The AR Point Diet ~ How to loose 92 AR Points

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If you want to loose 92 Active Rain points then my advice is to simply go to sleep.  The big red box on my Home Page said 25,001 Points just before I logged off last night (I was thinking it would have been fun to see 25,000 exactly).  This morning I log in and the big red box says 25,009 points.  Now if you get 100 points for just logging in, then 25,001 + 100 = 25,101 not 25,009

Somehow overnight I lost 92 Points.  I'm sipping my coffee thinking "if only I could loose Pounds as easily.  I should post about this - the AR Point Diet".  I quickly created a one line draft post.

It made me wonder "If someone DELETES my comment, do I loose 25 points?"  Can anyone answer this? Still 92 points don't divide into 25. 

Then I was thinking perhaps my 100 log in points hadn't been credited yet.  If this was the case, how did I gain 8 points while sleeping?  (which is much more like the diets I have tried) 

Time to look at other people's new posts.  Paula Hathaway wrote an excellent post.  I commented and reblogged it. 25 points and 25 points.  Then I got the kids to school & did my morning routine.

I come back to AR a couple hours later and my point total is 25,159.  25,001 (last night) + 100 log in + 25 comment + 25 re-blog =25,151 points.  So now I have gained 8 unexplained points -  That's why I HATE Diets.    

If anyone is missing 8 points;  I have them over here.

I bet the AR points software monitors more data sets than the Apollo 9 Command Center.

Has anyone else had an unusual point change for no apparent reason? 


Enjoy the day -

Mark Hitz, Realtor The Colony Texas Real Estate and Homes For Sale Report



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Norma Toering Broker for Palos Verdes and Beach Cities
Charlemagne International Properties - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
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That's the problem with checking your weight or your points too often--the ups and downs will drive you crazy!

Sep 16, 2010 04:03 AM
Jason Channell
Diadem Property Inspections - Serving Southeast Michigan - Troy, MI
The House Sleuth

It sounds like one of those math story problems back in school.

If Mark went to sleep with 25, 001 points on a train heading west at 50 MPH...

Sep 16, 2010 04:09 AM
Mark Hitz
Keller Williams - The Colony, TX

Hello Roger and Lenn!  TY TY TY.  The big AHA.  I had no idea that I get 4 points each from other people's comments. 

Last week I learned that when you make a comment you get 25 points IF you write 10 or more words. 

Now I learn from you 2 that I can accrue 4 points every time someone comments on my post. 

BTW Lenn - that purple square MM box under your name looks very good on you. I wondered what the symbol was for having over a Million points. 

Sep 16, 2010 05:00 AM
Mark Hitz
Keller Williams - The Colony, TX

Mike - Too funny.  I agree. AR does seem to work in Mysterious, Just and Benevolent ways.

Sep 16, 2010 05:02 AM
Mark Hitz
Keller Williams - The Colony, TX

Chrissy - You are welcome to have them back!

Sep 16, 2010 05:04 AM
Mark Hitz
Keller Williams - The Colony, TX

Norma -  Too True, Too True.

Sep 16, 2010 05:05 AM
Mark Hitz
Keller Williams - The Colony, TX

Hey Jason - How's Michingan doing?  Actually, I always liked those questions.  Q: If it takes 3 men 4 hours to dig a 6x6x6 hole, how long would it take them to dig half a hole? A: you can't dig half a hole.

Sep 16, 2010 05:08 AM
Kristen Wheatley
Better Homes & Gardens | The Masiello Group - Brunswick, ME
Supporting Success - Best Job in the World!

Yup, just as they said above.  When you first log in, you don't see your 100 login points.  Not until you go somewhere else on the site and then back to your home page.  So no worries, no points lost. :)

Sep 16, 2010 06:36 AM
Tere Rottink
CoastalVa Realty Inc - Virginia Beach, VA

I am competing for points with some one in our area, and his grow so much faster than me.  Except for bringing new people, I usually do more than he does.  At least, I feel I am writing good content just trying to keep up with him.

Sep 16, 2010 06:37 AM
Mark Hitz
Keller Williams - The Colony, TX

Kristen ~ No worries here. Hey I see you have a 100,000 point box under your name. Congrats.

Sep 16, 2010 06:57 AM
Mark Hitz
Keller Williams - The Colony, TX

Tere - Friendly competition is a good thing as long as you are writing good content. My goal is to survive the 30 day challenge.

Sep 16, 2010 06:59 AM
Lisa Hicks
Hoang Realty - Augusta, ME
Serving Central and Southern Maine

Mark -  I knew there was a reason why I didn't try too hard to figure out the points!  I just like seeing them go up.  (Ooooh...that's more than 10 words..I get 25 points!!!)  LOL

Sep 16, 2010 07:32 AM
Mark Hitz
Keller Williams - The Colony, TX

Hello Lisa - Thanks for stopping by.  It is nice to see the points up. Enjoyed your post on Realtor Driving Stats.

Sep 16, 2010 09:08 AM
Dawn Grasty
Prudential YSU Realty - Durham, NC
Durham NC Real Estate

OK, lol at Jark's signature! And, I gotta say that the points thing makes me nearly as crazy as the scale! I just can't think about it. Head down, doing what I do, and hope for some knowledge and some new business long the way! Your post gave me a chuckle, which I think burns a few calories - no? :-)

Sep 16, 2010 12:20 PM
Ryan Case
SCA Real Estate - Anaheim, CA

Haha! I wrote a blog on the unofficial guide to points. But still even I have no clue how it fully works! haha

Sep 16, 2010 12:28 PM
Debbie Atwood
Century 21 Real Estate Center Everett, WA - Everett, WA
Real Estate Broker

Holy smokes I don't know but trying to figure out YOUR Points gave me a headache.  I don't even want to figure mine out. 

Sep 16, 2010 03:36 PM
Liz Lockhart
Riverbend Realty, Cape Girardeau, MO - Cape Girardeau, MO
GRI, Cape Girardeau Real Estate

Mark~I honestly did not pay attention to points until I started climbing up the ladder of my state's ranking. I have to admit than NOW I care. Each rung of that ladder is tougher to climb, though.

Sep 16, 2010 04:01 PM
Chris Dugger
Real Estate Marketplace - Louisville KY - Louisville, KY
Louisville REALTOR

Mark ~ I've always wondered if there were ways to get points taken away...such as not being on in a while, or missing a year in blogging. Looks like you just had a few extra comments and hadn't been credited your daily login yet.

Sep 16, 2010 04:51 PM
Leslie Ebersole
Swanepoel T3 Group - Saint Charles, IL
I help brokers build businesses they love.

Goodness, I don't even balance my checkbook or calculate my taxes with such exactness. I just assume all will work out in the end. Besides, it's not about the points, I 'm here for the relationships ;-).

Sep 22, 2010 02:16 PM
Mark Hitz
Keller Williams - The Colony, TX

Hello all and thanks for the insightful comments. I really don't track points like a nurotic accountant!  It was just something I noticed and wanted to figure out. 

Jay - that's some signature.  I think I will just stick with ~ Mark.

Sep 22, 2010 03:23 PM