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What a Couple of Warm Days Can DoWe've had a couple of days with temps in the 70's, with the sun in and out from cloud cover to brilliantly bright.And suddenly, my front borders are bursting with flowers.         I guess you can tell that I'm partial to the blue-purple end of the color spectrum.....
This is a really amazing transormation of a very mildewed bathroom. The tools are standard things most of us have in the house. Reuben is very careful to caution us about the bleach fumes. I think that's important enough to reiterate here - open the windows, run the bathroom fan, and wear a respi...
Every Day, In Every Way, We're Marketing OurselvesI just watched a video on how authors can make sure they sell more than a few books after all the hard work of writing them. As you may have guessed, the tips were all about marketing the book in various ways. The speaker made a special point of t...
Easter Sunday MorningWoke very early for a Sunday morning, and am now sitting here in the kitchen, contemplating the foggy morning. Partly because it's Sunday, and partly due to the fog, it's vewy, vewy quiet out there. Even Elmer Fudd could probably sneak up on a bunny - but they're all hiding s...
Family TimeOne of the nice things about the holidays is that we get to see family members we don't normally see. This week, celebrating Passover with Herb's family, we visited with our extended family, seeing not only my stepdaughter and her family, but her in-laws.Tomorrow, we'll go to my sister...
Dr. Neal Graber at Dental Center of Huntington CTLooking for a truly exceptional dentist in the Huntington area of Shelton, CT? Look no further! Dr. Neal Graber and his excellent team at the Dental Center of Huntington CT is where you need to go.     Last Memorial Day weekend, I had a sudden pain...
That Mindy Kannon has done it again! Moroccan-style foods introduce spices and vegetable combinations that are a bit unusual, so they can be a nice variation from our usual group of tried-and-true recipes. I'm looking forward to trying this one out this weekend. How about you?For a little change ...
Maps, Plans and AdaptationsAs children, people ask us what we want to be when we grow up. In high school, we're asked what we'll study in college. In college, we're asked what we plan to do with that degree (with varying amounts of skepticism, based on whether we're studying anthropology or accou...
Donna Foerster is THIS close! To getting 100 comments on her post. Won't you please go to her blog and add a couple more comments so she can reach her goal? She has so many interesting posts in her blog, if you also take a little scroll through her topics while you're there, I know you'll find so...
Mindy Kannon has come up another terrific-sounding recipe, this time for a salad. As we come into our "salad days" of summer, this looks like a good one to try out and keep on file. Try it, and if you like it, or even if you'd like to make suggestions for changing it to more suit your taste, plea...

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