What You Need to Know When Planning A Pre-PCS House Hunting Trip?

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When planning a pre-PCS house hunting trip, you should consider the following points:

1. Decide on the dates of your permissive leave (up to 10 days)

2. You may have to dedicate a complete week for house hunting.

3. It is best to find a realtor who can help you with a long email list to find the listings. Elizabeth Straessle is the Best Real Estate Agent in Corpus Christi. She can guide you with any type of listing you are looking at.

4. After you finalize the sale, know more about the area and your surroundings.

5. Check out the school that you have chosen for your child(ren).

6. Check the sizes of the rooms to compare your house accessories and furniture.


If you are sure about the location of the house, these early house hunting trips are beneficial. 

Here are some more questions that you may come across.


What should I do before PCSing?


Without wasting any time, start with the official process. You should begin as soon as you receive the orders. Military moving to Corpus Christi of Texas can take time.


Here are the next set of things that you should do before your first Permanent Change of Station (PCS) are:

  • Visit your Current Base’s Transportation Office 

This should be the first step of the transferring process. At this step, you will get to know your type of transfer. You will also choose between a personal property shift or a government-affiliated conveyance. 

  • Contact the Housing Office 

Make sure to contact the housing office of the PCS to secure your next deployment. It is best to know someone who knows the rulebook by heart. Corpus Christi of Texas Military Relocation is a tough move. The housing office will give you the detailed necessary information you need.

  • Make a PCS Binder:

Using this binder will help to keep track of your important documents. Use it to carry vital personal documents like birth certificates, and use it to store checklists as well.

  • Check Your New Installation: 

It is quite important to do some research on your next installation before moving to it. This will give you first-hand knowledge of the area of your relocation.

Military moving to Corpus Christi TX - Make sure your documents are complete for your PCS.


When viewing a house what questions should I ask?


While you are checking out a  house, you should ask these questions:


  • How long has the property been on the market?
  • Is the house a good area?
  • Does it have enough room for parking?
  • How many other people have shown their interest in this property?
  • How long has the seller lived here?
  • Why is the seller moving from here?
  • Are there any structural problems with the house?
  • Has the property gone through any renovations recently?
  • Is the home listed in a protected area?
  • What are all things included in the sale?
  • What are the best and worst things about living in this house?


During these stressful times, it’s good to have a reliable person come to your rescue. Elizabeth Straessle, Real Estate Agent, will help make your PCS move as smooth and stress-free as possible.  


What should you consider when house hunting?


While you are looking for homes near Corpus Christi, TX, here are the top things that should be on your list:


  • Location: 

Take into consideration not just the location of the house, but all the neighboring homes around it.. Check if the home is located in a quiet, low-traffic area. The area should also have access to recreational activities. Look for things like parks, schools, and walking trails.

  • Overall Appearance  of the Home: 

Take into consideration the property's overall appearance, which should reflect your lifestyle. Check for any renovations or repairs.

  • Floor Plan: 

Look for a home with ideal size and floor plan that fits your budget and necessity.

  • Bedrooms and Bathrooms: 

Check the plumbing work in the bathrooms, such as the toilet, shower, and faucets. Go for an extra bedroom that can be used as a guest room, office, studio, etc.  

  • Closets: 

Large storage space and big closets are a plus.

Homes for Sale near NAS Corpus Christi - Be ready for your PCS move by looking for Homes for Sale near NAS Corpus Christi in advance.


How long is R&R after deployment?


The new policy has a new set of guidelines to follow. The staff PCSed before June 1, 2014, can have two options. They can choose to take either 15 rest and recuperation (R&R) days. R&R  excludes travel days, and using government-funded transportation. You can also take ordinary leave, limited to no more than 30 days. This includes travel days, and using the space-available military. You can also use personally financed domestic conveyance. Avoid using both ordinary and R&R at the same time.          


How long does a PCS move take?


The PCS move usually takes more than 31 days but not more than 20 weeks. To obtain the order, you will have to visit the Transportation Office. They will help you to get the duplicate of your orders. Usually, a month or two before you depart, you can get orders online. Then you have to wait for the call from the carrier. 


Before the packing date, the carrier will turn up at your place and store your belongings. They will also pack your furniture items and boxes. After that, they will drive your things to the final location and unload them at your new home.

Elizabeth Straessle Best Real Estate Agent in Corpus Christi TX - Let Elizabeth Straessle help you with planning a pre-PCS house hunting trip.

What to do when you get PCS orders?


After getting your PCS order, follow these steps:

  • Gather the documents: Start gathering all your old paperwork or PCS orders. 
  • Find the location: Focus on finding out all the moving options open to you. Your orders should include a personal procurement move. Begin making tentative plans for your move.
  • Set up a route and a travel time: You need to explore the shortest, easiest, and most reliable route. It will take you to your new station from your present location.
  • Go searching your new home: Surfing new homes on the internet will make it easy for you. Elizabeth Straessle, the best real estate agent, will help do this work for you. She can help you search the Homes for Sale near NAS Corpus Christi. If you are looking for Homes for Sale near NAS Kingsville, she can help you too.


What should I bring to PCS?


Here are the important documents you need to carry:

  • Copy of your Order
  • Family's identification 
  • Car insurance 
  • Passports
  • Private records 
  • Bill cancellation notices
  • Hospital documents 
  • Marriage certificate
  • Other documents related to your transfer
  • Old housing certificates
  • Housing application letter
  • Travel tickets
  • School or employment documents, etc.


Some other essentials to pack for your PCS are:

  • You or your family’s medications 
  • Phone chargers
  • Basic home items
  • Other valuables




It is always advisable to get the help of the best real estate agent. When you’re in a new area, they can guide you with your new command. A PCS move to Corpus Christi of Texas, can be one of the best experiences you will ever have. 


Get the necessary information from All American Home Source Realty. Get the benefit of the best listings. Elizabeth Straessle is the Military Relocation Specialist across Corpus Christi. She can help you with all the requested listings hassle-free.

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