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It seems to me that so many agents in our industry do not see dates on contracts as "FIRM".   I have yet another closing that is being moved to accomodate the buyer's loan.  It seems that about 80% of the time, when I have a seller that accepts an offer, it ends up getting moved, even if only by ...
I'd like to ask a question and get some real good feedback on the keys to how your marketing affects your business. Look at each item and then answer two areas:  1.  How does this marketing item affect YOUR seller/buyer2.  How does this marketing affect YOUR business I would like to address commo...
OK, well, I was tagged for this new meme going around by Debi Ernst and this one is one that I might even be able to do since I seem to want to finish people's sentences for them anyway! I am stressed over a recent move from one firm to REMAX! I think about FOOTBALL a lot!  Glad Pro football seas...
We've all heard that saying and it got me to wondering,  anyone know what was the greatest thing BEFORE sliced bread?     Also, is sliced bread really better than PCs and cell phones? Better than digital video recorders?  Better than Bluebell Ice Cream (Ok, you'd have to be around this area to ap...
Last night while watching the Democratic Convention a little factoid showed up on the bottom that while the Democrats are touting fiscal responsibility (could EITHER party really tout that?!), Hillary Clinton's campaign was NEGATIVE 24 MILLION DOLLARS including 13 MILLION DOLLARS that she lent th...
Those of you that have followed my blogs (both here and at www.katyrealestateguy.com ) know that I'm a HUGE proponent of recognizing not only when you get substandard service but lauding when you get EXCEPTIONAL service. This story could have very easily ended up blogged as a FRUSTRATING and bad ...
Well, the answer to that question is pretty easy.  There is strength in number and there is power in advertising and with that in mind,  The KATY AGENT TEAM is proud to have accepted an invitation to join   Our New office is the RE/MAX GRAND office located just off the Grand Parkway at South Peek...
So, I've been thinking about NAMES quite a bit lately.  Wondering, with so many brokerages out there is there really a difference (I mean other than to the agent's wallet).  I know agencies differ as far as costs go.  Some do great splits, some do capped company dollar and there are many other co...
Yep, this one was a bear!  Getting all the parties on the same page and working through multiple offers, some from buyers who disappeared right after they submitted an offer, but we finally got it closed and made our sellers very happy!   The home that we had listed at 4755 Wind Trace, Katy Texas...
Glenn Eller, a Katy Texas resident competing in the Olympic games in Beijing China set a new world record in trap shooting during qualifying on Tuesday.  The record was formerly held by Ahmed Almaktoum of the United Arab Emirates and was set Aug. 17, 2004 at the Athens Olympics. Eller hit 145 tar...

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