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Buildings with double doors that are 12 feet high and have the handle in the middle that is big enough for a giant - are just plain impressive. Really 3 people and two suitcases can get in an elevator that is 6 by 2 1/2 - really and keep praying while it descends.  If you read a map with your he...
I like J. Philip's post.  For Sellers, it is important to understand that the market is about competition and selling a house is competitive.  It is a 'pricing war and beauty contest' and the winner will be the Seller who excels at both. Interesting day of showing homes to a buyer client.  Of the...
About a year ago, I was doing an Open House.  I had a lot of free time while in the house and took a couple of shots of how the Sellers left the house for Buyers to see.   When you are putting your house on the market, please get it show home ready.  People cannot look beyond clutter and dirt.   ...
Fotosketcher is free software available to turn photos into watercolours, pen and ink drawings and a number of other effects.  We all know that there is only so much time available for playing with technology and software so I put off trying Fotosketcher since first reading about it almost a year...
Ginger Foust has been writing a series about selling Grandma's House - from a home stager's perspective.  I reblogged her post - the series is so instructive.  This week I was able to witness some of the chaos involved in selling the parental home.   I was in a house that my Buyers purchased.  It...
Ginger has been writing a series about Selling Grandma's House.  There is a Grandma in all of us when you see how she defines Grandma's House.   I love her before and after photos and the stories.   The series is well worth reading for anyone thinking of selling their home. Selling Grandma's hous...
Yesterday I spent 4 1/2 hours at a client's home with her home stager.  This is something I like to do - be there when the home stager is there to learn, to help and to problem solve with the home owner.  Now, yesterday was hot.  It was really really Ottawa humidex warm.  Double, double, toil an...
I just did a post this morning of a photo taken in Chicago, in Millennium Park.  It was of the sculpture that everyone calls The Bean.  I titled the post and the photo - Life is Swirling All Around Us.  I said that I was in the photo but you would never know where.  So, just in case today is the ...
Photo Explanation:  Life is Swirling Around Us Taken at Millennium Park, Chicago.  This is inside the Cloud Gate or aka The Bean.  It is a fascinating piece of art and interactive with everyone who approaches it.  I am in the photo.  Howver, sometime you need to be reminded that you are not the ...
Why do Buyers think that their walk through a Seller's home is private.   Some Buyers say the most outrageous things about a home and also like to snoop in areas that are clearly private - like dresser drawers.  Have these people never watched HGTV?  Do they really not understand modern technolo...

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