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Three or four times a week I get an email inquiry from consumers who have read my prior posts on buying REO's. (See the most popular of these posts at: or
For a seller, a short sale is a success! It means you were able to sell your home and amicably negotiate a resolution with your lender, which may have included full or partial debt forgiveness, and other benefits. The largest risk for a seller is being taken advantage of in a mortgage assistance ...
In recognition of the first KW RED Day, several shifts of real estate agents and their associates from Keller Williams Realty in Leesburg invaded the ReStore in Purcellville on Thursday, May 28th to help with cleaning, stocking, displaying merchandise in the store and preparing online ads to incr...
A Few Days Without A Cell Phone - Can It Kill You? I think, maybe, it can. But I survived, and I am going to buy myself a Tshirt that says "I survived 4 days without a cell phone in 2009". I deserve it. It is scarier than any roller coaster I've ever been on. These days, my phone does more than j...
When I think of sales, of course the used car salesman comes to mind. Then, I remember 2 people I love very much - one aunt and one uncle - sister and brother. Please don't mistake anything I am about to say, these people remain INCREDIBLY important and valuable to me... and very loved. BUT, I re...

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