tx: Focus or lose - 03/10/13 12:51 PM
Today while gathering my daily dose of D3, I heard a lot of noise coming from a nearby tree.
When I looked up I saw a large squirrel leave his post atop a bird feeder.  He scurried up the tree to chase another obviously younger squirrel.
The pursuit was accompanied by a lot of verbosity!  Squirrels this aggressive I had not seen before.  The elder one was making it clear that there was no room for the younger on the feeder, on the tree, or in the yard!
While the squirrel was in attack mode and a considerable … (0 comments)

tx: Uses for a dead tree - 03/10/13 12:42 PM
Even when a tree dies, it has a certain beauty.  Animals still use it as nesting ground and since this tree died shortly after we moved in,  we have cut down the parts that might fall on the house, and found the following other uses for it.
The roots provide a great scratching point for the outside cats.
The remaining trunk is a sculpture around which to decorate.  Yard art is an important part of our lives.
The base is a wonderful flower bed and expands as needed for the seasons.
Cats, lizards and squirrels love to … (0 comments)

tx: Undivided attention - 03/10/13 12:36 PM
It may be a scary experience when you take your car in for an oil change and see that it is the only vehicle in the place, it is on the hoist and three people are under it with flashlights...
Just imagine the potential for repairs!  Scrutiny has its place, but under our car?
Luckily it only produced the news that one oil gasket is getting past the useful point, is leaking and we should expect to replace it at the next oil change.  
Good news that it can wait two or three months and will only … (0 comments)

tx: Color Splash - 03/10/13 12:23 PM
While we wait for our favorite plants to return to their leaved and flowering splendor, there are some lonely looking spots.
Lonely is just not an acceptable look.  It takes away from the general tranquility we have come to expect from our urban oasis.
After pondering what to do to add interest and serenity, Ralph came up with the perfect cure.
As captured in the photo, he added a splash of color where there was none.  Hopefully the hydrangea will spread and provide the desired effect so next year will be without the boring piece of landscape.

tx: Potted cat anyone....? - 03/10/13 12:16 PM
Since the orphaned cats adopted our yard as their primary place of play, it has been a never ending source of amusement.
The creativity displayed is downright fun! 
How many of us could come up with unusual but probably comfortable napping spots such as the one in the photo.
Ralph worked hard to repot one of our favorite plants just a few weeks ago.  Following careful instructions off the Internet, he cut the Plumaria, trimmed its roots and provided it with new soil.
We only hope that the plant is enjoying its freshened environment.  It appears that … (1 comments)

tx: Yeah! St. Joseph Located!! - 03/10/13 12:07 PM
A couple of weeks ago Ralph decided to relocate the statue of St Joseph he had buried when we had the house on the market last year.
He dug in the area he had buried the statue, and found him to be missing.  Oh No!  Grim when Saints desert the cause!
He dug a larger and larger perimeter and had no luck.  We were now faced with the possibility of leaving the saint behind when we do conquer the sale and move.
Then last week Ralph armed himself with digging devices and headed out to try again.  Success! … (1 comments)

tx: New experience in Northwest Houston - 03/10/13 11:51 AM
Along one of our daily routes, a new restaurant appeared.
It was called "The Mellow Mushroom", and appeared to be a Pizza place.
Pizza is on my not too often, due to dietary restraints list.  Almost nothing tastes good enough to feel bad after eating!
Over time, we noticed that it stayed packed all the time, and when my craving for Pizza reached a peak, we decided to give it a try.
The menu is extensive, but they also have a create your own.  That means we can get a pie with less bad for us things … (0 comments)

tx: Basketball for 8 year old kids. - 02/23/13 12:42 PM
These kids today completely amaze me!  I can barely carry a basketball and walk at the same time but they can run up and down the court swapping the ball back and forth between hands and shoot the ball at the basket at the age of 8.  Scary!!  But it is surely fun and inspiring to watch.  Wish I was coordinated!!


tx: Stylish Cow!! - 02/19/13 08:39 AM
Last night we got treated to a night out with one of our sons .
The place was an olde favorite that is now sort of outside our daily stomping grounds.
As we entered we noted that the greeting cow in the entry was duded out in maradi gras attire.
I  immediately visualized the cow on the side of the street watching the parades and participating in the other seasonal frivolity.  It was a fun thought.
Practicality is not always the highest and best use of our thought processes.  After all, someone went to the trouble of … (11 comments)

tx: Unacceptable!!! - 02/02/13 08:36 AM
Today while we were at a basketball game , we witnessed a totally unacceptable outburst from a parent of another team playing before us.
The man, obviously the dad, was literally pushing a child of about ten years of age out the lobby of the sports facility while screaming at him "get out of the gym!
A group of parents and grandparents were sitting in the lobby at the time and were appalled to see his demeanor and the fact that the child had been reduced to crying.
As soon as they got outside we saw him continue to scream at the child and … (18 comments)

