blog: Help me pick my next blog topic? (Poll) - 12/01/16 08:14 PM
Please help me pick my next blog topic(s)?
Google Voice, Pros and Cons, with my own 10 years’ of experience. 
Using an iPad (or Wi-Fi-Only iPhone) as a VoIP mobile phone for pennies a day. 
Reputation Management and Yelp, pros and cons, to advertise or not to advertise?
Where is YOUR backup? (Cloud, USB drive, or ?) and can YOU restore it? (Disaster preparation.) 
How I lost 50 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of muscle in 2 years without using any gym equipment. (Hint: walk, jog, hike, run, intervals, wind-sprints…) 
Or, check my prior blog … (11 comments)

blog: Have a Great 2016 - 12/31/15 11:39 PM
Here we go, 2016. Best wishes to all for the New Year!
What will the new year bring? Only time will tell...
Stay tuned for further updates... 

blog: Los Altos Water, E. Coli contamination? - 07/26/15 12:56 PM
On today's Sunday evening TV news, there was a story about the contamination of Los Altos water with E. Coli bacteria in the "S. El Monte" area.
Cal Water: E. Coli Found in Los Altos Water | NBC Bay Area NBC Bay Area-2 hours ago Cal Water has found traces of contaminants in the water of the South El Monte area of Los Altos. The contaminant is confirmed as E.coli.
A check of the website for the California Water Services Co. provides NO information whatsoever.
949 B St, Los Altos, CA
And a call to 
(650) 917-0152
also provides no information. 
Since I live a block off of South El Monte Avenue in Los Altos, … (11 comments)

blog: Spring Forward, Fall Back with Time.Gov - 03/08/15 01:34 AM

A very handy website on days like today is from the National Institute of Standards & Technology.  Try it now:
Especially interesting is the day/night map projection. It also shows the time zone automatically, on your smart phone or a tablet, based on your location, as determined from Wi-Fi or cell towers.
While walking around the house, carrying this time display, you can set each of your clocks to the second.


blog: Is the ActiveRain SHORT URL feature not working today? - 12/08/14 07:36 AM
The ActiveRain SHORT URL feature ( is not working today…

The Short URL feature ...
has a DNS or NS error?
Try this:
No name servers or DNS records were found for 
The server at can't be found, because the DNS lookup failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website's name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a … (5 comments)

blog: Bug: Apple iOS Mail app loses Gmail password? - 09/24/14 06:07 AM
A bug in the Apple iOS Mail client app... and Gmail password security?
Apple Mail app on iOS (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch)
loses Gmail password setting, randomly, intermittently.   It's as if the Mail app "forgets" the imap password?   This is a Bug Report on an intermittently recurring iOS Mail bug that occurs on my iPad — every few weeks or so. Many others have reported this bug on their iPhones, iPads, and iPods, for over a year. (There are more than a few discussions on the Apple and the Google online boards.)   The iOS Mail client app fails, recurrently and intermittently, with Gmail. I am using … (7 comments)

blog: SEO is dead - 04/24/14 05:33 AM

SEO in a Nutshell?
There is a lot of buzz from time to time about the death of SEO. What does that really mean?
Black-hat SEO is dead... long live White-hat SEO! Yes, you can be penalized if you don't do it right.
What is SEO?
Primarily, SEO means designing your website to help the right people find you.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has several major parts: planning, on-page, and off-page optimization.
Planning means understanding your customer, clearly defining your niche, brand-image, and assessing your competition. Characterize your “customer personas” to understand the different kinds of customers that you want to approach. Competitive analysis helps you to understand … (57 comments)

blog: PANDA, PENGUIN, HUMMINGBIRD... Animals in the Google SEO Zoo? - 01/22/14 03:23 PM
Are you aware of PANDA, PENGUIN, HUMMINGBIRD... Animals in the Google SEO Zoo?
There are three big Google algorithm updates that you need to understand 
for effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in 2014.

