autumn: Wordless Wednesday! Here is a teaser... - 11/06/19 07:09 AM
The Turning of My Japanese Maple...
I am continuing to take a daily pic around the same time every morning. I will continue to do this until the tree is bare.  I will offer a teaser as it changes. 
This is an 8-day change (October 29) to (November 6).
My goal will be to create a video with all the images. I am anxious to see how it turns out. 
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autumn: Japanese Maple - Starting To Turn In the Cottages At Coffeepot Sedona - 10/29/19 11:17 AM
Fall In Sedona Is Here!
First Day Below 32º At the Cottages in Coffeepot
Today was the first day it dipped below freezing at our home.  It didn't last long, but it got down to 28.8º at 6:08 am.  It lasted from 2 am to 7:30 am so that is enough time to start the change in the leaves. 
Our Cherished Spider Plant
My husband was scurrying around shutting off the sprinklers and bringing our cherished spider plant inside for the winter.  It is 43 years old.  We had it before my first son was born, and it has made it through every move since 1976!
Getting Back … (17 comments)

autumn: Fall Color Peaking in Oak Creek Canyon! Sedona AZ - 10/22/19 06:20 PM
Oak Creek Canyon Sedona Arizona
Peak Color!
Sedona Arizona - Oak Creek Canyon has been designated as a Top 5 "Most Scenic Drive" as rated by Rand McNally  So no matter what time of year you take this scenic drive it will "WOW" you.  
Majestic Peaks
Now imagine coming through Oak Creek Canyon during the fall season.  You will be mesmerized by the beautiful colors and right now it is reaching peak color. 
Enjoy Many Activities 
There is so much to do besides hiking in Oak Creek Canyon.  You can visit some of the art stores or have lunch at one of the many locations up and down the canyon. 
Enjoy … (17 comments)

autumn: YouTube Thursday - Aspens In October - 10/09/19 06:00 PM
Fall Change of Color
Snowbowl Arizona
On Wednesday I created a picture blog with some detail about Snowbowl and Flagstaff.  These two posts complement each other.  Find yesterday's blog here. 
If you live in the area, now is the time to get to the high country and see the change of seasons.  Within the next 2 weeks, the color should hit Oak Creek Canyon before making its way to Sedona by the end of the month or just a little later. 
 * * *
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autumn: The Aspens in Flagstaff are at Peak Color - Don't Miss This! - 10/09/19 08:35 AM
Change of Seasons 
Snowbowl - Flagstaff Arizona
The top of the Snowbowl parking lot looking into the Lockett's Meadow.
An Alpine Ski Resort
Arizona Snowbowl sits at 9,200 feet above sea level.  The average annual snowfall is over 21 feet. Snowbowl is an alpine ski resort and is located in the beautiful San Francisco Peaks. It is seven miles north of Flagstaff. 
Flagstaff - One of the Snowiest Incorporated Cities in the USA
The elevation of Flagstaff is around 7,000 feet, and the annual snowfall in Flagstaff is about 8 feet. This makes Flagstaff one of the snowiest incorporated cities in the USA. Sedona's elevation averages 4,500 … (49 comments)

autumn: The Last Day of Summer Be Like... - 09/24/19 06:50 PM
The Last Day of Summer Be Like...
I missed it by a day but what the hay!
~ ~ ~
"By all these lovely tokens September days are here, with summer's best of weather and autumn's best of cheer."
Helen Hunt Jackson
~ ~ ~
"August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time."
Sylvia Plath
~ ~ ~
"One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter
Henry David Thoreau
~ ~ ~
And My Personal Favorite - It's how I think...
~ ~ ~
"People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy"
Anton Chekhov
  * * *
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autumn: Almost Speechless Sundays ~ A Squirrel's Life the 1st Day of Fall! - 09/22/19 08:25 AM
Fall In Sedona
A Wonderful Time of Year!
Fall Splendor! 
My favorite time of year has arrived. The weather is always perfect. Crisp air in the AM, sunny and high 70ºs to low 80ºs.  Fall color won't start in Sedona until late October or early November and usually goes through Thanksgiving. 
Hiking and Tourism
We are already seeing more tourists and more hiking. The temps start out in the high 40ºs.  Just two weeks ago the lows were in the low 60ºs! However, we will not see freezing temps for quite some time, usually around Thanksgiving. 
Squirrel Bandit!
During the fall or autumn season, our squirrels like to … (36 comments)

