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I was interested to learn that the Attorney general of California has joined Illinois in filing a lawsuit against Countrywide. California is also suing its founder, Angelo Mozilo. California is accusing Countrywide of false advertising and unfair business practices which resulted in homeowners ap...
In 1997 there was a brilliant movie called "Wag the Dog". It was billed as "a comedy about truth, justice and other special effects". The storyline was how a Washington spin-doctor could distract the American people from the issues at hand, and divert their attention to a "controlled subject". "T...
I recently learned something which although is so simple, is really quite clever. I don't think many people know this .... but have you ever noticed the little "arrow" (pointing left or right) on the fuel gauge in your car's instrument cluster? That arrow indicates on which side of the car you ne...
Apple Sells 5 Billionth Song Through iTunes While reading Business and Financial News this morning I came across an article that made me say "wow". Apple has sold 5 Billion songs through iTunes. At 99c a pop, that's almost $5 Billion is sales for Apple. That's a huge number. "The sales figures su...
In California, Lenders do not register Mortgages on properties, yet it is common practice to have Mortgage Brokers deal with the financing aspect of Real Estate transactions. A Home Loan is not a Mortgage, and a Mortgage is not a Deed of Trust. A Home Loan is a loan secured by the equity in the ...
Did you know? Taxpayers in Los Angeles, California will pay $1.2 billion for tax cuts for the richest 10% in FY 2009. For the same amount of money, 512,271 People could have been provided with Health Care for One Year. Did you know? Taxpayers in Los Angeles, California paid $1.5 billion for the c...
In life, there are three kinds of people: Those that make things happen; Those that watch things happen; And those who wondered what happened. Independent Brokers make things happen! In the current market environment it's not always easy to stay motivated, focused and enthusiastic. We are continu...

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