Panda (aka Farmer) originated in February, 2011. Updated periodically through 2013.
Penguin (aka Web-Spam penalty) began in 2012, updated 2013. 
Hummingbird (aka Semantic Search) originated in August 2013. 
Panda and Penguin were Google's attempt to penalize low-quality and spammy websites.
Hummingbird is a major development to include more semantics in understanding the user's intent behind searches. 
What can you do to make your web content more … (11 comments)

blog: Halloween Effects: Looking for fun, scary, entertaining ideas? - 10/21/13 07:04 PM

Halloween Effects: Looking for fun, scary, entertaining ideas for home, school, or office?
Halloween is a seasonal tradition that is all about having fun. It seems that Halloween is getting bigger and bigger every year. There are haunted attractions, home haunts, yard haunts, scary hayrides, fight walks, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches nearly everywhere at this time of year. 
Many companies celebrate Halloween just because it is enjoyable and provides a novel way to socialize. Some host a Halloween potluck luncheon. When organized and done properly, it can become an office tradition that builds teamwork and helps morale. Great Halloween effects … (6 comments)

blog: Looking for Scary Halloween Effects for Home or Office? - 07/22/13 01:11 AM

Looking for Scary Halloween Effects for Home or Office? Entertaining for both adults and children, more and more people are putting on special displays for Halloween. Home haunts, yard haunts, and haunted hayrides are getting more popular and more elaborate.   
There are professional haunts, dark rides, haunted attractions, corn mazes, [I can't resist this: amazing maize maze] and Halloween events all around the country. A few of the most famous being:
Knott's Berry Farm's Halloween Haunt in Buena Park, California, Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida,  and many others.  These professionally developed haunts have … (2 comments)

blog: Intermittent Fasting. Week 8 Results. - 04/21/13 05:59 PM
Intermittent Fasting (IF) 
My Personal Experiences, Results, and a Few References.{{ January 2016 Update: There are more than 20 comments, please see below. }} Feeling great, burning fat, preserving lean mass.   Forget about eating five smaller meals. Grazing or snacking is definitely OUT. Fasting is IN. Low-carb is in.     ☞ When you eat can be as important to healthy weight loss as what you eat. ☜ Or, what & when you DON'T eat may be even MORE important!    Yes, this is based on real science, not junk science. For myself, I have both experienced and measured some unexpectedly good results. Do some investigation, be willing … (24 comments)

blog: Is Yelp Evil? - 01/22/13 01:58 AM
Please support this petition on the White House website if you agree that Yelp needs investigation. Ask your business associates about their Yelp advertising experiences. Please spread the word to help this petition go viral. 
I decided that I could not trust Yelp anymore when one of my local small business clients experienced this:  
Many good reviews, a few bad ones on Yelp. The day after canceling $300 per month Yelp advetising, most of the good reviews disappeared and all the bad ones remained. Coincidence? Seems very unlikely. Does Yelp use different "filters" on reviews depending on your advertising spend?

blog: Wine Club Blog Challenge! Gift wines... Wine-of-the-month... - 10/27/12 08:03 AM
Looking for some different and great gift ideas?
Would you consider giving wine as gifts to your friends and clients? How about a monthly selection from Celebrations Wine Club?  Makes a great thank you gift! You can choose from their entire list; for one-month, two-months, or more. Wine from California or Italy; Red, White, or in combinations. Wines are carefully and expertly selected. 

The BLOG Challenge!
Active Rain Bloggers • You are cordially invired to take up the challenge!
Please write and post your entry about this blog-worthy wine club:

