maintaining a positive business atmosphere: Refuse to follow the masses, the m may become silent. - 05/14/19 06:11 AM
Refuse to follow the masses, the m may become silent.
People throw opinions haphazardly around online to attract an audience. Some do it for business, some for pleasure and some to incite any kind of response. That has become so evident on social media platforms.
Some will expect everyone to agree, often taking out their frustrations on those whose opinions differ. They hide behind the keyboard, name-call, throwing out hateful and vitriolic responses with zero accountability.
A perfect example is the news media that convey sensationalized, inaccurate information for the sake of driving traffic. Responsible reporting isn't necessary when an emotional headline draws people in.
Avoid falling for the carefully planned, poisonous rhetoric of someone else's agenda. I'd rather stand as one than give in and embrace hate. The … (33 comments)

maintaining a positive business atmosphere: 10 Ways to Ensure a Successful 2019! - 01/01/19 05:35 PM
10 Ways to Ensure a Successful 2019!
Once the glitter, confetti have settled and the novelty of 2019 resolutions wear off after New Year’s Day, it will be back to business with a renewed sense of promise through positive means.
What will you do to continue business success?
For me, it is continuing to honor all commitments, personally and professionally. Though the year may be young, it is never too soon to:
Set new goalsImprove methodsAdopt reliable systems 
Back in 2010, I originally wrote this motivational post based on past experience and now realize the list continues to stand on its own merit! … (15 comments)

maintaining a positive business atmosphere: Whooping it up with Larry, Moe and CURLY! - 09/18/18 07:15 AM
Whooping it up with Larry, Moe and CURLY!
Maintaining a sense of humor in the real estate industry is a must. When things go sideways, rather than allowing the attitude to take a southern turn too, think of ways to continue moving forward.
While we all experience disappointment, we can choose to find a positive means to rev up and gain momentum. I seek out healthy ways to deal with the down side of life with a laugh or two...or three.
Besides, I can always eat my way through it too. Larry, Moe and Curly just may be dinner tonight. Happy day all, whoop, whoop!
Buying … (21 comments)

maintaining a positive business atmosphere: A steadfast path. - 08/10/18 06:44 AM
A steadfast path.
A real estate career is met with set expectations on all sides. Success is not immediate, it takes time to build a database and maintain lasting relationships. Trust is key to a longstanding business.
Be patiently prepared while pursuing business, always continue to capture new business, it will not magically land in your lap. When you give the best of yourself on your pursuit path, the rest follows!
As you journey, seek the light on a steadfast path. ~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin
Buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Call me at 435.632.9374 or contact me at to help because Wanda Can! 
A portion of every successful real estate … (12 comments)

maintaining a positive business atmosphere: When Lenn Harley speaks, agents listen. - 06/07/18 07:51 AM
When Lenn Harley speaks, agents listen.
Lenn Harley remains one of my all-time favorite mentors here in the Rain. Though she is not actively posting, her advice and no-nonsense attitude through the years is still creating a ripple effect far and wide.
She made an amazing point years ago when she said that, "Most agents aren't your friends, they are your competition."
She is absolutely spot on as usual. Remember folks, some people will 'friend' or follow you on social media platforms but not necessarily for building relationships but for their gain when the opportunity presents.
In today’s world, quite often it is important to separate business from friendship … (18 comments)

maintaining a positive business atmosphere: Sticks and stones...but words will never hurt me… - 04/30/18 07:02 AM
Sticks and stones...but words will never hurt me…
Think again.
Ask Oprah when she went against America’s beef industry after making a comment on her national television show about Mad Cow Disease back in 1998. Though she won in the court of law, look at all the time that was consumed, the worry and money doled out to attorneys.
In 1988, The National Enquirer was ordered to pay Carol Burnett $1.6MIL for a story that depicted her as drunk at a Washington restaurant with Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger. The weekly tabloid had printed false, defamatory information about her, knowing it was … (14 comments)

maintaining a positive business atmosphere: Just a drift away. - 03/25/18 05:49 PM
Just a drift away.

Lulls between business dealings allows time to regroup before continuing forward. Everyone must take time for themselves. Family or other sincere commitments tend to create some sense of balance in life.
Continue to grind, chipping away at that work-wheel and you may experience industry burn-out or illness. Drift too long though and you may head toward uncharted territory, allowing future business to slip away. 
Keep the passion for your work but never put it in front of your family, scheduled events or personal needs, you may eventually become adrift with no one along for the ride. Definitely not what I am working for.
Are you?
Have questions about St. George or the southern Utah area? Please contact me at … (16 comments)

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