jim paulson boise real estate: If your home was on Tinder, would a buyer swipe right or swipe left? - 06/21/18 01:33 PM
Did you know that 92% of the home buyers today are going online for their real estate needs?  Therefore, it is imperative that your home show it's best online before a buyer comes to see it in person!  Think about it, if your home is for sale and a buyer found it on Tinder, would a buyer swipe right or swipe left?
Jim Paulson is the owner and broker of Progressive Realty Corporation and he uses some of the best technology tools in the real estate industry to get your home sold, not just listed for sale using today's technology to help … (3 comments)

jim paulson boise real estate: How I Received Over 1 Million Photo Views on Google Maps - 01/03/18 10:26 AM
As a Realtor, it only makes sense to share my community and my travels with others.  I found a great way to do that is via becoming a Google Local Guide.
I take photos (inside and out) of various local businesses and community resourses in the Boise area.  It really doesn't take much time and it is fun. 
This week is starting my New Year off with a BANG on Google Maps.  I just got an email saying:
I reallly enjoy it.  I went to a new restaurant the other day and I realized they were not on Google Maps yet.  We talked about … (7 comments)

jim paulson boise real estate: Normal is just the average of the extremes! - 02/09/17 10:43 AM
One day as I was relaxing enjoying a beer after work and I overheard a question on the other side of the bar:  "What is normal anyway?" 
I really wasn't evesdropping, but for some reason that question came across crystal clear.  Out of nowwhere, the answer popped into my head and I responded "It is the average of the extremes!"
That sparked quite the conversation.  If you ever studied statistical analysis, you probably are familiar with the bell curve and standard deviations.  
As the graph above shows, one standard deviation encompasses 68.2% of the entire sample.  When you go out 2 standard deviations, … (33 comments)

jim paulson boise real estate: Updating your 2015 real estate business plan based on YTD sales - 04/08/15 10:36 PM
We should always be reviewing our business plans and see if we are on track for our goals and objectives.   In real estate, it is easy to do since you can look at closed business volume; but you should adjust it for the average sales per actual month, not just taking the year's production divided by 12.
For example, in 2014 in Ada County (Boise Idaho) in 2014 there were 7,779 single family homes sold according to Intermountain MLS statistics.  It would be easy to divide by 12 to assume we just sold an average of 648.25 homes per month.  But when you … (1 comments)

jim paulson boise real estate: UBER update: Does having an App make a service totally unique and immune? - 03/28/15 04:48 AM
Apparently, in Idaho it does.  The city of Boise has been going round and round with UBER trying to make them stand up to the same requirements as the Taxi services do.  Then, just like some Republican's doing an end run around President Obama sending a letter by sending a letter to Iran, Uber goes to the Idaho Legislature.

As a result, the legislature must have gone out for a "joint session" because they came back redefining companies like "UBER" as a "Transportation Network Company" (TNC) and specifically state in House Bill No. 262 that "TNC service is not a … (8 comments)

jim paulson boise real estate: Are you ready for Virtual Notary Signatures? - 03/28/15 01:05 AM
Years ago, I was discussing Digital Signatures on an online blog when I received a response from Rick Triola, the President and CEO of a company called Settleware.  We had some great talks about the future of Digital Signatures and how slow the world was to accept them even though it was on June 30, 2000 (yes almost 15 years ago) when The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act was signed into Federal Law in the United States. 
I find it unsettling that to this day, many banks and mortgage companies do not accept digital signatures while even the IRS … (6 comments)

jim paulson boise real estate: Why now is the best time to negotiate to buy a home! - 10/30/11 05:40 AM
One of the best times to negotiate to buy something is when no one else wants it. The seller is reading all the negative data about the housing market including things like:
shadow inventory is going to flood the market;  buyer’s can’t get loans to buy homes; prices keep declining;  the economy is about to collapse. If you believe these things, you probably shouldn’t be very excited about buying a home. However, all real estate is local and national trends may not apply in your area. For example, here in Boise, Idaho we have the lowest inventory level in about 5 … (4 comments)

jim paulson boise real estate: Katango's potential solution to organize your friends on Facebook and Google+ - 09/28/11 09:35 PM
If you haven’t heard about a new startup called Katango, you will! With Google + now giving their users the ability to “share” circles, this will be needed more than ever!  If you have started giving up cataloging your friend data base on Facebook, you can test it now.
Think about it, since you don’t pay for Facebook or Google +, they make their money selling information about you or by selling advertisers access to you!  These social media giants have a vested interest to make sure their target marketing is on target.  They want to "help" you organize your database … (4 comments)

jim paulson boise real estate: FHA Loan Limits to decrease Oct. 1, 2011 in Ada County by $32,700! - 09/28/11 08:08 PM
Congress did not extend FHA & GSE mortgage loan limits so here in Ada County, our loan limits will drop on October 1st from $303,750 down to $271,050.If you are looking to buy or sell a property in Ada County (Boise, Eagle, Star, Meridian or Kuna), this will impact the real estate market for all homes priced in this $32,700 range. Here are a few examples of who will be impacted by this:Buyers:  FHA usually alllows for more leanient credit and less down payment than conventional financing, so you may lose out on homes you might have qualified before October 1st! … (1 comments)

jim paulson boise real estate: Happy 75th Birthday to Jim Henson (creator of the Muppets) - 09/24/11 07:10 AM
Saturday morning's are known for cartoons, however, this animation is compliments of Google in honor of Jim Henson's 75th birtday today. Most of us use Google every day without paying much attention to the graphics known as "Google Doodles". In case you missed it or want to go play with it today, here is a quick 30 second video. I didn't realize it takes time to process these at YouTube. Next time, I will wait till it is processed to embed. … (5 comments)

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