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We are always listening to the client on an FHA 203k loan. In the early stages of the inspection process when we identify what is necessary to comply with the HUD MPS (minimum property standards). Then, of course, we add whatever else the borrower might like to add to really "make this their home...
There has been allot of interest in the "Feasibility Analysis" we do and how it is best used. There are several uses that we will provide for you herein: 1) Property isn't listed yet - you want to make an offer and you need to nail down the cost to make the repairs so you can make an educated off...
I must get asked about once or twice per month "who does the FHA 203k loans for qualified non-profit organizations?" I've just been talking to a good friend of mine at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, "Ed Rogers" who informed me that he does them. There you go, for those who asked the question. That is...
It appears, like everything else in  life, that the 203k has it's cycles as well. Why do I think that you might ask? Because it is heating up. Lots of action all of a  sudden in the Oakland area. Maybe it is due to the enlightenment of the masses there but whatever it is, it is clear that Oakland...
Two in two days... things are heating up with regards to the FHA 203k loan proram in Pleasant Hill CA. I love this as this is where I went to high school and a couple years at the Jr. College. wonderful community and more nice people moving into the area and fixing their new homes up with the pro...
Yesterday we had a great time in San Jose with Rob Gilroy, his boss Ricky, the entire crew from Bank of America as well as Megan Davis from B of A in Campbell. There were quite a few agents in attendance and they were getting it down as the questions from the  audience were a good indication of t...
Sheri McLaughlin of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is knocking them down. If you are contemplating a renovation loan in the Auburn, Lincoln, Roseville area Sheri is making her name in the renovation marketplace. It was only the first of this month that the new rules have taken effect and many mortgage...
We have a very intereting 203k project in Auburn where the foundation was so badly cracked and falling in seveal different direcdtions. EagleLift company is actually leveling the floor and at a major cost aavings over replacing the floor altogether. This wouldn't have been so back had the slab be...

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