laura cerrano: Kayaking Alaska in Seaward - 08/02/15 11:24 AM
Kayaking Alaska in Seaward
We explored Alaska by so many means of transportation. Hiking, biking, driving, bus tours, flying and now kayaking. All the methods had unique experiences to offer. This was a tandem ocean kayak (which you can save a little bit if you share). And in fact I may even suggest you work as a team, as the current is strong and having two paddlers is less tiresome than one. 
This kayaking adventure blended ocean kayaking with a short hike. Be sure to bring snacks, water and fluids that offer electrolytes as you will eat up some energy; especially paddling against the current. We did spot a lot of jumping salmon and one sea otter.
There … (11 comments)

laura cerrano: Pop Quiz About Alaskan Wildlife - 07/29/15 10:12 AM
Pop Quiz About Alaskan Wildlife
 Majority of Alaska's land has be designated National and Start Park regions. Denali itself is 6 million acres of untouched wilderness. When you arrive in Alaska, do you think the wildlife population will be in abundance all around? This includes near major Alaskan cities, the coast line, National and State park and preserves. 
Feel free to write your thoughts below. 
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laura cerrano: Fun Fact About Alaska - 07/25/15 05:21 AM
Fun Fact About Alaska 
Anchorage Alaska enjoys a more modest amount of daylight in summer, a good 19 hours between sunrise and sunset on the longest day of the year, Summer Solstice. After enjoying a Kayaking adventure in Seaward, AK, we drove back to Anchorage; about a 3 hour drive. Looking at the clock it was about 1:00am, which is also known as Civil Twilight hours. This simply saying, it really never becomes fully dark to see the stars. You will have a hovering of horizon light. The month this photo was take in, is July. 

laura cerrano: Don Winslow at the California Barnes & Noble in The Groves Mall with Laura Cerrano - 07/21/15 03:06 AM
Don Winslow at the California Barnes & Noble in The Groves Mall with Laura Cerrano
Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano with #1 Internationally bestselling Author Don Winslow
I had the pleasure of meeting American author Don Winslow who is most recognized for his crime and mystery novels.  Mr. Winslow is  a #1 Internationally bestselling Author. He wrote SAVAGES (+ Oliver Stone film), THE CARTEL, POWER OF THE DOG, WINTER OF FRANKIE MACHINE, THE KINGS OF COOL and CAL FIRE. He is currently touring the United States promoting his more recent book, "The Cartel." 
Connect with Don Winslow on Twitter 
List of Books
1991: A Cool Breeze on the Underground (Neal Carey … (8 comments)

laura cerrano: “If you Teach You have To Live Your Teachings” Dr. Maya Angelou - 07/20/15 03:25 AM
“If you Teach You have To Live Your Teachings”
Dr. Maya Angelou 
I believe all of us practice Feng Shui sub-consciously and at times consciously. If an individual (let that be an expert or friend) is providing Feng Shui suggestions and insights, it becomes even more important.
They hold an energy that is unseen and translates to all those who they interact with, weather they realize it or not. As Dr. Maya Angelou says, “If you Teach You have To Live Your Teachings.” Be the living example and raise your vibration beyond words.  
And this goes for all people who teach (parents, friends, … (4 comments)

laura cerrano: Feng Shui Focus Group: What Question or Story Would You Like To Ask or Discuss? - 07/17/15 11:34 PM
Feng Shui Focus Group: What Question or Story Would You Like To Ask or Discuss?
Feng Shui is a never ending topic of discussion because every year, day and moment the teachings are evolving as the world evolves. As a consultant, I always have stay on my A-game with new teachings, understandings, ever evolving methods, commonly or un-commonly asked Feng Shui questions and more.
I will take a moment each week to answer and/or open up the floor to discussions on the topic of Feng Shui. This will be known as the Feng Shui Focus Group. Naturally if they are detailed questions about a given space looking … (4 comments)

laura cerrano: Before and After Photos Of a Space Clearing - 07/16/15 01:16 AM
Before and After Photos Of a Space Clearing
For a good part of the week I have been sharing insights on the topic of Space Clearings. Last year I had the honor of teaming up with The Center for Inner Wisdom to provide a collaborative Space Clearing for the Lyric Theater in NYC. This is one of the oldest theaters in New York City, so that means there is a great amount of history and spiritual activity.
To help illustrate even more in what a Space Clearing looks like, here is a before photo and after photo. These images were taken in a matter of minutes after the … (9 comments)

