referralmarketingprogram: 4 Benefits of The Referral Marketing System - 10/12/15 01:53 AM
You a real estate agent evaluating your marketing options and wonder to yourself, 'Why should I sign-up for The Referral Marketing System versus all the options offered in this crowded marketplace?'
To help you with your decision making process, we have compiled a two part blog series outlining the 8 benefits of The Referral Marketing System. Here is Part One outlining 4 benefits of The Referral Marketing System:
1. It’s a system that will maximize your productivity and positively contribute to your bottom line.
If you look at what successful real estate agents have in common you will notice it all comes down to one thing: they … (2 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: 5 website elements Realtors need to succeed - 10/05/15 08:34 AM

This week we are sharing a blog post that was originally published by our sister company IXACT Contact.
A real estate agent’s website says a lot. It can either be helpful to its audience of prospects, or not. It can either contribute to an agent’s goals of building an online brand and generating leads, or not.  The best REALTOR® websites have the boxes checked in both of these categories.
Now the question is, what do the best Realtor websites look like? What components do they have that set them apart? And most importantly, how do you get the best real estate website that … (4 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: The Sale Does NOT Belong To The Agent - 09/23/15 07:35 AM
Real Estate agents, always present the offer, any offer to the seller as its' up to them to decide how to handle it.
There are many of us out there that take our jobs personally. Although we have to separate our emotions from the job, I take my business personally because it makes me more passionate about what I do and who I do it for.
Regardless of how much of the "personal" we set aside, there is one thing that too many agents forget ... the Realtor® is NOT a party to the contract. This purchase or sale that you … (0 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: New Realtors® Generate More Referrals, Leads, and Sales - 09/22/15 09:02 AM

Are you new to real estate?
If you've just started out in the real estate business, you've probably already discovered that those first few months can be financially challenging.
Many new real estate agents forget that they’re going into business for themselves; and they don’t realize that they need building tools, resources, and proven business practices to help guide them to a successful career.
If you are like most most new real estate agents then you will find it hard to:
manage expenses when you haven’t earned any commission income yet; develop a business with a limited budget and limited resources; and get started on … (0 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: Is a Tiny House Right for You? - 09/18/15 06:12 AM
Smaller homes are becoming more and more popular, and what they lack in size they make-up with an attractive price point. 

What started with a few people looking to down-size during the recession has turned into a national phenomenon:  I’m speaking of course about the Tiny House movement.
A tiny house (also referred to as a micro or mini house) is generally from 100 to 500 square feet and is built on a chassis with wheels so that it can be easily moved, or it is built on a permanent foundation.  Following the excessive McMansion era and the real … (2 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: It Is All About The Right Relationships - 09/17/15 04:08 AM
This is a great blog post highlighting the importance of making relationships and the benefits of referral marketing. 
The best way to get more leads is through referral and repeat marketing. Contact us today and get started with a one month free trial.  

It is all about the right relationships" is a phrase I have heard for years in real estate.  And it is.  The benefit  and the  challenge in this day of electronic everything is that your potential sphere is so vast it can seem overwhelming. This week Joe Petrowsky  of Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. confirmed one of … (2 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: What Does Your Realtor Do During The Open House? - 09/16/15 07:22 AM
Have you ever wondered what a real estate agent should and shoudn't do, during an open house? Here are some great tips on this blog post.
Over the years I have held and attended hundreds of open houses. Some are fantastically boring and others are incredibly fun - depending which builder is giving away the wine, catered food and bizarre entertainment. I once witnessed a guy who stayed in a frozen position for 10 minutes at a time. He was painted completely bronze. He wore a cowboy hat and stood there like an idiot in the blazing heat. I still don't understand … (5 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: Mistakes to Avoid with Your Hot Prospects - 09/11/15 07:48 AM