autumn: Will Sedona Arizona Surpass 300 Days of Sunshine For 2018? - 12/06/18 08:36 AM
Sedona November 2018 Weather Summary 
Courtesy of Sedona-Weather.comand
 November 2018 to 2017 Weather ComparisonThis was Sedona's 3rd coldest November in the last 9 years. If you compare this November to last year (see 2017 chart below), You will see that Thanksgiving Day was above 80º in 2017.  Though this is quite unusual, Sedona had 19 days over 70º in 2017 but only 5 days over 70º this year.  Eleven days dipped below 32º in the early morning hours.
Mild Winter MonthsThe 2017 Chart was changed in 2018 to make it easier to see where the temperature falls daily by month. Everyone has a different … (12 comments)

autumn: My Wish....Sedona Peak Color At Thanksgiving - 11/18/18 07:36 AM
Sedona Fall Color
Same Tree 15 Years Ago 
Our First Thanksgiving in Sedona
Japanese Maple 2003
This time of year when Thanksgiving is less than a handful of days away, I always marvel  that our fall color peaks around Thanksgiving. The last few Thanksgivings, we have enjoyed the color that has already passed in other areas.  Last year, my husband was raking leaves in early December! 
Here is other color that is peaking right now in my front and rear courtyard....
I call the Nandina (above) "fire-bush", because of the red color it gets in the winter. As the temperatures become more brisk, the leaves will continue to turn red.  I have … (19 comments)

autumn: I Am Grateful For The Seasons of Sedona Arizona - 11/02/18 12:18 PM
Post 2: Ten Gratitude Posts - courtesy of Debbie Reynolds 
The Seasons of Sedona
 Anyone who follows me, knows that I love our weather. In Sedona, we get real change in the seasons.  As much as I love seasonal changes, I am still a lightweight when it comes to cold weather.  This is probably why I enjoy this time of year so much. Our seasons are mild and our humidity is low. It is humid air that makes warm air feel stiffling and it is moisture in the cold air that brings a chill to the bones.  We get neither of those conditions which makes me extremely grateful. … (18 comments)

autumn: Friday Fotos - Flagstaff is Turning... Yellow - Orange - Red - 10/19/18 06:21 PM
Fall Color Has Hit Flagstaff
Northern Arizona
I had to go up to Flagstaff on Wednesday. I was not quite sure how to dress because the weather was in the high 30ºs.  Well I took a light jacket.  It hit a warm 43º!  I am just not used to that kind of temperature. 
Flagstaff sits at 7000 feet and is about 1 hour north of Sedona. The city actually got some snow earlier in the week but it was not cold enough to stick. I have to make another drive up to Flagstaff on Veteran's Day. I just hope there is a warm spell for … (25 comments)

autumn: Sedona Weather Stats Update and Summary For Sedona Arizona - 10/15/18 02:11 PM
September 2018Sedona Weather Stats Update 
September 2018 Sedona Weather SummarySeptember 2018 Sedona Weather Stats Update - Our weather transition to Fall starts in mid-August. So by September the low temps are in the mid- 50ºs. You can feel the crisp air and smell the pine. It is wonderful! We did have 8 more days over last year above 90º which brought the mean temp up by 3º. But by evening, the windows were open allowing the AC to be turned off. There were a couple of days we did not even turn the AC on. One day had a high of 67º! … (8 comments)

autumn: The Changing Color of the Aspens In Snowbowl - Flagstaff - 10/07/18 08:50 PM
The Aspens of Snowbowl
Flagstaff Arizona
The top of the Snowbowl parking lot looking into the meadow.
Aspen Corner Below
 Aspen Corner

