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  I learned a valuable lesson the other day -- YouTube does NOT support PowerPoint presentations! I spent several hours waiting for an upload I THOUGHT was going to go through just fine only to find this out...wasted an entire afternoon, it seemed. So, I set out on a quest of finding out how to c...
** Disclaimer -- Hard-knock, old school advice contained within. (I usually write things with humor, sarcasm, and a certain lilt that most enjoy... This has none of that. Toughen up. This is about as serious as I can get without thinking I need coffee...or a vacation...) “Internet leads are the n...
I just threw together a SlideShare presentation and was curious if I could get some feedback from you guys on it. Please, check out and critique as needed... Thanks!   The road to buying a foreclosure View more presentations from Real Estate Pipeline, Inc. As always, connect with me on Twitter or...
Time for a little levity... I have to admit...I do not like cats. Never have...My mom had a cat when I was growing up...Siamese. It hated me. Soulless devil spawn, it was... I know there are plenty of people out there that love cats. And, that is all well and good. I'm happy for you. I, however, ...
Many of you know that I'm online a lot. A lot... Now, I don't mean I turn on my computer and occasionally check my email or post on Facebook once a week. No...I am online ALL DAY. From the time I arrive at work until I decide it is time to leave, I am online. And, then I go home...and spend the e...
Most of you are keenly aware of the fact that I am not an real estate agent. In fact, I work for one of those annoying lead generation companies. And, I have done so for the last 8 years. If there is one thing that I do know about this industry, it is lead generation, lead follow up, and lead con...
If you have been involved in social media for any length of time at all, you have heard about Klout. Klout is an online 'yard stick' designed to measure the "influence" you have on your social media network. In other words, how big of a splash you make when you toss a rock into the social media ...
I was fortunate enough to have written a post a couple days ago that got featured on ActiveRain...and in one of the comments, a fine lady challenged me to write a new list. But, this time, instead of what you SHOULDN'T do, she wanted to know what she could do to make herself and her business bett...
Seems to me that regardless of how often Brokers or Sales Managers say not to do it, there are certain phrases that continually pop up during the course of a presentation/phone call/appointment that simply take a client's confidence and blow it clean out of the water...Sometimes even to the point...
Let's take a little test... Name the companies that use the following tag-lines: 1. The Breakfast of Champions2. The King of Beers3. The San Francisco Treat4. It Keeps Going, and Going… Pretty simple stuff, right? Everyone knows that Wheaties is the breakfast of champions.  Let's look at Budweise...

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