home selling tips: A New Day - Reminders/Laughs/Motivation - 03/16/17 10:34 AM
1. The world is getting so sensitive. Soon I won't be able to make fun of myself without offending someone.
2. A negative mind will never give you a positive life.
3. If you do what others do, you'll get what others get.
4. I wish more people were fluent in silence.
5. I can't control everything in my life, but I can control what I put in my body.
6. Sometimes I meet people and feel bad for their dog.
7. Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.
8. It is not how old you are, but how … (7 comments)

home selling tips: How Sellers Get Their Real Estate Agent to Fall in Love with Them - 02/15/15 12:45 AM
All we ever read about is how to get buyers and sellers to fall in love with their agents...
Debbie turned it around and I love it... Sellers that get their agents to fall in love with them are sure to sell their home quicker and for top dollar...
Please stop by and thank Debbie...
I'll be posting on my Pinterest Board... Tips For Home Sellers... Hope they heed Debbie's words of wisdom
How Sellers Get Their Real Estate Agent to Fall in Love with Them
It's Valentine's Day. There is so much talk about love and doing kind and thoughtful … (4 comments)

home selling tips: Short Sales Are Seldom If Ever Short - 02/07/15 10:09 PM

What's a Short Sale??? 
There is nothing short about a short sale and they are sold in as is condition.
A short sale is sold "as-is". This means that the seller (the distressed person selling the home) and the bank will not make any repairs to the property. So, if the roof leaks, the microwave blew up and the carpet is stained, they're your responsibility. Buyers need to consider the cost of making repairs to the home. Typically, these repairs include new paint, new carpet or flooring, drywall repair, and other standard maintenance items. You must … (10 comments)

home selling tips: Saleability Checklist For Expired Listings Check Out 21 Questions - 01/17/15 04:36 AM

One thing that we have plenty of in our neck of the woods are expired listings. Many years ago I did some training with the great Floyd Wickman. 
In fact I wrote him a note saying that I heard it said: When the student is ready the teacher will come... I asked him what took him so long.  I thought he was great 28 years ago I still think he is the greatest.
At any rate he did a session on Expired Listings and how  a Property Saleability Checklist would help agents close for a listing appointment and … (20 comments)

home selling tips: Why John No Longer Wants "Beth Witt" To List His Home - 05/02/14 06:43 AM

This is the final follow up, at least I think it will be to "Do you still want "Beth Witt" to List your home."
If you read the first two posts about John calling me to list his home then you will know what I'm talking about and if you didn't it's a long story and may not be worth your time.
However I heard from John yesterday. I figured he had cleaned out his house and was ready to put it on the market. I was wrong! How could I be wrong?  Me, a coach, a trainer, a pro, … (31 comments)

home selling tips: FYI: The five most common reason homes don't sell - 04/17/14 02:59 AM
The five most common reasons homes don't sell are:
     1. Non competitive price
     2. Poor photos
     3. Inadequate property access
     4. Seller interference during a showing
     5. Seller rejects their first offer

When you're ready to sell your Long Island Home check out the Three Keys to getting it sold and contact us for a free in house consultation!

home selling tips: "I Want Beth Witt To List My House" - 04/15/14 01:31 AM
"I Want Beth Witt To List My House"

Yesterday I got a call from my secretary Sue who has been with us since we opened "Wittney" in 1984 telling me that she had just gotten a call from a gentleman asking for me and telling her that he wanted to sell his house and he only wanted me to do it for him.
She asked him if he was a friend of mine to which he replied, "No I don't know her I just see her all over the internet and she seems very knowledgeable so I want her to … (28 comments)

home selling tips: Why don't they at least make an offer - 06/15/13 05:57 AM
 Homeowner: “Why don’t they at least make an offer”
Agent: “Mr. Seller people don’t make an offer on a property unless it meets their requirements. When they look at a house for $499,000.00 they want the amenities that a house in that price range offers.  The comps show that your home does not offer those amenities and therefore it is not what they want and that’s why they don’t make an offer.  Would you like to review the amenities that homes recently sold for $499,000.00 offered?”
Beth's explanation:  Now… to get this straight imagine that you have … (6 comments)

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