Do you know how to communicate with your hot prospects? This blog post offers some fantastic tips on what to do right and what to avoid. 
Keep in-touch with your hot prospects and clients with The Referral Marketing System. Its easy and we do all the work for you. Contact us today and we will show you how!
This post was originally published here: 
In the midst of your prospecting phone calls, marketing efforts, and referral seeking, what you’re really hoping for is to connect with more motivated buyers and sellers, or what we call hot prospects.  While it’s good to be aware … (3 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: Trying to Stay Ahead of the Crowd with Marketing - 09/03/15 05:43 AM
Realtors get ahead and accomplish your goals for the rest of the year by employing a marketing system that works. 
The Referral Marketing System is a complete repeat and referral marketing system that includes:
real estate specific CRM mobile compatible website direct mail blog and social media posts and much more The Referral Marketing System will get you more leads and listings.
This is what Ian Gibson, a realtor on The Referral Marketing System said about it:
“I have received 18 transactions so far this year, from The Referral Marketing System. This system offers great articles and content for my customers and a turnkey solution for me. I … (1 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: 8 Body Language Tips for Realtors - 09/02/15 08:03 AM
We’ve all heard about body language. When someone’s arms are crossed, it usually means that they are being impatient, closed off, and insecure. Or when someone rolls their eyes upwards during a conversation, they are often considered to be skeptical and in disagreement with what is being said.
But what we interpret in body language is not always true. After all, a person might have their arms crossed just because they are cold and wish to warm-up. Or, they may be looking up because their kid has a soccer game that night and they’re worried about rain!
People can misinterpret body language. So realtors, you want … (3 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: Real Estate Agents is your car leaving a good impression? - 08/26/15 06:55 AM
Real Estate Agents, your car is an important part of your overall marketing kit. It is the first thing prospects see when you visit their homes for a listing presentation. It is what they ride in when you take them to view homes. It is what you park in their driveways during an open house.
Obviously, you want your car to look as clean and presentable as possible. 
But that is not always easy. You spend hours in your car each day – driving, making phone calls, doing paperwork, even eating. Mess and clutter can build up quickly. And, in no time at all, … (4 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: 4 Referral and Repeat business Tips for Real Estate Agents - 08/17/15 07:19 AM
Today we are sharing a blog post originally posted by our sister company IXACT Contact and written by Candace Green.
How much of your real estate business comes from referrals? If you’re anything like the many REALTORS® I speak with, it could be 60-80% of your business.  That’s a massive amount of your livelihood coming from one source!
While I happily sing the praises of prospecting phone calls, and social media marketing, it can’t be denied that real estate is a business built on relationships, and your strongest relationships, or your Sphere of Influence (SOI), are your most reliable referral source.
Ready to increase referral … (1 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: When life gives you lemonade... - 08/17/15 07:15 AM
Love what you do and success will follow. Great post!

It's one of the oldest businesses any young entrepreneur remembers starting. They aren't around as often anymore but the neighborhood curbside lemonade stand used to be a staple among communities all across the Country. Children of all ages would haul their tables, chairs, and homemade signs out to the major walkways so they could catch the eyes of thirsty pedestrians or motorists eager to support their cause.
No one that I can remember ever got rich off of running a lemonade stand. But, if a kid made a few bucks … (0 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: Should Sellers Take The First Offer When Selling Their Home? - 08/17/15 01:03 AM
Realtors, would you accept the first offer on a house you are selling? Why or why not?
Should Sellers Take The First Offer When Selling Their Home?Some say first offers are the best offers, some say to wait it out to get a higher offer, I personally do not agree with either theory.If your house is priced to sell and what I mean by that is list price is supported by sold homes within your neighborhood that are comparable to your house and within the market value, then it is perfectly fine to expect an offer in a short amount of … (3 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: What Is The Single Biggest Reason For Mortgage Delays? - 08/14/15 03:46 AM
Very helpful post on the biggest reason for mortgage delays. 
Most people, even those in the Real Estate business would probably answer this question by saying Income and Credit issues are the the major reason for mortgage delays.  However, they would be wrong.  Income and Credit Issues are major reasons why Borrowers are not able to qualify for a Mortgage, but they are not the single biggest reason for mortgage delays once the loan is in process.  So What Is The Single Biggest Reason For Mortgage Delays?  The single biggest reason for mortgage delays are assets, and more specifically verification of … (2 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: 5 ways that HGTV can make my job easier. - 08/14/15 03:39 AM
This is a great post on how the popular HGTV channel has helped real estate agents. What has your experience been like? Has HGTV helped your real estate career? Why or why not? 
5 ways that HGTV sometimes makes my job easier -
There are just as many opinions on this topic as there are belly buttons... no two agents work with the exact same clients, in the exact same market, or have the exact same experiences.  From my point of view, however, HGTV makes my job easier.
Buyers are more willing to make a buying decision after seeing three homes, … (2 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: 6 Quick Tips For Real Estate Contact Management - 08/13/15 07:13 AM
A insightful post from our sister company IXACT Contact. To maximize your repeat and referaral results, combine your CRM tool with a complete real estate marketing system. Contact us today and will show you how: 
Managing your real estate contacts is the foundation to a successful career as a REALTOR®.  When you properly care for your database, you save time and energy that you can dedicate to other important aspects of your career and even your personal life.
Ultimately, using a real estate CRM will help you to stay more organized and get more out of your workday.  If you’re just getting started and … (0 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: The Real Estate Golden Rule - 08/07/15 08:35 AM
What's the real estate golden rule? It’s a really simple rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.
What if your clients knew that you could steer them in the right direction when their air conditioner goes on the blink, their roof springs a leak, or they are ready to make their new house a home? The ability to provide those kinds of resources is powerful. So if you really want to grow your base of business, move beyond your own wealth and your own networks, research and create a list of ten trusted service provider resources centered around the … (2 comments)

referralmarketingprogram: Killing It on Social Media...2 Percent at a time! - 08/04/15 02:24 AM
Ready to Become a 2 Percenter?
Is your online territory growing? Are you content with your web slice? Do you even have an Internet yard to trace your footsteps? If you are looking to expand your web horizons, the links below can certainly help you take that next step to dominate your local market or get a larger piece of the real estate pie in your community.
I often mention in social media/content curation articles about being a 2 percenter. Those are the 2 out of every 100 that read an article like this, check out all the links, and actually … (3 comments)

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