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Long Beach entered into Contest to Win $100,000 for a PetSafe Dog Park | We need Community Support to Win!
Joe & Linda Sopo, "Los Altos Experts" - Let Us Move You! (Keller Williams Realty)
Long Beach entered into Contest to Win $100,000 for a PetSafe Dog Park. We need Community Support to Win! GREAT NEWS! Especially for all you Long Beach dog owners out there! Councilmember O'Donnell just announced that our city, Long Beach has been entered in the "PetSafe's Bark for Your Park" contest. The grand prize winner will receive $100,000 to build a PetSafe dog park. This is a great opportunity for our community to come together and participate to make this dog park a reality. Friends of El Dorado Dog Park needs your support in this competition and we would appreciate your efforts to succeed in the contest. Please visit PetSafe's Website to register and learn more about the contest. Please remember that it is very important to go back to the Website to login and vote every day to have a shot at winning the contest. Thank you for your help and support of Friends of El Dorado Dog Park.
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Cliff May Ranchos: Market Update 3/26
Evan Gould (www.homes4hipsters.com)
Click the graphic above for the latest market info. It's time once again for the Thursday market update for the Cliff May Ranchos neighborhood in Long Beach. The Ranchos is a mid-century modern ranch house neighborhood, located on the eastside of Long Beach. It is centrally located and provides easy access to Orange County, the South Bay, and central Los Angeles. It has been a few weeks since I ran this update, and there have been a few changes. If you are interested in looking at any of these homes, or have any questions about these homes, please call my cell or e-mail me. First of all we have some price changes. 3230 Stevely is now reduced to $610,000. It originally came on the market in January for $669,000. Don't get your calculator out, I'll do the math for you; it is about 91% of the original list price. The "Tuscarranean" remodeled home at 7219 Lanai also was reduced from $775,000 to $699,900. Hey look! That is about 90% of the original list price. <!--more-->New to the market is 3229 Kallin Ave. It is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home about 1,537 square feet. It has some upgrades and has a nice location in the neighborhood. All for the price of $639,000.Also new to the market at $649,000 is 7209 Lanai. This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. This nicely remodeled home has a pool. It sold a year ago for $650,000. Does that mean this neighborhood is in high demand? Are prices bucking the market trends in LA county? Or is it overpriced? e-mail me at evan.gould@homes4hipsters.com and let me know what you think. Moving on, the home at 3225 Roxanne is pending sale again. It was pretty rough and listed for $580,000. Check back here for the final sales price. 3150 Pattiz is also in escrow. Listed way back in August 2008 for $629,900; the current list price is $599,000. The recent sales of 3 bedroom, 2 bath homes are mean averaging $550,000. Let's see where this one lands. Check back here for the fial sales price.3120 Volk is also in escrow. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in 1575 square feet was listed for $599,000. They are still accepting back-up offers, so it's not to late to snag this one. What do you want to bet the offer on the table is for hmmm... $550,000? Realtors have been busy actually closing some deals! 7232 Metz closed for $535,000. That is 95% of the original $559,000 list price. Nice little savings. And to round out the update this week, the home at 3120 Karen (3 bed/2bath, pool) closed for $590,000. That is a 10% saving off the original $649,000 list price. Thanks for reading, and I'll update you again next week.
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Cliff May Ranchos: Market Update 3/9
Evan Gould (www.homes4hipsters.com)
Click the graphic above for the MLS listings, or if you have any questions e-mail: evan.gould@homes4hipsters.com . Looks like it is time for another Cliff May Ranchos market update. As a refresher, this mid-century modern neighborhood is located on the Eastside of Long Beach, near the corner of Spring and Studebaker, across from El Dorado Park. Lots of great '50's era mid-century houses with open floorplans and huge patios to take advantage of California sunshine. New to the market this week is 7219 Lanai Ave. Remodeled in 2006, this 5 bed, 3 bath home has been expanded from the original 1,268 square feet. It is now a two story home in about 2,800 square feet. Along with the extra square footage, the home boasts travertine floors, and elaborate wrought iron details throughout. This home has been "Tuscanized", so very little of the original mid-century flair is left. But hey, granite counters, stainless steel appliances, two extra bedrooms, and a price of $775,000 rarely seen in the neighborhood since the peak of the market in 2005/2006. Good luck! The very original home at 7232 E. Metz is in escrow. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1130 square foot home was listed for $559,000. Check back here for the final sales price. Finally, the home at 7115 Metz closed escrow. The list price was 575,000, and the final sales price was $550,000. So, some savvy shopper was able to snag this 3 bed, 2 bath fixer for 96% of the list price.
