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Hi Everyone!  Perfect time on a late Friday afternoon to head for the park and the Sandbox.  Wishing all of you a beautiful holiday weekend.                     Jane                                                                                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "The first step towards true e...
Hi  Everyone!  Anyone following my little story here in Chicagoland,  - well the house appraised and now we're finishing up at 'step - lenders'...we could close early.  Thank all of you for your good wishes, positive thoughts, and prayers.  I am very grateful for your love, friendship, and suppor...
      Hi  Everyone!  It's Monday - wishing everyone a 'magical,' happy week.  It is early morning here in Chicagoland.  Waiting for the 7 am  appointment with the appraiser... We are scheduled to close on our Family Home here in Chicagoland on Friday, Sept. 14th.  You probably have picked up alre...
Hi Everyone ~  Unbelievable - already Friday.  Just put myself in full throttle for the remainder of the day and Saturday.  Have a wonderful day!                  Jane                                                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"The speed of the boss is the speed of the team."      ...
Hi Everyone! Before I close up the office for the day, think I stroll over to the Sandbox to see if any of my friends are still hanging around. Might as well bring my bag of quotes. Hope you all had a wonderful Thursday!                                   Jane                                      ...
Hi Everyone!  Just looking for a few random quotes to bring to the Sandbox.  I just love coming here and being able to spend time together as we talk over our days.  I love to hear what you experienced - enjoyed, found meaningful, learned, whom you met, and if you got hurt along the way, I want t...
Hi Everyone! I have been away from the Sandbox and all my friends the past few months -  off and on.  Recently, my life became even busier here in Chicagoland - preparing and selling a family home purchased 53 years ago.  I am trying to get back into the swing of ActiveRain.  So sorry -  I have b...
Hi Everyone!  Although my field is one of a Realtor;  got my Illinois license in 1979, my Florida license in 2007,  my background is psychology and I have been a counselor for years.  Perhaps it was the Mercury retrograde of July 27th, in combination with the Lunar Eclipse, same day, and preparin...
Hi Everyone on a beautiful Sunday.  Wishing for all of you the 'bestest' of days.   Jane                                                                                  ~~~~~~~~~~~"Some day you will find out that there is far more happiness in another'shappiness than in your own."               ...
Hi  Everyone!  Saturday and not too good of a day.  One of my main computers is sick  with  'BSOD' - BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH sickness.  Going to bring it into BestBuy Geek Squad on Monday.  I tried doing the Memory Diagnostic and following steps.  Know  I do not know enough on this to correct the si...

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