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A few days ago I was looking through an information packet I use when agents transition to join my company.  In it is written our Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs and Perspectives statement.  The one that jumped out at me today was our Value system of God-Family-Business.  Too often we are criticized for having faith in our company, or we are judged as being a Cult or a bunch of Born Again, Over Zealous Fanaticals.  I've honestly never understood this response from others looking in.  I often wonder what it is in their past that has led them down a path where spirituality can not co-exist with successful business practice.  The truth is that we value all faiths and quite simply believe we are spiritual beings at the core and we need to nurture that side of our life, whether it be Christian, Muslim, Sikh, etc.  I think the reason it jumped out at me more than usual, however, is not due to the faith statement but is because I will be expecting my first child in early April.

In the past, as well as current I suppose, I have been a very goal oriented, driven individual looking to take on new challenges that will develop me higher both professionally as well as personally.  But to be quite honest, in the past it was primarily about individual goals and I always knew that regardless of amount of risk involved, I would be the only one having to face the end results, be they good or bad.

It is amazing how much my perspective has changed in such little time.  These last few months have made me focus on answering the question, "how will this provide my family more ability to live a quality life."  I also have began asking my coaching students more about this and focusing not only on driving results, but doing it in a way that is in tune with their life mission.  We are spending more time on the front end discussing their life mission and what Heaven on Earth would look like to them.  We then work our way backwards from their perfect, future self to today and create the proper business plan that will help them get to what they define as success.

I already placed my personal faith at the forefront and would never consider sacrificing that for success, but I was always willing in the past to sacrifice my time...which is something I will no longer do.  I remember growing up with a workaholic father and it took until a few years ago when he beat cancer for us to connect on a deeper level and I will not allow that to happen with my children.  I am making this promise today to my future child that my future goals will always be based on God, Family, then business.

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Pat Champion
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How right you are-thanks for making us realize what is really important before it is too late.

Jan 14, 2009 06:55 AM
Gary McNinch
Better Properties Real Estate - Renton, WA
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You got the God, Family, then Business.   Next part you have been working hard to get, Businesses Worth Owning, Careers Worth Having ...  now with the baby coming you are transitioning to the next part ---  reason to have a great business and career --- "Lives Worth Living" 

List and Sell (congrats on the big AHA and on the new baby)  Gary @

Feb 03, 2009 02:53 PM