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Long Beach, CA: Cliff May Ranchos Market Update 2/28
Evan Gould (www.homes4hipsters.com)
Click the graphic above for the latest market info. Wow! Busy week so I am a little late with the Cliff May Ranchos market update. And it appears that some other Realtors were busy putting 3025 Roxanne, Long Beach into escrow. As you may remember, that home is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in pretty original condition. The landscaping was old-fashioned, and the kitchen needs to be blown up, and rebuilt from scratch. It will be interesting to find the final sales price of this home. Of course, you can always check back here for current sales data, or e-mail evan.gould@homes4hipsters.com with any questions!
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Cliff May Ranchos Market Update 2/19
Evan Gould (www.homes4hipsters.com)
Click the graphic above for the latest market update! Not much movement in the Cliff May Long Beach market this week. To begin, the listing at 3150 Pattiz expired. Originally listed way back in August 2008 for $629,900, this home experienced a couple of price reductions, and finally exited the market a week ago @ $599,900. The home last sold in June 2006 for $640,000. The market giveth, and the market taketh away. What a cruel god these market forces! It may still be in escrow, but the MLS listing shows it as expired. The other action this week is the home at 3225 Roxanne which was pending sale in December, is now back on the market at $580,000 and looking fabulous... not! Just took a swing through this one and it is torn up. The garage has been divided and a rec room now occupies the halved space. The carpet is atrocious. The kitchen is in original condition, but the bathrooms have been poorly remodeled. Every room and surface needs to be redone. The exterior features that California dreamy patio area that opens to the living room. However, being north facing, and having an overbearing awning system, the space was dark, cold and rather unattractive. Oh yeah, don't miss the dilapidated sailboat in the neighbors' front yard, which kinda' looks like your front yard because there is a shared fence across the front of the two houses. I really don't mean to tear this listing apart, but for my money (and yours), I would buy the exact same home at 3025 Roxanne for $515,900 or even the mostly original with the right upgrades and 200 square feet larger home at 3138 Studebaker for $539,250.
Your Next Home: Long Beach Ranchos
Julia Huntsman, BPOR, CDPE, e-PRO, SFR, Broker (Huntsman Properties)
A favorite area of Long Beach is "the Ranchos", a neighborhood of houses developed and built by Cliff May.Built when the California ranch style home was really coming into style, these economical houses were the "tract home" version of the newly popular ranch style. They commonly feature interior courtyards and open floor plans, which are two of the reasons they are still so popular. Updated homes have improved cooling and insulation, but the overall characteristics of well lit rooms, open kitchens and living rooms, and large sliding glass doors to the outdoors, are what popularized the "Southern California lifestyle' of the post-World War II era.Current listings are in the range of $515,000 to $649,000 (this is down more than $100,000 at the peak of the market). Original floor plans ranged from about 1100 sq. ft to about 1400 sq. ft., with attached 2-car garages, board and batten siding on single story homes on slab foundations, open kitchens with built-in ovens and formica counters, hardwood floors and low-pitched rooflines. While not officially an historic district, this area has many loyal followers of this style who more and more create additions and remodels that adhere to the Cliff May style. Interestingly, Cliff May, who was not an architect but was proficient at building homes, was descended from one of the early California families and loved the old Spanish/Mexican influence architecture designs in the early villas that were also characterized by courtyards and the feeling of outdoor acess with privacy. The "Ranchos" are not homes with the traditional "front yard"--over time the courtyards have accommodated landscaped patios, tree-covered decks, or great areas for fenced-in pools. Contact me for more on selling prices in this neighborhood! Julia Huntsman, All California Brokerage, Inc., www.juliahuntsman.com 562-896-2609Julia Huntsman, Broker, CdPE, e-PRO®, SFR, REALTOR®562-896-2609. CA DRE #01188996 mailto: julia@juliahuntsman.com http://www.juliahuntsman.com http://www.longbeachrealestate.blogspot.com
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Cliff May Ranchos Market Update 2/11
Evan Gould (www.homes4hipsters.com)
Click the graphic for the latest Cliff May Ranchos action! New to the Cliff May Ranchos market this week is 3024 Kallin Ave. This 4 bedroom (3+ a den), 1.75 bath home is listed for $615,000. I haven't been inside this one yet, but from the photos, it looks like there have been some nice upgrades. New Euro-style kitchen cabinets, breakfast bar, built in storage and work spaces, and modern tile and fixtures. It is direct competitiion with the home on Studebaker ($539,250) in lot size and square footage. So with upgrades and a better location, it may be priced pretty well. The other movement in the Ranchos is 3120 Karen Ave has gone into escrow after only a week on the market, listed at $649,000. Check back here for the final sales price.
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