marketing: If your not buying you're selling! - 10/20/17 08:01 AM
When you look at life, you are always selling AND buying. Relationships are all about selling yourself, sharing your desires, and introducing the direction you want to head. 
The sales arena has really gotten a bad rap over the years. Terms like "salesie", "pushy sales people" and perhaps "unscrupulous sales person" have entered the English language. 
What these terms display is simply a negative sales presentation or event someone has experienced. Their opinion has been terminally jaded by what they have gone through. 
The reality is, everyone is in sales in one form or fashion. The Mom who wants to get their kiddos to do … (0 comments)

marketing: Communicating with Internet Leads - 11/06/16 05:39 AM
So the world of marketing has evolved much over the last number of years. The fact is, the whole world of relationships has taken a new step.
A step in the right direction? 
As a person who loves people and enjoys meeting, networking and engaging in conversations I must say the Internet has greatly expanded my capacity to connect. 
The challenge however is the time it takes to actually get face to face interactions with Internet Leads. 
I have found that Internet Leads are more impersonal than I would like as I always like to get straight to the conversation and find out how I can serve! 
The folks … (2 comments)

marketing: Beautiful Gem just Southwest of Austin Texas Open House! - 07/08/16 02:00 AM
We have a wonderful home in the incredible neighborhood Belterra southwest of Austin, Texas. 
$390,000 and;
We are holding it,
Open this weekend Saturday and Sunday July 8th and 9th 1-4 Belterra! 290 Harris Dr. 78737!!
290 Harris Austin, Texas

marketing: So how's the market? - 07/02/16 10:08 PM
I absolutely love hearing that question! 
Where ever I am, that is my favorite conversation starter, mainly because the person asking may be an interested party who may have property! And said ask-er is most likely responding to my answer to "what do you do". 
As a Realtor, I really enjoy getting into conversations about people's homes, lives, dreams and aspirations. Call me crazy but I just love people, even the difficult clients. 
"So How's the market"? Well, "I know that right now is the best time to buy OR sell Real Estate in Austin Texas". 
I know this because of the many years I have spent in … (2 comments)

marketing: Blogging, consistency and persistency. - 06/20/16 01:14 AM
I know a lot of professional Bloggers. I am not one of them, I am a Realtor®
My purpose for blogging is, first to share, second to gain exposure (and of course points!) and third to hopefully create relationships with other professional Realtors® in other parts of the world so we may exchange referrals! 
I am not new to the Real Estate industry but I am re-newed in my license status. 
I held my license and paid my dues for nearly 30yrs while building a very large manufacturing business. 
My wife of now, 34+ yrs was at a complete loss when I asked the question … (6 comments)

marketing: Kudos to the members of this fine community Active Rain! - 06/16/16 09:57 PM
So I wanted to share some of the answers I received from a question I asked here in the Active Rain Community. I am humbled by the incredible amount of support given here. 
I am quite proficient with many programs on the Internet yet when using them I also try my best to be as respectful to my peers within the community. I could have simply figured this out but something told me to ask the Active Rain community for some advice. 
I am very glad I did. 
This is a wonderful group of people representing our industry and I am very honored to be … (6 comments)

marketing: Facebook Lead Generation - 06/14/16 01:31 AM
The wonderful world of Facebook! If you are interested in making Facebook your marketing medium of choice there is no shortage of Gurus out there to help you out! But the almighty Facebook must be looked at as a business. They are there to make money and change the way the world communicates. 
Again, I stated, TO MAKE MONEY, then change the way the world communicates.
At this time the statistic I found states there are over 1.45billion people engaged in Facebook and around 7.4 billion people on the planet so somewhere around 20% of everyone on the planet are involved in this medium of … (1 comments)

marketing: Social Media! - 06/08/16 06:04 AM
Yes, when many hear the term "Social Media" they cringe! The mere thought of having to place your thoughts in some sort of relevant manor on some site somewhere others can read it and hopefully take it in the spirit it was intended can be, at the very least, daunting. 
A great piece of advice I received many years ago was to look at Social Media much like a cocktail / happy hour party. Personally I love parties and totally enjoy congregating with other humans. (If you are the "get out and network" type, you and I will quite possibly run into one another one … (4 comments)

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