buyers edge: Living in Takoma Park Maryland - 03/30/17 07:45 AM
Why is Takoma Park Maryland such a wonderful place to live?
Takoma Park was founded in 1883 and was a getaway spot from the hectic city life of Washington D.C.  Takoma Park Maryland features Victorian and bungalow style homes tucked into rolling hills along Sligo Creek. Sligo Creek Parkway is adjacent to the creek next to paved walking trails and beautiful parks. On sunny weekends, Sligo Creek is full of people enjoying the miles of greenspace in the center of this unique city in Maryland. 
Takoma Park Maryland is a diverse city with about 17,700 residents. Takoma Park is considered one of the most … (2 comments)

buyers edge: When Things Go Terribly Wrong - 03/24/17 04:51 AM
It happens... 
and almost always things go wrong when there is a breakdown in communication. When things go terribly wrong, it can take a while to evaluate what happened. If emotions are particularly hot, it could be impossible to step back and be objective. But to improve interpersonal relationships and learn from our mistakes, take a deep breath and dive in!
"When you lose, don't lose the lesson." Dalai Lama
Own your mistakes - This is a humble practice but it doesn't mean you should apologize profusely. To own your mistake is to take responsibility for your actions. No one "made" you say something and no other person caused … (13 comments)

buyers edge: Celebrate National Puppy Day Today - 03/23/17 11:51 AM
adopt don't shop for your puppy!
This is my sister's dog Taz. Taz thinks she is a puppy.
Taz was rescued by my nephew who found her in deplorable conditions with a cruel owner. At first, Taz was scared of everyone and she barked viciously if you came too close. Because she had been abused, she didn't know who she could trust. But as the months and years passed, Taz began to trust my sister and nephew. Today, she is my sister's loyal companion and an excellent guard dog!
Today, weighing in at a slim 150 pounds, Taz is my sister's loyal companion! 
My … (8 comments)

buyers edge: Living in Kensington Maryland - 03/14/17 02:50 PM
Kensington Maryland a Victorian community
Kensington Maryland is in Montgomery county Maryland Northwest of Silver Spring, Northeast of Bethesda and Southeast of Rockville. 
Kensington’s historic area was built in the late 1800’s and is now on the National Register of Historic Places.
Kensington is a small, charming town with antique shops, restaurants and beautiful Victorian style homes within walking distance of the Kensington train station. 
According to the 2000 census, the median income for a Kensington family was $96,500 dollars a year.
Single family home prices start in the mid 500’s with classic Victorian, Tudor, Colonial and rambler style homes. There are mid-century style homes … (0 comments)

buyers edge: How to Buy a Home in a Competitive Market - 03/12/17 07:28 AM
House Hunting in the Spring Market? 
Get ready for the competition
The Spring market came early to the Greater Washington DC area. In fact, throughout the winter in the District, there has been competition for condos and single family homes.
We competed against 8 other buyers for a 900 square foot condo in N.W. Washington in December. One of our colleagues competed with 11 buyers for a single family home in Arlington Virginia. Both of us were successful and our buyers are very happy with their new homes. 
Success in a competitive market is part luck, part strategy & part timing. 
With this in mind, here … (6 comments)

buyers edge: Maryland Ranks in Top of Best States to Live in Nation - 03/02/17 05:55 AM
According to U.S. News & World Report
Maryland is ranked 8th best state to live in the Nation 
The "Best State" ranking looks at major elements like the economy, healthcare, education, crime and government. Maryland State Governor, Larry Hogan, is a former real estate agent. He looked happy and proud when he told a crowd,
"This should be good for Maryland real estate."
Here's a video of Governor Larry Hogan making the announcement at a meeting with commercial real estate women. This is shared from his FaceBook page.
Maryland is #5 in U.S. News rankings for education and opportunity. 45% of Marylanders are college educated. 
Maryland is home … (6 comments)

buyers edge: Where to live in the Washington DC area - 03/01/17 04:55 AM
Working in Washington DC and living in Northern Virginia or Maryland 
The lines between urban and suburban in the Greater Washington DC area are merging thanks in large part to the Metro subway system.  
 Takoma Park, Silver Spring & Bethesda Maryland are cities adjacent to Washington DC. In fact, there is a Takoma Park in DC and in Maryland, divided by Metro's red line train. The red line is shaped like the letter "U" and runs from the Shady Grove metro stop in Derwood Maryland to the Glenmont metro stop in Silver Spring. 
Downtown Silver Spring feels more urban than suburban with restaurants, bars, … (0 comments)

buyers edge: Million Dollar Homes in Washington D.C. - 02/20/17 05:37 AM
"...the most important city in the world"
This phrase is from an old radio commercial about a bank in Washington D.C.  
and it's pretty accurate. Much of what happens in Washington D.C. has an impact on the country and world. There's an exciting vibe in D.C. with people from all over the world working and living together. 
We have buyers move here from overseas and across the country. They work for the State Department, foreign governments, Department of Justice, non-profits and the Washington Post.  
Most major corporations have a presence in Washington D.C. with thousands of people employed in sales and management positions. 
There … (0 comments)

