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If you are relocating to Gulfport, MS --I encourage you to make a pit stop by Gulfport MS City Website . Today I was reviewing the online zoning manual while coordinating different projects being done at 3214 12th St, Gulfport MS, Harrison County, Zip Code 39501, Area Code 228, Ward 2, Zoned T4L ...
Its true! A note on the member home page of the Gulf Coast MLS states that as of January 1, 2009 ALL listings must have at least 1 photo within 7 days of listing. I figure if all agents are forced into at least one photo, the ones who usually list without photos may think, well gee, if I have to ...
Personally, I believe that God, the Higher Power cares very much about real estate, where humans are at any given time, even who buys what. That's my belief. You do not have to believe so to be my client, customer, or associate. But, if you ever get the feeling there is a silent third party--you'...
I am so blessed to be able to sit on my front porch at 9:46 AM, Wednesday, December 24th, 2008. This is my favorite working spot, other than working at the beach, or a vacant listing. I'm listening to the calls of various birds after a gentle rain. Life is Good. As with many others whose life cal...
Have you ever heard anyone complain; "...that agent did not return my calls." Well, it could be that the person received your call, understood the message, and did not respond. There is little excuse for that. Maybe, just maybe--your number was blocked on his or her caller id AND your message was...
I just watched a CNN news report. We are in the worst housing crisis since the Great Depression. Housing values continue to plummet. Their source; . Zillow--the company the incites rage in many homeowners because their property values are so *off*. Join with me America--Don't make assu...
Some people might say that what I consider Providence is luck or coincidence. Sometimes, they could be right. But, at other times it would be clear cut wrong on my part not to acknowledge a clear case of Divine Intervention and/or Direction. What I conceive as Providence happens to me so frequen...
I apologize that this is informative rather than fun. I am working on a fun way to report market data. 141 Active MLS Lot listings ranging in price from $10,000 to $1, 100,000. Some of these are tax deed properties. 17 condo rent/lease units ranging from $800 a month to $1500 a month. (Some units...
I just spent 41 minutes and 38 seconds browsing the MLS with a buyer prospect by phone. She convinced me she has money and she's desperate to buy. She herself was looking but had no idea how to determine flood zones.I asked her if she was working with a REALTOR. She said, "Yes, my friend. But, s...
First, I do not have a vested interest in giving my opinion about this resource. There is no affiliate compensation or any other compensation for recommendation. In other words, its pure opinion not influenced by anything but experience. I have tried several other systems which were "okay." I hav...

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