laura cerrano: What Is A Space Clearing? - 07/09/15 10:16 AM
What Is A Space Clearing? 
Space Clearing is a method for harmonizing energy inside a home and business environment. You can also clear the land, because even that mass holds a great amount of energy. In other words, Space Clearing helps make a room or a space feel good. The art of Space Clearing has been practiced in ancient India, Egypt, China, Japan and in every native culture around the world since the beginning of time. 
Conducing Space Clearings for homes and businesses is a common request, along with real estate developments. 
How is it done?
You are using sound (bells), sage (incenses) and setting intentions … (34 comments)

laura cerrano: Exploring The North Fork Of Long Island: Hallock's Cider Mill - 07/05/15 10:24 AM
Exploring The North Fork Of Long Island: Hallock's Cider Mill
This 4th of July weekend was a busy one. Not only did we celebrate the country's birthday, I was also celebrating a friend's birthday. We spent this special day way out east in Jamesport NY. It was a day full of amazing activity, good food and great company.
Each year, it's an annual treat to purchase a fresh Banana Cream Pie. The usual spot was out of pies, so we went in search for another location and came across a gem in Laurel NY. Hallock's Cider Mill is an amazing little store, filled with more than just pies. 
Along … (1 comments)

laura cerrano: Build Positive Momentum and Allow It To Be - 06/29/15 08:51 PM
Build Positive Momentum and Allow It To Be
It starts with a seedling of a thought, followed by your actions which waters that thought and creates instant momentum, even if you do not physically see it right away.
Feng Shui works with the laws if physics. For anything to change in our lives, we need positive momentum, otherwise the energy pools and has the potential to become stuck or in other words make you feel “stuck.”
This principles of Feng Shui becomes even more important when things seem to not be going your way. I always keep in mind what mom taught me growing … (5 comments)

laura cerrano: Feng Shui Office Tip: Rough Edges On Your Folders Need To Go - 06/29/15 01:19 AM
Feng Shui Office Tip: Rough Edges On Your Folders Need To Go
Feng Shui is based on the lifestyle of respecting people, environments and even objects. Objects are are an interesting discussion because in Feng Shui they represent certain thoughts, actions and words that have been manifested into a physical form. 
I am working with a client who’s intention is to call in more business. I asked him to please be specific. He continued and said, I want my business to have returning and brand new clients, I need to make more money. I reminded him, if the focus is the bottom line, … (4 comments)

laura cerrano: Los Angeles California Feng Shui Workshop with Laura Cerrano at the Atwater Library - 06/28/15 10:27 PM
Los Angeles California Feng Shui Workshop with Laura Cerrano at the Atwater Library 
On August 26th, 2015, the Atwater Village Branch Library in Los Angeles proudly presents, "Feng Shui Fundamentals with Laura Cerrano" Certified Feng Shui Expert. Here you will discover how Feng Shui can help rejuvenate your energy, become more motivated, inspired and positively engaged with a new perspective on life! You will learn how to combine the intuitive thinking processes of Feng Shui and analytical techniques for your home. A blend of east and west alchemy that can help develop and sharpen your sense of awareness on all levels…physical, emotional, spiritual … (0 comments)

laura cerrano: What Some of My Clients Have to Say about Feng Shui Manhattan - 06/23/15 08:30 PM
What Some of My Clients Have to Say about Feng Shui Manhattan
Thank you so much Laura and thank you for your suggestions. I have to say that since the day you left I noticed certain things happening already. The day after I saw you I received Tibetan prayers in the mail from my friend. I found the perfect place for the dresser in my bedroom and the following day I found a missing mailbox key I had no clue I had and needed before leaving for my trip.
Thanks you so much again for being so supportive.
Love and hugs,
New York City, NY

