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You can't be too careful shooting photos of Spring flowers in the median strips. These lovelies are in the median at the entrance to the KELLER WILLIAMS® Cary office parking lot, just begging to be photographed.  And, being a parking lot, people seem to be coming and going regularly. So, I neede...
This is the time of year for Wisteria to blossom in Cary, NC. You won't often see Wisteria well-controlled in a yard.  Despite the pretty blossoms Wisteria vines are a rampant invasive species in the wild.They will climb trees, and choke the life out of them.  Wisteria will grow so large, they re...
Azaleas in Cary NC!   The Azaleas are here!  The Azaleas are here! It's that time of year again, when all of Cary lights up with Azalea blossoms.     Some folks will tell you they are over used, but I'm not so sure.  I'm not at all sure that azaleas can be overused. The visual impact of masses o...
NO MORE PAPERWORK!!! It's a mindset.  I've decided we won't be doing real estate "paperwork" anymore. No real estate agency paperwork. No Offer to Purchase paperwork.  No loan application paperwork. No closing paperwork. No paperwork at all in buying or selling homes. Nope.  None. This is not du...
I struggle with closing gifts.  And therefore, unfortunately, I usually have not given a closing gift to my buyers. Partially, it is due to not wanting to unload an unwanted tschotske on them that will clutter their move or their lives.  Sometimes that is how I feel when given an article that I ...
These guys were kicking back on a fallen tree in the pond, catching a few of the Spring sun's rays a few Aprils back.     The scene is Wake County's Crowder District Park, Apex, NC. Crowder District Park is 33 acres in Eastern Apex, NC, and a great getaway, with a picnic pavilion, trails, learnin...
Sometimes in gardening and landscaping around Cary, just to taste success, you have to go with something that works, a plant that is a slam-dunk survivor.   Something to make you know you can grow stuff.  At my mailbox, that plant is Carolina Jessamine.  I tried a couple of other things, and no ...
Scheduled for Thursday night, March 24, 2011, we are going to show off our new offices with a fun little evening event.(I gotta say, I love the new offices.)   We pulled up a list of a couple hundred agents who co-brokered sales with us last year, worked the phones, and invited them out for an Of...
And, I know have a LOT going for me, personally and professionally, that I should think of when I think of renewal.  Foremost, I have a wonderful wife who stands by me through ups and downs, better and worse, thick and thin, who has never waivered in her support for my real estate work.  Who I lo...
YOU tell her she needs to be on FaceBook.  Go ahead. Insist on it.  I'm not telling her ANYTHING, as much as I admire her social skills...     YOU tell her that YouTube is one of the absolute largest networking sites on the internet.  Go ahead.  I'm sure I'm not going to be the one....     YOU te...

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