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Very important, folks.  Get involved!  Via TheDallasLoanGuy Emergency State of the Union - Live Q & A With NAMB President Jim Pair This is a FREE Live Webinar. Please re-blog this article to your sphere.   The National Association of Mortgage Brokers is the voice of the mortgage broker industry,...
In case you don't recognize the relatively blooming bald (yet still somewhat subtle) patch on that young gent standing in front of the sign, it's me.  The place where I spent twenty-two years of my existence here on Planet Earth is a place called Clarion, Pennsylvania.  One of my best memories i...
I was going to make this a rather technical piece of blogging information.  I printed out page upon page of data to support my stance.  I read through each page of data to compare it to what I really wanted to say about the subject of credit.  Then, as typical, I ripped up the pages because they ...
The one thing I find missing from our Capitalistic Climate lies within the very title of this post.  I deal with the lack of grace all the time and am damn sure I'm not the only one.  Too many instances arise when you help folks, guide folks, try and point them in the right direction, and all of ...
First let me preface (one of my all-time favorite words) this with a cold reality in the Lending Atmosphere right now: Nothing is easy.  I'm pretty lucky in that I have access to the ears and experiences of Lending Folks all over this Country, not just locally.  It's across the board.  Get on the...

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