valuelist: The Sky Is Not Falling - 08/07/07 04:11 AM
One of the things that I've noticed since I've started to post here on AR is that I'm getting old!  Actually, I don't feel that old, but in terms of producing real estate agents/loan originators, my 23 years in the business makes me ancient.
Not that having this experience is a bad thing, because it's not.  I do, however, work hard to keep up with market trends and to adjust my business practices so that I'm not one of the old guys sitting in the back of the office harping on how things used to be better in the "old days".  
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valuelist: St. Louis Mortgage Mortgage Professor Teaches Mortgage Banking 101 - 04/07/07 12:06 PM
Mortgage Broker Vs Mortgage Banker Vs Bank.  Which should you use for your real estate financing?  Is one better than another?
The answer to the first question above, "Which should you use for your real estate financing" is, "It depends!"  The answer to the second question, Is one better than the other?, is, "yes".
Does that clear things up?  If it doesn't you're not alone. A lot of people, including a good number of real estate professionals don't actually have a firm grasp on exactly how the mortgage banking industry is structured.
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valuelist: Never say that you're the only lender or agent offering something! - 03/30/07 04:32 AM
 Something For Nothing!
Just read the post from a lender offering a .05% credit towards closing costs.  This lender says that they are the "ONLY LENDER OFFERING THIS".  NOT ANY MORE!
Announcing Today!  The ValueList .05% credit towards closing costs!  As a matter of fact, I'll bump your offer to .06% towards closing costs!
Actually, does your borrower need help with their closing costs?  Many do and it's nothing new for a lender to offer a credit.  I've done it hundreds of times over the years and I'll do it again if need be.  
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valuelist: What If You Don't Belong To Any Specific Group? Who Do You Market To? - 03/29/07 05:29 AM
 Who Do You Market To When You Don't Belong To Any One Group!
I've been reading through some of the profiles here on Activerain and I've noticed something.  Actually, I've noticed it before, but didn't give it a whole bunch of thought until now.  The thing that I've noticed is that I don't belong to any specific group that I can market to.
Here in St. Louis there are Realtors who are Gay and who market to the Gay community or Bosnian Agents who market primarily to Bosnians.  I haven't bounced into her lately, but there is also a deaf agent … (3 comments)

valuelist: Things To Do In St. Louis - 03/22/07 09:52 AM

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