National Financial Wellness Month

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I had not heard of National Financial Wellness month.  I find it interesting that banks and financial institutions are starting to change the message they are giving.  It used to be credit, credit, credit.  Now I'm seeing more in the way of helping people save.  That's good news!

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National Financial Wellness Month

What a better way to start the new year than celebrate National Financial wellness Month? This is a great time to come up with a plan to get your family's financial goals in order.

  • Do you plan on taking a vacation this year?
  • Plan on buying a new car?
  • Paying off debt?

Whatever the goal that you have, start planning now to make it happen. Look at the expenses that your family has. Where can you trim? Do you have an account set up to put money in every payday towards your goal?

If not, start today!!!

Go down to your bank and open a small savings account. Many banks will offer you incentives to open an account.

Most importantly, stick to your plan. You don't want to be scrambling at the last minute to come up with the money that you need for your vacation. You will have a lot more fun if there is no financial stress.

Start your Financial Wellness Month the right way. It will lead to a better year for your entire family.

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