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Blog about internet marketing concepts and ideas for the real estate industry. I am also a Zillow employee, so you will find occasional updates and information about the Zillow in my blog content as well.



I recently listed a personl home for sale with a Realtor.  Third time is a charm I hope, in the last two years.  (Let me preface this post by saying the home is in Florida, where nothing has been moving)There is an old cliche that "you get what you pay for".  This cliche has actually been used a ...
Ever feel like you keep hearing about the same real estate topics in the media over and over again.  And wonder, why are we stuck talking about this subject.  Has any progress really been made?  Sometimes if you step back and look in the rear view mirror, you can see just how far the real estate ...
EZ Ads have been on the market now for about 3 months and we are starting to get some great feedback as to how to best utilize the ads.  In case you aren't familiar with EZ Ads, they're self-service  ads that show up only in pre-selected ZIP codes where you pay one penny every time the ad is disp...
And call a travel agent to book a flight.  And look up a phone number in the Yellow Pages when I wanted to order pizza.  Or call the restaurant for directions or to make a reservation.  And when I got a new listing, I immediately called the local newspaper to make sure it got in next Sunday's edi...
Ever write a post on you AR that you feel is so good, so helpful, you just know it is going to earn you a gold star?  Maybe you get the star maybe you don't.  But leverage the time and effort you took to write your masterpiece by also posting it to the Real Estate Guide sectionof  The...
On Sex In The City Carrie was always writing about her most recently escapade with members of the opposite sex.  I always wondered how the men felt about going out with her, knowing that if they did anything out of the ordinary or it ended badly, it would be written up in her next column.  Well, ...
Zillow is taking our show on the road.  Ever drive past a home and wonder what it is worth?  Out of the Zillow Labs has come an innovative mobile tool called "ZMobile".  Simply enter the address into your cell phone and your will recieve an email answer from Zillow instantly.  The message will in...
I am getting ready to hire an agent to sell a property I have..... in Florida.  I know, good luck.  But because it is such a tough market I want to be sure that I hire the best agent for the job, so I have been interviewing agents all week. I have it narrowed down to two agents.  I know I want to...
Each quarter Zillow publishes a report using the data on the site to site trends across the country.  Since I am a Chicago girl (and a Zillow employee), I wanted to highlight some interesting data the report found on the windy city metro.  Appreciation in the Chicago metropolitan area (Chicago-Ga...

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