasure. Every now and then, I still take it out to a friends farm and fire off a few rounds just for old...
     Yesterday, Debbie Reynolds wrote a short post about how the real estate market in her area is in full bloom. Not to take anything away from her or her area, the real estate market in this area is hot! What I am seeing in this area is very reminiscent of the time leading up to the burst of th...
    For me, this morning has started like so many others. Rollover, put feet on the floor, put on a pot and turn on the computer. This is my quiet time. Time to spend in quiet contemplation before the deafening din of the day starts. All too soon, company will start rummaging around the house, ki...

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