buy: Market Pulse Orlando- Median Sales Price Up 11% - 10/15/12 10:50 AM
Market Pulse Orlando- Median Sales Price Up 11%
Market Pulse Orlando- Median Sales Price Up 11%

Things continue to improve sales-wise here in Orlando.  Great news if you're looking to sell- and mortgage rates remain ridiculously low if you're in the market to buy.

Investors?  You're not left out to dry, either.  The same low rates that are helping folks get into their first homes can help you buy that investment property you've had you're eye on for a while.  Combine today's smokin' hot rental market with a great property manager- and what else … (0 comments)

buy: News flash: "Rent vs. Buy" favors "rent" this time - 08/21/12 01:51 PM
News flash:  "Rent vs. Buy" favors "rent" this time

Rent vs Buy favors rent for now

It's been a long time since "rent versus buy" argument favored the "rent" side of life- but that's the news from here in Orlando these days.  And I hope it's a sign of a rising tide that's going to lift a lot of ships.

Why the shift?  It boils down to a simple payment gap between the costs of renting and those of buying, same as it always has.  With our sales inventory here running at about 2/3 of … (2 comments)

buy: Owner FAQ Series, #2: "Should I provide pool care?" - 12/30/11 04:04 AM
Owner FAQ Series, #2:  "Should I provide pool care?"
Hi, all... Round 2 of this whole video thing finds me- your friendly (sometimes) neighborhood Property Manager and Realtor Dennis Burgess talking about another question that often arises when meeting with investment owners.
As with my first video, comments are welcomed and appreciated.  Soon after my first video on home warranties, I realized that that thing was just too dang long.  My goal is 2 minutes or so, and I'm working towards that.  Not there yet- but cutting down from nearly 10 minutes to just over 3 ain't bad.

buy: Market Pulse: Orlando-area Market Report December 2011 - 12/17/11 07:14 AM
Market Pulse:  Orlando-area Market Report December 2011
Market Pulse:   Orlando-area Market Report December 2011
I enjoy reading these reports every month.  A lot of them are boring as heck- but there always seems to be a few little nuggets of interesting information that leave me glad that I took the time to pore through everything.
Things I'm taking away from this current report...
Total inventory up 42 homes from September-October, up 163 from October-November...these are the first back-to-back inventory increases in inventory since the May-July of 2010 time period.  Interesting- but the increase in number is still … (0 comments)

buy: Orlando Property Manager- Fair Housing - 12/12/11 09:27 AM
Orlando Property Manager- Fair Housing
I took a few minutes to speak about Fair Housing today...
Fair Housing is a good subject.  It's a topic and area where folks in our business get a great deal of training- in order to learn how to do something we should already know. 
Here's "the bottom line", the "Cliff's Notes", the "Reader's Digest version", the "short and sweet" about Fair Housing- yet it sums everything up in it's entirety: 
Treat everyone fairly, treat everyone the same.  The end.
Orlando Property Manager- Fair Housing

buy: Orange County, FL Foreclosure Info, 12/7/11 - 12/09/11 04:13 PM

Orange County, FL Foreclosure Info, 12/7/11

One of the guests at my recent Governmental Affairs Committee meeting was Lydia Gardner, Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts for Orange County, FL.  She was invited to speak to us about what many folks fear is some pent-up shadow inventory of pending foreclosures.  
The following is a graphical representation of the county's foreclosure filings over the past few years. It's quite a "trendy" chart- and Lydia expects her courtrooms will see an upward trend once again as 2012 begins. Bank of America, for example, filed 11- yes, 11 Orange County … (4 comments)

buy: What can apples teach us about business? - 10/16/11 11:24 AM
Well, I decided to break my dang "one re-post a week" rule and re-post this great one of Mike's.  It is my rule, after all- so I figure I can break it if I please...accepting the consequences I might suffer from myself, that is...
There are a number of analogies and correlations between what happens in the real world and what happens in Realtor-land.  One bad apple can indeed spoil the bunch- and in the workplace, that can be that one disgruntled employee that decides to stay on that can be a vicious cancer ravaging your organization.
Survival of the fittest comes into … (2 comments)

buy: Localism Challenge, Day #21: Inventory's shrinking- it's time to make your move - 09/21/11 08:23 AM
Localism Challenge, Day #21:  Inventory's shrinking, prices rising- it's time to make your move
Localism Challenge, Day #21:  Inventory's shrinking, prices rising- it's time to make your move
A recent column from the Orlando Sentinel's Mary Shanklin points out some encouraging signs for our local real estate market here in Orlando.  Schools are open- and Economics 101 is in session:  inventory is shrinking and prices are rising.
When the median sales price in July exceeded the previous year's median by 6 percent, it was the first time in four years that the local housing market had managed a year-over-year gain … (2 comments)