laura cerrano: What Happens To The Energy Of My Home If I Do Not Use All The Rooms? - 06/22/15 11:11 PM
What Happens To The Energy Of My Home If I Do Not Use All The Rooms?
This is a great question and common in rural areas, such as Long Island NY vs. urban settings in Brooklyn, Queens and New York City. 
Feng Shui takes into consideration the function of each room, as well as the atmosphere, arrangement of the space, goal and challenges of each client. If you come across rooms that lack occupation due to x, y or z reasons, it's suggested to "stage" the room as if it were being used. 
Let's take a guest room for example. That space may not always be in use, … (3 comments)

laura cerrano: 3 Ways To Become More Creative - 06/21/15 10:37 PM
3 Ways To Become More Creative
1. Check your surroundings. Do they mirror that free way of thinking, that free spirit within. In Feng Shui you can embrace your creativity through your environment. Take a inventory and ask yourself, does my home or office space display images, word art, photos, objects, colors and textures that inspire me, that peak my interests in life, that remind me of what drives my curiosity? 
This could also include the people who surround you. Are they creative? Or do they stay on the straight and narrow path?
2. Take action. So many will say, I feel bored, uninspired, etc. In simple terms, spirit … (1 comments)

laura cerrano: Give Me The Bottom Line Of Feng Shui, I Don't Care About The Journey - 06/19/15 02:46 AM
Give Me The Bottom Line Of Feng Shui, I Don't Care About The Journey
"Give me the bottom line," is what some people like to focus on when implementing the practice of Feng Shui into their lifestyle. They want that fast remedy and quick fix. If that is your approach, and you are looking to create amazing changes in your life, it may take longer than you expect. Yet, each person is different so there is always the exception depending on various factors. 
Feng Shui teaches us to be present, to be self-aware, aware of the dynamics we have with others and our environment to see that each change, thought, action, … (11 comments)

laura cerrano: Feeling Stuck? Open Yourself Up To The Energy Of Curiosity - 06/16/15 02:06 AM
Feeling Stuck? Open Yourself Up To The Energy Of Curiosity
If you feel stuck try becoming more engaged with life. Be open to researching, learning, listeing, and getting in touch with people who have fallen in love with the process of life. They don't just talk about their dreams, they are actually living them. Allow your mind to be full of wonder and curiosity. I know this sounds like some crazed mystical talk, but it's true.
The times I have allowed this mindset and actions to be fully embraced with this frame of thought, has allowed me to experience the most amazing life lessons and connect with … (8 comments)

laura cerrano: Feng Shui Tip For Better Sleep - 06/16/15 01:32 AM
Feng Shui Tip For Better Sleep
Be more diligent with setting a schedule for eating and sleeping
Besides aligning your bed in the right sleeping direction or commanding position, having peaceful images surround you when sleeping, you also need to take into consideration your natural rhythms and cycles. Try to be more diligent with setting a schedule for eating and sleeping. 
Try and practice this suggestion of eating and sleeping at the same time each day or at least close to the same time. Be mindful with the quality of food you ingest as well. Keeping these suggestions in mind and implementing them to the … (11 comments)

laura cerrano: Fast Feng Shui Office Tips: Air Circulation - 06/15/15 11:26 PM
Fast Feng Shui Office Tips: Air Circulation 
Have you ever worked in a space where the air feels heavy and a bit hard to breath? That in energy terms is "stagnant chi." If you are looking to become motivated and foucused, that is not an ideal atmosphere. 
Every detail counts when in process of enhancing any space, home, office or cubical with Feng Shui in mind. Air circulating is also very important. If the office building does not offer great air circulation then do what you can in your office, cubical or even by the desk to allow air movement. This will also relate to energy movement.
A … (4 comments)

laura cerrano: New Age Feng Shui Relationship Advice - 06/12/15 09:50 PM
New Age Feng Shui Relationship Advice
What is New Age Feng Shui? It's simply just another word to express how the practice is evolving. One example of New Age Feng Shui is with relationship suggestions. Since Feng Shui arrived in America during the 1980's, many of the suggestions in how to transform a space has remained the same with the occasional shift in remedy ideas.
To attract an authentic relationship, it was and still is a common practice to suggest arranging the decor in your home to have visual references of artwork and objects that relate to two's or pairs. The reason? To promote teamwork, partnership, and a balanced connection. At … (5 comments)

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