The North End Value of Carolina Beach condos

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Carolina Beach condos on the north side


hi i'm jay seville with and

so you're thinking about a vacation rental Carolina Beach condo you're

thinking about buying the Carolina Beach

oceanfront condo in North Carolina and

if you're like most folks you're very

focused on being and a condo close to

the boardwalk where Britt's Donuts is

the theme park and the rides are and I

mean it I don't blame you it's a new

multi-million dollar boardwalk it is

premier one of the best in the country

now a brand new 15 million dollar hotel

is almost completed there it's humming

it's busy it's fun but is that the best

place to be on the beach well it depends

on what your priorities are I will tell

you by far the most deep and wide

beaches on Carolina Beach are at the

north side of the island I'm up here

right now and there's a surf event going

on here today


carolina beach condos sample

and here's our pier and we got a nice

high tide lounge or restaurant right

here but if you're looking for good

beaches the north side of the island is

a total step up it's about three or four

times deeper than the other sections of

Carolina Beach down by the boardwalk so

keep that in mind be open minded we got

lots of oceanfront condos up here even

for just $150,000 you can have an

oceanview condo at Carolina Beach right

over there across the street with water

views on the backside - so it's just

amazing value up here sometimes these

units cost a little bit less up here but

the beach is far superior so there you

go if you're thinking about Carolina

Beach real estate give me a call and if

you want to search oceanfront only or a

different niche ocean view only condos

go to just new listings dot-com


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