excellent business practices: In your face! - 09/19/19 08:48 AM
In your face!
When the intention is sincere or welcomed, boundaries are relaxed but an exception when someone wants to confront or create a snarky environment up close and personal. Putting a little distance between conflict, matters.
Recently, I met with a homeowner wishing to sell. He undeniably thought his home was worth much, much more than all others in the same community. He became testy, demanding list price right then and there!
The numbers were presented. He refused to accept the current comparable sales analysis as reliable data. I told him the market would not bear his price. We discussed views, the private back yard and sales strategies. 
I finally discovered the reasoning behind the bristling … (9 comments)

excellent business practices: The Tete-a-tete was Met with Regret. - 07/11/19 09:34 AM
The Tete-a-tete was Met with Regret.
Princess Holly donned her finest gown of layered pink satin and flirty hat in anticipation of a secreted visit from her beloved Prince. She patiently waited in the castle's garden for many hours to which he never showed. She languished, the gorgeous dress and hat wilted miserably, along with any hopes of a Happily Ever After. 💔
~Wanda Kubat-Nerdin in Nerdin Gardens
Disappointment when the expectation is not met is immanent, so when people are depending on you to follow up and follow-through, do it. If an emergency comes up, ensure you communicate and find someone to fill in during … (28 comments)

excellent business practices: Seize the light! - 11/14/18 07:49 AM
Seize the light!
Another vibrant, St. George sky-lit morning awakens those who seek the light, leaving others to slumber long after the show ends. As a witness to such a sight, I hear..."Get your light show now, it won't last! FREE to the public!"
You may ask, "What does this have to do with real estate?" A gorgeous wake up call sets the tone for a positive mindset. And we know what can happen when inspired to get yours now...!
Sunrise seize the light, here's the dark return to silence. ~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin
Questions about St. George or the southern Utah area? Please contact me at 435.632.9374 or wanda@buynsellutah.com. Glad to help … (10 comments)

excellent business practices: Under Contract! Shadow Ridge Townhouse: 90 S 6130 W Hurricane, Utah 84737 - 11/07/18 07:06 AM
Under Contract! Shadow Ridge Townhouse: 90 S 6130 W Hurricane, Utah 84737
Offered at $239,900
Four bedroom 1,851 square foot townhouse, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage in Shadow Ridge subdivision offering open concept floor plan with updated kitchen, custom cabinets, granite counter-tops throughout, upgraded tile, carpeting and large master suite. Across from Coral Canyon Golf Course with easy access to all conveniences including several State and National parks. Private yards - block wall.

The other twin, 68 S 6130 W Hurricane, Utah 83737 is still available at $239,900!
Built in 2015, these Shadow Ridge townhomes have been leased since they were built. A comparable built in 2007 with 1,950 … (13 comments)

excellent business practices: Adequate training vs On-the-Job Training - 09/13/18 07:29 AM
Adequate training vs On-the-Job Training
A question was asked in the ActiveRain Q&A regarding finishing real estate school... Did you feel that you had adequate training?
To which I replied...
The opportunity to sit in real estate classes actually gave me a better education than most new recruits who obtain theirs online, in my opinion. If you feel more training is necessary, take classes, go to seminars, it's up to you. You will be successful if you possess self-motivation and tenacity to go after business! 
Most subjects were skimmed over due to the amount of information relayed. After testing out, on the job training became the next step, plus aligning with … (4 comments)

excellent business practices: Go on Vacation. Capture a Listing. - 07/09/18 07:57 AM
Go on Vacation. Capture a Listing.
It's family first with a little business thrown in for this southern Utah real estate agent. Taking a few minutes to answer a phone call while at Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington, presented an opportunity to list a home for sale in southern Utah upon my return.
Speaking of thrown...this was quite the catch!
Buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Call me at 435.632.9374 or contact me at wanda@buynsellutah.com to help because Wanda Can! 
A portion of every successful real estate transaction goes to Bed 'n' Biscuits to help fund Switchpoint, a local homeless shelter.