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autumn: Fall Color - 2 Not So Secret Hiking Locations! Flag Aspens - West Fork - 09/22/18 02:42 PM
Above - Signature tree at my first listing November 2011! I took this as a sign of good things to come...
Autumn In Sedona Is Beautiful
....and It Is Finally Here
I love all the seasons in Sedona, but fall is special to me.  This season is much shorter than spring but the number of people who visit Sedona in the fall is comparible. 
Tourist Season
Aspens - Flagstaff Snowbowl
Our tourist season in fall starts around the last week of September and goes through Thanksgiving.  Of course, the Christmas season is supported by the "Valley of the Sun". Last year was a good example of a "Hallmark" experience! … (15 comments)

autumn: Enjoying Some Sedona Tie-Dye! - 11/25/17 12:39 PM
Sedona Tie-Dye
Enjoying Family On Thanksgiving!
Ryan - Rick - Sheri - Samantha - Ricky - Tristan
Besides eating lots of turkey, ham and all the trimmings, we enjoyed some family time. Everyone got some one on one with Ryan as well.  
On Thanksgiving, one of our guests brought a "crawler" RC car. Our backyard was perfect for some "off road" crawling and the baby got a real kick out of it! 
Every other Thanksgiving, you would find us all in the house. It would be a little chilly to enjoy the outside. This reminded me more of the Thanksgivings we spent in Southern California all … (13 comments)

autumn: Focus on the Details - 10/15/17 04:58 AM
This is by far the best way to get our attention to enjoy EVERY leaf of Fall splender. Most of us would pass right by without ever seeing this. Thank you for sharing it.  I personally look at the little details and really appreciate Mother Nature and the way she works on our behalf. 
I lived most of my life in areas where leaves go from green to brown, so this is very special to me. 
If you get a chance read the process of why leaves turn colors. I know that a better understanding helped me enjoy the process even more. 
Why do … (12 comments)

autumn: Sedona Hummingbird Enjoying A Gnat Snack - 10/14/17 05:03 PM
Real Life: Best Use of filter or special effect -  Dick Greenberg - Photography Contest
Hummingbird Enjoying A Gnat Snack!
I choose this picture to enter into the contest for special effects. I first published it as a GIF on Autumn equinox. It was a fall day a number of years ago when I saw this. I kept seeing the hummingbird stabbing the air and couldn't figure out what this bird was doing. All of a sudden the sunlight hit the knats and they looked like a cloud! I then realized that the hummingbird was having a gnat snack!  
My Special Effect 
I thought it would be easy to … (19 comments)

autumn: An Oldie ... But A Goodie - - 09/23/17 06:03 AM
How Do You Know When It Is Fall In Sedona Arizona?
It's Fall in Sedona! Enjoy the First Weekend of Autumn!
Actually, starting October, people come to hike Oak Creek Canyon to see the leaves changing on West Fork Trail. The Aspens at Snowbowl will also start to change and the shimmer of the leaves is a sight to behold.
~ ~ ~ 
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autumn: Autumn In Sedona - It's A Wonderful Time Of Year ! - 09/22/17 08:26 AM
Happy Autumn!
From My Garden!
Sedona AZ - Autumn - This is my favorite time of year. The weather is perfect! No air conditioning or heating is necessary. You can smell the scent of pine trees early in the morning. As you sit outside, you can enjoy your favorite morning beverage and observe the birds and animals scurrying around gathering their food, nuts and berries, for the winter. The hummingbirds are plentiful as they migrate south for the winter ahead. I noticed this hummingbird just hovering in the middle of the yard. Ever few seconds, it was stabbing at the air.  As I … (17 comments)

autumn: Thanksgiving Challenge Day 7 - Mother Nature's Colors of the Season - 11/21/16 01:34 PM
Fall Color 
A Living Symbol
Thanksgiving in Sedona
Soldiers Pass
West Sedona 86336
We are fortunate the last few years to have Fall color at Thanksgiving.  There have been some years that the area has experienced a cold snap early in November and by Thanksgiving, all the color was gone.  But most years, we are blessed to have abundant color in our area right at Thanksgiving! 
This video recaps some of the color.  It has only been the last few days that you could see the color starting to develop.  
The tree that is highlighted, a Japanese Maple will turn almost completely red orange, yellow and red … (5 comments)

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