The top two monthly winning blog posts will receive … (5 comments)

blog: is for sale - 10/15/12 03:34 AM
Morgan Hill Attorney?  
This domain name is for sale.
Investing in domain names?
You can acquire this valuable asset as an investment, or for your business and your professional image, to use it for a website, a URL redirect, marketing, advertising, email, lead-capture, blogging, etc. Let us know if you know anyone who may be interested in domain names and the domain name aftermarket.  Just because the domain name is taken already does not mean it cannot be aquired at some price.
Please contact  to acquire this domain.
Morgan Hill, California
As of … (2 comments)

blog: Internet Marketing Process for Real Estate - 08/13/12 01:35 AM
Outline of an Internet Marketing Process for Real Estate.
Integrate your web, email, social media, and print marketing strategy.
Your vision, business plan, objectives, business model Personal style and how to maximize your assets? Specify your target niche and your audience:  Demographics Locale Competition Differentiation Technologies Articulate brand identity, brand image, value proposition Marketing channels, resources Website, blogging and social media presence Key Performance Indicators, Critical Success Factors SWOT - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats Set Goals
Website, Blog, Media, and Content Development Audience Engagement; Leads; Conversions:  Contacts per week Transactions per month Plan and Design
Website Content, Features, Design … (5 comments)

blog: Central California Coast Real Estate Features - 08/09/12 06:27 AM
On the scenic and sparsely populated Central California Coast, Real Estate has many unusual situations. It's more important than ever to use an agent with local expertise. The beach areas, small towns, and rural areas have many very good Real Estate buys today.
The California Central Coast area spans roughly from Carmel to Pismo Beach, North of Santa Barbara and South of Monterey Bay. Nearby are the renowned Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Hearst Castle, and Big Sur.

The Central Coast offers many natural wonders and spectacular views, mild climate, and coastal access points. Big Sur has many resorts, parks … (3 comments)

blog: Aloha Hawaii LIVE • Concert Tour • May 2012 - 05/09/12 02:06 AM
• UPDATE 2 • The producer, Gary Vecchiarelli, wrote a TXT MSG to me:  "Change CANCELED to POSTPONED!"  about 10 AM, Saturday, May 19th!  
• UPDATE 1 •  Gary Vecchiarelli Productions, LLC of Las Vegas has regretfully informed me that this auspicious May 2012 Concert Tour — planned for 10 Cities in California and Nevada, May 16 - May 27, 2012 — has been cancelled. MAHALO for your patronage! Please stay tuned for news ... You may contact AlohaHawaiiLive at gmail. com or visit where you can sign up on their guestbook — or sign up on their … (13 comments)

blog: Can you hear OPPORTUNITY knocking — will you answer the door? - 03/22/12 07:51 AM
I think we are now positioned at the beginning of a PERFECT STORM for Real Estate  (in a good way!)   It's SPRINGTIME, with historically low interest rates, and the Economy seems to be turning around.     How does the present situation look to you?  How will you take advantage?         Can you hear OPPORTUNITY knocking?   Will you answer the door?   Spending some time, energy, and money INTELLIGENTLY at this time should bring you truly GREAT ROI (Return on Investment) for your marketing. What is your 2012 Marketing Plan? I.E. Internet Marketing, Blogging, Social Networking, ActiveRain,   … (5 comments)

blog: The New ActiveRain? - 02/17/12 01:44 AM
ActiveRain is a very classy act! (Did you see this last night?) What have YOU noticed about the NEW ActiveRain?     — i.e. new since Thursday, 2/16/2012 —   Please leave your comments, and I will also log mine, below.   Be constructive, be a good citizen, and be considerate toward the developers — who will work with any complaints.   Share your appreciation about whatever you like about the new AR experience, too.    Thanks for taking good care of us, ActiveRain! This stuff is not easy.   (I should know, because as a Systems Engineer, and IT Development Manager, back in the 1970s — 1990s for … (7 comments)

blog: The Next Big Thing? :: Pinterest :: What Is It? - 02/16/12 01:04 AM
IF you are a real estate professional using Pinterest, or have any tips or questions, please check-in via the comments. (Add links? Yes!)
What is Pinterest  ?!                  A VISUAL tool ...   trying to describe Pinterest is like trying to tell someone what a strawberry tastes like, just try it!   It may take just a bit to wrap your mind around it, but as soon you begin to use it, it becomes very easy, yet very powerful, as a visual tool for collecting, saving, storing, organizing, curating, sharing, and discovering stuff you see and … (16 comments)

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