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You are a homeowner in financial distress.  Likely you are showing up on the radar screen because you are delinquent. Maybe you are in foreclosure and getting lots of attorney "hire me!" letters.  You are looking for solutions. Comes along an advertisement, probably a mailer but maybe a telephone...
The Florida Association of Realtors published yesterday an article called The Basic Steps of Foreclosure, picked up from the Detroit Free Press.  It lists the 7 stages of a typical foreclosure.  Unfortunately, although these 7 steps may be valid somewhere – they are incorrect in Florida.  In fact...
    Would you jump out of an airplane being told by a stranger that you had a parachute but with you not really knowing you had a parachute?  I should have a nickel for each time a person tells me they stopped paying their mortgage so their lender would speak to them.  If you are trying to do a s...
  How long does it take to be foreclosed? How long does it take to do a foreclosure in Florida? I always try to write about reality as opposed to theory. But when it comes to foreclosure litigation you need to understand the theory before you can talk about the reality. Foreclosure procedure is g...
Now that you are awake this morning, have you wondered what it is with the banks and lending?  I'm not just talking about lending to homeowners so they can buy a home, but lending to the locally owned hardware store, or the new factory or office building that is needed but just can't get financin...
Some of my short sale staff and I met with Bank of America in Miami today at their “Short Sale Summit”.  We had a nice small group that met twice this afternoon - and I got to ask and have answered several questions which I think are important to those agents who are working short sales.   THEY S...
The most popular opinion why people live in or move to live in Florida is the great weather and lifestyle. But realistically, there are other places with nice weather – so what else makes Florida so attractive?  From a lawyer’s perspective the answer is pretty clear: Some call them the "Two Attri...
Almost 2 weeks ago I received for a client - and received several emails from readers of my blog here on Activerain - a new language short sale approval letter from Bank of America. I MEAN THIS: It says:  "Bank of America....... retain the right to pursue collection of any deficiency following th...

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