excellent business practices: St. George Utah Small Business Spotlight: Osborn Painting - 06/29/18 06:36 AM
St. George Utah Small Business Spotlight: Osborn Painting
In business since 2001, Osborn Painting maintains an excellence in dependability and superior workmanship in the southern Utah area. They take on all type of projects, big or small, from painting doors, to interiors and exteriors.
The crew showed up early morning and in a few short hours, they took all six doors off our home, primed, painted them plus the trim and set them back on the hinges. Job completed efficiently and the results were just as we'd hoped. 
Osborn Painting is a small business that comes highly receommended for residential and commercial painting repair or new painting. Get … (3 comments)

excellent business practices: Smiles All Around is The Goal for This Southern Utah Realtor! - 05/05/18 10:00 AM
Smiles All Around is The Goal for This Southern Utah Realtor!
From the first point of contact with potential clients, asking very specific questions prior to showing properties, then listening helps to qualify. Ensuring a price point is pertinent before setting out to different communities to gain a feel for each area. 
Agreeing on similar ground is necessary once they discover a potential home sweet home in a desirable neighborhood. The spirit of cooperation and negotiation comes into play for all parties to get to the closing table, achieving the goals set forth.
Smiles all around is the intended end result, right? It certainly is for me. Happy sales all!
Buying or selling a home … (5 comments)

excellent business practices: A single rosebud can spring forward a faith renewed. ~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - 05/04/18 07:05 AM
A single rosebud can spring forward a faith renewed. ~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin
Warmer days mixed with cooler evenings have enticed the Peace Roses in our flower garden to bud out. Just as optimum Spring weather brings out more home buyers in search of a home purchase here in southern Utah. 
Nature knows when the time is right to perform as does a seasoned real estate agent. Happy sales all. May the 4th be with you!
Buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Call me at 435.632.9374 or contact me at wanda@buynsellutah.com to help because Wanda Can!
A portion of every successful real estate transaction goes to Bed 'n' Biscuits to help fund Switchpoint, a … (8 comments)

excellent business practices: Sticks and stones...but words will never hurt me… - 04/30/18 07:02 AM
Sticks and stones...but words will never hurt me…
Think again.
Ask Oprah when she went against America’s beef industry after making a comment on her national television show about Mad Cow Disease back in 1998. Though she won in the court of law, look at all the time that was consumed, the worry and money doled out to attorneys.
In 1988, The National Enquirer was ordered to pay Carol Burnett $1.6MIL for a story that depicted her as drunk at a Washington restaurant with Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger. The weekly tabloid had printed false, defamatory information about her, knowing it was … (14 comments)

excellent business practices: A glorious sunrise ubiquitously casts light on early anglers. ~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - 04/09/18 07:12 AM
A glorious sunrise ubiquitously casts light on early anglers. ~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin
Getting onto the lake in a timely manner ensures a more opportune scenario to anchor down in a favorite spot to catch a limit. Just as waking up, dressing up and showing up to work has favorable consequences.
The old adage..."The early bird gets the worm." comes to mind as work habits continue to drive my days. Are you an early riser, a meticulous planner or do you "go with the flow" during the work week?
Whatever your work model, I wish you the best of the week ahead and happy sales all!
Buying or selling … (12 comments)

excellent business practices: Just a drift away. - 03/25/18 05:49 PM
Just a drift away.

Lulls between business dealings allows time to regroup before continuing forward. Everyone must take time for themselves. Family or other sincere commitments tend to create some sense of balance in life.
Continue to grind, chipping away at that work-wheel and you may experience industry burn-out or illness. Drift too long though and you may head toward uncharted territory, allowing future business to slip away. 
Keep the passion for your work but never put it in front of your family, scheduled events or personal needs, you may eventually become adrift with no one along for the ride. Definitely not what I am working for.
Are you?
Have questions about St. George or the southern Utah area? Please contact me at … (16 comments)

excellent business practices: L♥VE is...Winning a Client Over! - 02/05/18 01:20 PM
LVE is...Winning a Client Over!
Being an agent, means being tested. Clients want to know that they are valued and will be treated with the utmost care as they plan to either sell a home or purchase a primary or second home.
Some of the most challenging transactions have been the most rewarding in my career. A most memorable one started out on shaky ground due to a less than favorable past experience with an agent.
Letting me know when first meeting, that he did not like 'you people' made me more determined to win him over. Though I knew it would not be an easy task, every … (14 comments)

