Richard David, Commercial Equity Lender, Loan Originator, EquiFund Trainer (Federal Funding • Direct Lenders • Business Financing)

3010 LBJ Frwy, 12th Fl.

Dallas , TX 75234

Commercial equity lenders and loan originators funding buyers of commercial properties and businesses. All loans originated by Bancofino of New York and equity funding by Federal Funding.

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Commercial Mortgage Broker Commercial Property Buyer Property Manager Financial Consultant Equity Lender EquiFund Trainer Mediator Investor Advisor

Bi-lingual entrepreneur, broker and investor of 30 years experienced in the fields of international business of import/export, finance and real estate. Over 31 years of mortgage experience in commercial and residential originations. Property owner and manager of multi-family, commercial and residential properties. Advisor on commercial projects, drafting agreements, licensed mediator, astute negotiator and proficient in administering equity funded transactions and federal funds programs on projects of any size anywhere in the continental USA and abroad. My relationships with banks, lenders and investors provides me with wide latitude in offering you a customized up to 100% financing product suitable for your needs.

I advise investors purchasing commercial properties the best method of utilizing equity in a manner that preserves their funds, retains area values and how to calculate FedMoney for their projects. It is my job to provide you with realistic solutions to insure your success with your endeavors. This business is about solving peoples problems and therefore sustaining their relationships on a long term basis.

Builders and developers can now use this equity funding product to receive direct equity funding for lender downpayment requirements and EquiCash for entitlements and future construction. Developers use my services to achieve maximum leverage of their portfolios which further strengthens their equity position as the leading party in their projects. Builders utilize EquiFunds services to increase their cash flow and thereby maintaining their existing relationships with institutional lenders in good standing.

Equity financing can be used for the purchase of businesses including franchises with or without real property along with EquiCash if applicable subject to equity. There are no limits to the amount of equity requested. Inquire about our up to 100% business financing.

The company has forged close ties with lenders offering special terms to Federal Funding's clients in need of equity financing.  Relationships with Realtors, title companies, builders and developers are welcomed to participate in the program.



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Federal Funding, LLC is a Dallas equity lender with representation in New York City, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Chicago.  We offer equity financing to buyers of commercial properties and businesses nationwide. The Company funds all types of transactions where equity in the property or business to be acquired is the determining factor for qualification and approval. Federal Funding is a direct equity lender with no intermediaries mediating the deal.

The Company's select group of network affiliates participate in the EquiFund and EquiCash programs. Bank, title company and escrow agents insure all transactions are conducted in a secure environment assuring all parties to the transaction a very high level of professional and ethical service.

The Company's principle goals are to deliver a supreme product to individuals in need of equity capital infusion assuring their own personal goals of financial freedom, success and wealth are achieved. It is our pleasure to serve those with great aspirations. We welcome your business.


Direct Equity Funding to the Buyer All Credit Types Accepted Eliminate LTV Issues & Seller 2nd's Commercial Equity Financing for Office Buildings Multi-Family, Shopping Centers & Franchises Direct Equity Lending to Developers & Builders Business Equity Financing (No Real Estate) SBA 504 & TIC Equity Funding International Equity Financing Proof of Funds (POF) EquiCash Available Subject to Equity 100% Financing with Bancofino