buy: Renters...BUY a home and live for free! - 09/07/11 05:55 PM
Renters...BUY a home and live for free!
The ads are everywhere: "Stop paying someone else's mortgage!!..."OWN for less than you're paying in rent!!...and one of my favorites, "The call YOUR place an apartment- while your buddy next-door owns his 'condo thing'".
O.K., you got me. The last one's a favorite quote because I was quoting myself. Nothing gets past you guys!
Over the past few years, I've been amazed by 1) how successful fellow Realtors and builders have been at fashioning an 'us vs. them' mentality between the "owning public" and the "renting public"- but also 2) how pitifully inept the response from the … (6 comments)

buy: STOP Over-Pricing Your Home For Sale... "You'll Catch Many More Bees With Sugar Than Vinegar"... - 09/03/11 05:05 AM
Great post from Phyllis here- and one I appreciate being able to re-post.  The key, of course, is to avoid time on the market.  Any time on the market means a seller is typically paying a mortgage he/she doesn't want to pay.  Maybe they're eager to get out of a house they're in and into another one- hating to pay the tab for the place they currently call home.  Maybe they've already left a home behind- and now they're paying the mortgage for their new home- while trying to pay the one on the house that's become "yesterday's news" to them. … (2 comments)

buy: Lease Only, Find Tenant Only or Tenant Placement: Don't work for free! - 08/26/11 09:12 AM
Lease Only, Find Tenant Only or Tenant Placement: Don't work for free!Each of the brokerages I've worked with over the past 10 years has offered, at a minimum, two types of service options from which a client may choose:"Full service" property management, which is an ongoing relationship between the client and management company. Here, tenants call the property manager for repairs, the manager is a buffer between owner and tenant, etc. When marketing the property and looking to find tenants, property managers draw from their vendor contacts for suggested improvements to the property and use their own time and expertise towards … (4 comments)

buy: Honesty Begins At Home - 08/22/11 10:42 AM
Honesty Begins At Home
They say that "charity begins at home".  I believe that, and know many others that feel the same.  It's nice to have a kind heart and want to save the world- but you have to first get your own house in order.  And how about this one:  If you don't know how to swim, don't jump in the pool and try to save someone else that doesn't know how to swim.
Honesty is important, too, you know- and as with charity, it should begin at home...or with homes.
Sellers:  Be honest with yourselves.  Don't waste an agent's … (4 comments)

buy: Pride of Ownership...and the lack of it - 08/21/11 07:46 AM
Pride of Ownership...and the lack of it
It's a funny thing- but "pride of ownership" is a term I've used for well over 20 years.  I started using it back in my Navy days, long before anything to do with real estate ever crossed my mind. 
Surprising?  Shouldn't be- for "pride of ownership" is something we can and should take in all facets of our lives.  But without any license at all, one can survey the landscape of the world we live in today and know that "pride of ownership" is becoming a commodity more precious than gold- and that the … (2 comments)

buy: ORRA Leadership Institute: Day 2 - 06/29/11 06:11 PM
ORRA Leadership Institute:  Day 2
Day 2 of the Orlando Regional Realtors Association (ORRA) Leadership class.  Half-way through the course, and I can say that it's surely a far greater value than one could imagine for the measly $25 the thing costs.  Folks tend to look at courses in one of two ways:  courses that cost a lot of money, provide some good schoolin' and CE credits- and others that are free, give little education and no CE credits.  The former have always been "better" than the latter.
That's what makes this course special-it's low cost yet valuable-.  a rare case … (2 comments)

buy: I'm Dennis Burgess- the best property manager in Orlando - 06/26/11 08:34 PM
I'm Dennis Burgess- the best property manager in Orlando.  No- the best property manager in the world!
There are a lot of other property managers around here- but none are as good as I am, the best property manager in Orlando.  I even took a poll to confirm it- and yes, 1 out of 1 Dennis Burgesses surveyed confirmed it.  The respondent pool was small- and the poll wasn't really scientific in its use of the "Is Dennis Burgess the best property manager in Orlando?" question and "yes" or "no" checkboxes- but I'm thinking the margin of error here is very … (8 comments)

buy: HUD, national origin and The Golden Rule - 04/12/11 10:30 AM
"Editor's note":  The following is directly from HUD's site- as sadly, ActiveRain is not one of the 335 sites to which I could've directly shared it.
Overall, this HUD initiative should be looked at as a positive....maybe...I think.  But then again, I just don't know.  Oftentimes, good folks doing the right thing have trouble recognizing the wrong thing when they see it- and often those same good folks have a hard time believing that others would do the wrong thing when they're told about it.  Those folks benefit from these types of things, and the would've-been-discriminated-against folks are the ultimate beneficiaries.  All … (6 comments)

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