tx: Locked Out! - 12/23/12 04:31 AM

There has been a  Mexican restaurant on FM 1960 for eons .
We were once frequent diners there.  The atmosphere was pleasant and the food was good.
Then one evening Ralph's dinner contained a cooked jalapeño of horrendous heat!  He eats them often but this one was beyond edible.  Ralph began to gasp and his eyes began to water.  He was clearly in distress.
The waiter finally responded to my signals and I asked for some sour cream to help put out the fire.  The waiter responded but not very quickly.  He found the situation … (1 comments)

tx: Glistening Trash - 11/26/12 12:03 PM

Last Saturday the garbage truck either ignored the trash bag full of yard clippings and leaves or they overlooked it.   It had been deposited at the curb by our yard man last Tuesday as usual.
Since it is a clear plastic bag , it is possible that they just looked right through it on their drive around the culdesac.  It's also quite possible that they were in a hurry due to the holiday weekend.  One more yard trash pickup was just one too many.
We called the board member in charge of t rash pick ups. … (5 comments)

tx: How far are you willing to go? - 11/23/12 09:38 AM

While lunching at our favorite Subway, I looked up from my sandwich  to see this specimen exiting the establishment."What on earth is that", I asked Ralph.  He had missed it completely!  How one can overlook anything this bright and loud, I cannot understand.When we left however, he managed to get the photo.  Guess that proved I was not hallucinating. My first question is:  How uncomfortable is that costume?  How long does one have to wear it without a break?  How much are they paying for this not so traditional job?  How effective is this in bringing customers in?With … (6 comments)

tx: When is it time to reject? - 11/19/12 11:25 AM
Last week about this time we negotiated an offer on one of our listings.We delivered it back to the agent and were told that she was in a seminar and would get the earnest money and option check to us as soon as she could.  On Thursday we dropped by her office to see if we could pick up the checks.  She met us in the lobby and said that she did not have them because the buyer had not delivered them yet and she would let them know again that they needed to get them to her.  She also said … (5 comments)

tx: Bug Relief - 11/19/12 09:53 AM

Never have I noticed such a difference in the bug community in our back yard.  We seldom see anyFor whatever reason, we have had a proliferation of lizards this year.  They seem to have either moved in enmass, or just laid a lot of eggs.The lizards may have been there before, but we did not notice them.  This year they seem to be everywhere!Yesterday Ralph sited this peek a boo lizard on the garage.  He had found a nook all his own and seemed quite pleased with his arrangement.  It seems tHat he is in a perfect place to … (4 comments)

tx: Leisure is difficult - 11/18/12 09:52 AM
Last Friday looked as if it would afford us some leisure time.   I always advise folks to find little periods of unencombered time to relax and search out tranquility.  We fail to do enough of that!
We headed out later than usual and had a slow paced shrimp lunch.  In the middle of lunch we got a call from one of our sons.  He needed for us to drop by his office.  Not part of the original plan but doable.
Away we went, accomplished that errand and headed down the road to catch up with our plan for a … (5 comments)

tx: Investor Mindset - 11/17/12 11:27 AM
Over the years we have worked with numerous investors.  Some of them area as nice as can be.
We met a young investor today.  He had stood us up for an appointment on Saturday, but he called this morning and wanted to see the house .
He showed up promptly still apologizing about Saturday.
He said right off the bat that he was an investor and would make a lo offer, but he would let us represent both sides...
Ralph had already plowed that ground but explained that we would have to facilitate the transaction as an … (5 comments)

tx: Interesting Fashion Footwear - 11/10/12 11:46 AM

The foot fashions of today absolutely run the gamut.  From excessive heels to sequined tennis shoes, you can see the extreme of the high-top variety to be considered for finishing up your wardrobe by taking a quick trip through any shopping mall.I have come to the conclusion that no one is too old or young to sparkle.  It is a part of our nature to be attracted to bling.When we came across these high tops today I found myself considering what I might be able to wear something like this with.  Really!  Could I justify the purchase to … (1 comments)

tx: Grandparenting - 11/10/12 02:09 AM
We hosted a birthday dinner for one of our sons, a  few of his buddies , one of his brothers , and all the kids they have.  I ended up sitting at the children's table.The conversation was about history.  Not something I expected.I was amazed at how much they know and their perspectives.  One of them asked me who my favorite president during my lifetime had been.When I answered, another one asked what I thought of " George ".I asked if he meant George W. Bush.He said no,  George Washimgton.I answered that he had been a great leader.The elder grandson said, … (5 comments)

tx: Day of Gratitude - 11/09/12 11:43 AM
Sunday November 11th is Veterans Day.   It is an opportunity to say a heart felt Thank You to our military past and present.None of us can truly imagine the sacrifices these men and women make daily for years of their lives, unless we have done the service they have.Some have made the ultimate sacrifice by laying down their lives and giving up their fortunes so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we still have.America has enjoyed 236years of being a democracy in a republic, a sovereign nation of many sovereign states.  The recent election was the majority choice to change things … (0 comments)

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