Thinking About My Uncle Today USMC Veteran

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This blog is dedicated to my Uncle Freddie (USMC)

My uncle Freddie was a great man, husband, father, grandfather and uncle. He, at that time, was the only adult in my life that never treated me with that, "children should be seen at not heard" mentality. He was a great listener and could make you laugh no matter how bad of a mood you were in. If you were sad, that sadness would go away in seconds when he was around. One time he made me laugh so hard, soda came pouring out of my nose! Those were great times!

You see, he passed away suddenly in November of 2011. When the day came to attend his funeral, my car broke down. It needed a new computer and I was frantic to get it fixed. It ended up taking all day even though my mechanic tried to fix it soon, but he had to wait for the new computer to come in. As the minutes and hours passed, all I could think about that I was missing his funeral. After my car was fixed, it hit me! I'm going to Rocky Point, NY to be with my cousins who just lost a wonderful Father. I'm going there to be with my Mom and my Aunts, her sisters, to give them all support during a horrible time. I'm glad I didn't get to see him one last time because that would have been one last memory of him imbedded into my brain because that is how my brain works. I want to remember his outspoken, fun and alive days.

I do miss whenever we all get together, the laughs were always plentiful. The four of them would reminise when they were kids and the good times they had, the "bad" things they did to each other, etc. So now when the three sisters get together, we all have laughs but Uncle Freddie is not there but we all know he is there in spirit somehow, looking down and saying, "that's NOT what happened Loretta or Linda or Leora, tell the story right or don't tell it at all". They always ens up saying, "I wish Fred were here".

When I get together with my cousins, the same thing happens. They talk about the "bad" things they did and how they drove their Father crazy, lol. Hey, as teenagers that is our JOB :) And with having four daughters, he had his hands full. I know because I am a daughter! My cousins have all grown up and are wonderful women, mothers and wives. Their parents did something right for sure! I know they really miss their Daddy.

He was a true Marine through and through and he is always missed. Not just today, but everyday.

So Uncle Freddie, you are loved and missed every day of our lives. I'm sure you are giving them heck up in heaven and I know we will hear all about it one day when we all meet again.



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