excellent business practices: Become The Agent of Choice. The Rest Follows! - 01/28/18 02:37 PM
Become The Agent of Choice. The Rest Follows!
Starting out in real estate was the direction I knew was for me. Advertising and marketing for a home-builder in the past afforded an opportunity to witness excellent building standards. It also lent to discovering how important the role a real estate agent plays in a sales transaction.
What do you wish you had known the very first year you were in the business that cost you lost business or income? 
The biggest thing was: Prepare and then expect to be tested. Due to a background in advertising and marketing, I designed beautiful 4-color listing presentations, specifically for home owner's. I focused too much on the advertising … (29 comments)

excellent business practices: Don't mimic someone else. Find your own strengths. - 01/23/18 07:09 AM
Don't mimic someone else. Find your own strengths.
This was one of the comments that Liz Wallace left on a post I wrote. It was about the willingness to create your own path. In life, there are special people who impact our lives, those who quietly command respect, share tender moments that make us cry. They can bring about a healthy belly laugh while selflessly giving success tips for industry longevity.
Liz Wallace was one of them for me. She quickly grabbed my attention because of her professionalism and healthy sense of humor. I'd find myself laughing often at her comical insights about real estate life. Her true love for … (8 comments)

excellent business practices: When Cousin IT Visits an Open House... - 01/20/18 08:58 AM
When Cousin IT Visits an Open House...
Postcards are mailed, announcements are sent out on social media, the Open House event posted to the local MLS to grab buyer agents attention. Colorful balloons are attached to the directional signs and then Cousin IT walks across the threshhold, right on time, ready to ask a barrage of questions.
IT might go like this:
What price is IT? Why is IT for sale? Does IT come fully furnished? How much would IT appraise for? Is IT listed too high in the market? Would they take $30K less for IT? Is IT a crime-free neighborhood? How many offers have been made on IT? Any issues … (37 comments)

excellent business practices: Reality can bite when chasing the dollar. 👀 - 01/03/18 02:29 PM
Reality can bite when chasing the dollar. 👀
Many new recruits are lured into real estate with the perception of instant success, that expensive cars, lavish trips and endless cash flow will magically appear after getting licensed. Disillusioned, once they learn the truth, they quickly exit the industry through frustration.
Recently, I have read these very things by newbies:
No one told me that it would cost this much to get started!  😭
I am thinking about quitting due to feeling blindsided... 🤕
Can anyone give me some advice on how to make it? 💵
Though expenses may vary from agent-to-agent, there are start up costs associated with a real estate career, like:
Cost of License MLS access … (31 comments)

excellent business practices: Be genuine and unique up on yourself! - 01/03/18 11:29 AM
Be genuine and unique up on yourself!
Individuality sets you apart from anyone else. When trying to impress sellers in a competitive listing appointment or when first meeting buyer clients, remember that you offer something of value that no other can.
A great place to start is to:
Be confident with the information you convey  Tout your business model and organizational skills Show market savvy in the communities you serve Discuss your real estate strengths not weaknesses Avoid comparing yourself to others in the industry  
Remember, there is always someone else working harder but a sincere connection can be felt immediately by those on the receiving … (15 comments)

excellent business practices: Brokerage size matters not in southern Utah. - 11/02/17 08:13 AM
Brokerage size matters not in southern Utah.
PK Real Estate Utah is an independent boutique real estate office residing in the heart of downtown St. George, Utah. Compared to some larger brands, it may even be considered a mini brokerage.
Powerful things do come in small packages. You'd be surprised to know that our positive, motivated, forward thinking agents do a pretty substantial amount of transacting in these parts.
Many years of business, excellent customer service and industry knowledge create a veritable force to be reckoned with. It is unnecessary to be braggadocios to gain new or repeat business, PK's reputation in the local community, nationally and globally speaks for itself.
Not The Biggest, Simply the Best!
Buying or selling a home in southern … (10 comments)

excellent business practices: Do what you LOVE. LOVE what you do! - 08/19/17 08:52 AM
Do what you LOVE. LOVE what you do!
Without purposeful direction, we'd all wander aimlessly. Creating a plan sets a wish to motion with direction, momentum and promise. All one needs to do is to sincerely commit to accomplishing business /personal goals.
You possess the power to:
Inspire someone. Lend a hand. Make a call. Move a heart. Meet a challenge. Think forward. Progress ahead. Do a deed. Offer an ear. Embrace the day, every day and LOVE what you do, do what you LOVE.
Happy Sunday all!
Buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Call me at 435.632.9374 or contact me at wanda@buynsellutah.com to help because Wanda Can!
A portion of every successful real estate transaction goes … (9 comments)

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