Are You Maximizing Your Online Real Estate?

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If you'd like to get more business from the web in 2012, you need to start thinking of yourself as an online real estate developer.  Each website and social media profile is like a separate piece of property within an enormous neighborhood. Your prospective clients are like trick-or-treaters.

If you want more trick-or-treaters to visit you on Halloween, you can spend more time promoting your house as the best ("we're giving away full size snickers bars people!!") or you can build more houses in the neighborhood - or, ideally, you can do both!

If you have a website, at a minimum, you should be investing in low-cost traffic generation strategies like social media marketing, pay per click and search engine optimization. If you're not investing something in each of these strategies - either on your own or with a competent internet marketing firm, you're falling behind your competitors.

If you don't have a website, you're missing the boat altogether.

But even if you have a website and you're driving traffic to it, why not build another website? When you started your real estate practice, who told you that you could only have one website?  Did you know that most big companies have dozens - sometimes hundreds - of unique websites? What's stopping you from building and marketing more sites?

Your additional websites can be optimized around specific neighborhoods, customer types or anything else you identify as attractive.

Try to remember that the web is a real estate game. The most specific page/site wins in the search world. A website optimized around the search "potomac homes" is going to trump a site optimized for "homes."

Right now, we're in the wild west during the gold rush. Developing "land" on the web is cheap (compared to what it's going to cost in the future). Get with the program or be prepared to be left behind.

Developing multiple websites is the single most cost-effective way to grow your real estate business (aside from word of mouth).

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