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"It could prevent the onset of AIDS because if the virus can't get out of cells, it can't infect other cells and then that's where the problem comes from AIDS. It decimates the immune system, so if you prevent the virus from leaving cells, it basically locks it into cells and it can't spread." St...
In Alberta where investment is always spoken of in BILLIONS not MILLIONS - this year will stand out as the year we beat all manufacturing across Canada for the first time. "That one small little area of Alberta is attracting more investment than every manufacturing industry across the country." P...
Global warming or an ice age which will it be? As humanity is increasingly aware and concerned by our effect on the earth's fragile climate system; scientists are not sure if man made climate changes are even noticeable and that if fact they may even be a drop in the bucket.After a winter that is...
 The Financial Post has a sub-section under Small Business called "12 Weeks To Start-up" which is to help new entrepreneurs get started and motivated by successful people in business. This week Century 21 Real Estate Canada's founder Peter Thomas was interviewed to speak on his "virtual mentors" ...
Over the last ten years Edmonton has seen and incredible 203% increase in housing prices."Never before have we seen such a continuous run-up in Canadian real estate. Clearly, strength in all markets has been directly linked to solid growth in local, provincial and national economies. Low interest...
My statement from Mackenzie Financial Corporation came today no big shocks or surprises this time but I did get a little pleasure from a link on the Mackenzie site. Burn Rate shows how Canadians are burning through their hard earned post-tax dollars.  The Denialers "a family of four that spends l...
Due to high demand, limited supply and increasing rents Edmonton office space is in hot demand.Prices by the square foot have increased 76% since the beginning of last year. "Overall, office vacancy has reached historical lows, with unprecedented rental rates being achieved in both the downtown c...
The image of bamboo for tropical huts is rapidly changing as the hollow stemmed grass is being used to build churches, bridges and luxury homes. "The relationship to weight and resistance is the best in the world. Anything built with steel, I can do in bamboo faster and just as cheaply," said Col...
  Bestselling author of Real Estate Investing in Canada: Creating Wealth with the ACRE System, 97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors and 51 Success Stories from Canadian Real Estate Investors  spoke with The Edmonton Journal to warn investors of falling for hype, thinking short-term and not...
Stelmach unveils green plan - Stelmach announced that if re-elected March 3, the provincial Tories will spend $50 million turning the river valley into the world's largest continuous park, running from Devon to Fort Saskatchewan. Beneath university's land there lies a mystery - and possible oil r...

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