listing: Roses! Or, how to while away a few minutes while waiting for the appraiser... - 09/07/11 05:04 AM
I was having a new listing measured yesterday, and got there a few minutes before the appraiser.
Had to do something with my free time, and I have this spiffy new camera, so it seemed natural to shoot some blooming roses.
It is HARD to hold a rose steady in the wind and work a DSLR with the other hand.
We do what we can.  I hope you enjoy the slideshow....

listing: Zoysia Grass! Help your Lawn beat the 100° heat in Cary NC - 07/21/11 03:55 AM
Zoysia Sod Installation Yes. We are seeing 100° in Cary, several times over the last week or so. I had Empire Zoysia sod installed last week at home.  In near 100° heat.  It is supposed to be a "warm season" turf, and I surely hope so.
Green Level Environmental Landscaping of Cary NC did a great installation, and I was impressed how the crew pressed through the heat to finish.
Why Zoysia?  It will turn brown in winter, and some folks don't care for that.  But, it also will deal with the stresses of hot weather, will spread to repair itself, … (4 comments)

listing: "What does 'Contingent' mean on a listing" is a common question from consumers. - 01/06/11 02:16 AM
"What does 'Contingent' Status mean on a listing," is a question I am asked frequently particularly by prospective homebuyers.  The answer to that question depends on the rules and regulations for the local area.

This contract stuff is just a walk in the park for an experienced agent...
In the Triangle area, "Contingent" status is defined by the Triangle MLS as a property that is under contract, but is still available to be shown and for which the Sellers would accept a Back Up Offer.
The nature of the contingency may be further defined to some degree in the listing.If the Buyers of the property … (8 comments)

listing: Listing Agents: Get over "Feedback Frenzy." Do your job. Consult, and Sell Houses! - 10/12/09 01:14 PM
Last week I told prospective listing clients that the only feedback worth a bucket of spit is an offer.  They agreed with me.  That is what they hired me for.  To bring them an OFFER, and negotiate it into a CONTRACT.  So we can get to CLOSING.  Nowhere in the listing agreement does it say I will maintain a library of feedback.
Since they hired ME to tell them about their property, the niceties from someone who has no skin in the game should be suspect or not worried about.  And if another agent's input has more value or credibility than mine?  They probably hired … (18 comments)

listing: Just because you CAN... - 06/18/08 02:50 PM
Just because you CAN:
 ...drink coffee, dial the phone, brush your teeth, tune the radio, comb your hair, and yell at the kids all at the same time while you drive...
 ...take your real estate listing photos with your phone...
...get an equity line on your home for cash for a boat...
...see your sweetie's gray hair... ‘til 3:00 AM...
...paint your house purple...
...take the kickback from the home warranty company...
...cuss on your blog... music on your web site...
...go straight pipes on your Harley...
...get into your wedding suit...
...get a good deal on an Excursion...
...catch Cary, … (12 comments)

listing: Cary NC Real Estate Adventures: We'll go around the world to get the comps we want! - 12/04/07 11:34 PM
We popped into the townhome, and my client said she could be interested in it, although it needs heavy redecoration.
But it was priced about 11% high, well above anything that has ever sold in this Cary, NC, complex.
Calculating values in townhome complexes is not too hard when only a few models and elevations comprise the community.  There just isn't a lot of variation.  And this complex is a typical example.
So, I call the Listing Agent, and I ask about the List price vs. comps.
Her, "Yeah, we couldn't find what we wanted in XYZ, so we went down the street to ABC and that's … (4 comments)

listing: Cary NC Real Estate, How to avoid selling your home: Don't call me, and don't let me show it! - 12/02/07 02:12 PM
I'm waiting for a call back.  Waiting for close to 36 hours.  Thinking I won't get the call.
Went by a nice looking home in a great Cary, NC, neighborhood with clients, and pulled a flyer out of the box.
No MLS number or company logo, but it is listed on the MLS with a major franchise firm.
I called CSS for a possible showing.  They said "30 minute notice."
Me, "Perfect.  Tell them one hour, and we will go have a sandwich."
So, the nice CSS representative puts me on hold, and makes the call.  Or, I should say, "CallS."
She called both numbers, and then got back … (12 comments)

listing: Cary NC Real Estate, "To Be Added Drive " - 10/27/07 03:28 AM
The new Triangle MLS upgrades have been very positive, and gone seamlessly, at least to my eye.
One thing I really like is the standardization of streets and subdivisions. 
When a listing is input, the agent will have to select a street from a database of streets.  Likewise with subdivisions.
This will eliminate duplicative search efforts.
This week I searched for "Mildew Boulevard."  (Fictitious name.)  Got two listings in my results.
Pulled into "Mildew Boulevard," and immediately spotted another home that was not on the list.  Hmmmmm.  How can THAT be?  I mean, Mildew Boulevard is a short street.
Picked up a flyer at the house that … (0 comments)

listing: Wake County NC Real Estate: TMLS Update to allow 12 photos per listing - 10/16/07 11:25 PM
Just got my TMLS newsletter yesterday.
The North Carolina Triangle Multi-List System will soon allow the Listing Agent to upload 12 photographs for every listing.  We have been limited to ten photos.  This will be a boon to those of us who shoot 50 to 100 photos of each home and have a hard time narrowing them down to the ten best.
I hope it puts a little pressure on those NC agents who do not believe in photography.  The listings with 12 photos will stand out even more when compared to those with 1 or none.  Add in a couple of Real Estate Shows, … (4 comments)

listing: Wake County, North Carolina, Public Schools and school assignment - 01/06/07 08:53 AM
Many folks list "Best Schools" as a top concern when relocating to the North Carolina Triangle area.
Different from many areas, North Carolina organizes and administers school districts at the county level.  This can be confusing to people who assume they will send their kids to the school nearest their new home.  Complicating matters is the rapid growth of the Wake county area.  We are told that 65 people move to Wake County DAILY.  Booming growth is not an easy orchestration to choreograph, and often schools are filled beyond design capacity. 
When buying in Wake County, it is wise to remember this, do … (0 comments)

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