buyers edge: Living in Glen Echo Maryland - 02/09/17 07:07 AM
Kayaking, hiking, bird watching, pottery, contra & swing dancing 
All this and more in Glen Echo Maryland
Glen Echo Maryland is the smallest town in Maryland. Charted in 1904, Glen Echo is along the Potomac River, north of Georgetown and in Montgomery county.  Glen Echo Park was an amusement park until 1968. Today Glen Echo Park is an arts & cultural center. Classes in pottery, sculpting, fine arts & dance are available to all ages. Glen Echo Park hosts a Washington Folk festival every year and dancing in the Spanish Ballroom every weekend. 
Home prices range from the low 700's to several million dollars … (2 comments)

buyers edge: The Importance of Trust - 02/03/17 04:46 PM
All good relationships begin with trust
When I was in the 10th grade, I transferred to a different high school. I didn't know any girls in my class so I cautiously watched the friend groups to see where I would fit in. 
In my first gym class, I was waiting, with a group of girls, for my turn to be timed in the 1/4 mile. The girls were watching another classmate zip around the track. They didn't like her and stood whispering about her until our gym teacher yelled, "Time!"
The girl walked by and I knew that she knew these girls didn't like … (8 comments)

buyers edge: Charming Garrett Park Maryland - 02/02/17 12:46 PM
Garrett Park is between White Flint and Rock Creek Park
founded in 1898
Victorian style homes on large lots are nestled into this charming community just outside of Washington D.C. Residents have a short commute on the Marc train to Union Station in Washington D.C. Metro's Red line Grosvenor-Strathmore station is a twenty-minute walk. 
Garrett Park is on the National Register of Historic Places
The neighborhood has well-established trees and gardens and it feels like you're walking through an old town in England. Homes in Garrett Park range in price from the upper 600's to over 1 million. The small downtown has a post office … (0 comments)

buyers edge: For the love of Rudolph, please take down the decorations - 01/29/17 03:25 PM
Christmas was a wonderful day!
and now it's over...
Time to take Santa off the roof and Frosty off the front porch. Rudolph and Santa's reindeer worked hard at Christmas, isn't it time they had a rest, in the storage room, until next year?
We spent the afternoon with home buyers looking at houses in Ellicott City & Caroll county Maryland. We were all a little surprised to see Christmas decorations displayed on front lawns, rooftops, and front porches. Our buyers asked if the holiday decorations meant that neighbors were going to be messy all year round! Good question!
It's been a busy January, with … (52 comments)

buyers edge: Buying a House between Baltimore and Washington DC - 01/26/17 06:09 AM
Ellicott City Maryland
ranked 4 times by Money magazine as one of the top 20 places to live in the U.S.
Ellicott City Maryland is a 30-minute drive to downtown Baltimore. The Marc train service, from the Dorsey station, delivers commuters to Union Station in downtown Washington D.C. in a little over half an hour.  
AreaVibe gives Ellicott City Maryland a liveability score of 86. Ellicott City gets an A+ for amenities, A+ for education and A+ for housing.
There are planned developments with HOA's and luxury estates on acres of land. Ellicott City Maryland is close to major roadways like I-95, Rt. … (2 comments)

buyers edge: Habits of a Smart and Successful Home Buyer - 01/24/17 11:43 AM
Every home buyer wants a successful experience. With so much to learn and so much misinformation out there, buying a home can seem like a daunting task.
So take a few tips from our smart and successful home buyer!
Know your daily commute - The Greater Washington D.C. area has the worst traffic congestion in the country. According to a study by Texas A&M's Transportation Institute (8/26/2015)  Our smart home buyer is looking at commute options including the Marc Train and Metro systems.  Review the sector plans for neighborhoods of interest - In Northern Virginia and Maryland, counties will have Master Sector Plans and … (3 comments)

buyers edge: Gratitude is the Attitude - 01/16/17 12:04 PM
Best New Year's Resolution Ever!
According to, 41% of Americans make a resolution every New Year but only about 9% of us feel we accomplish our goal. Most of us resolve to eat better and lose weight without much success. And this is understandable. After all, January is the most dreary month of the year for much of the U.S. The food deprivation and cold temperatures are a recipe for being grumpy. I know because I made this resolution for several years until I discovered the very best New Year's resolution.
Do you want to feel better about yourself and others, be in … (10 comments)

buyers edge: Buying a House from a Smoker - 01/12/17 02:14 PM
It's an unusually warm day in the Washington D.C. area
The sun is shining it's 65 degrees! My client and I open the front door of a cute Cape Cod house and the smell of old cigarettes wafts out the door.
She looks at me, wrinkles her nose and says, "Is there a surefire way to get that smell out of a house?" And that is the big question.
How Do you Get Cigarette Smoke Out of a House? 
It's not easy. According to the Mayo Clinic, third-hand smoke is residual nicotine and other harmful chemicals left on indoor surfaces by tobacco smoke. The … (18 comments)

buyers edge: Wordless Wednesday-Peppermint Pop Rocks - 01/11/17 08:44 AM

buyers edge: How to Determine the Value of a Home - 01/10/17 11:55 AM
A Simple Guide for Home Buyers
Evaluating the value of a home is the most critical part of the home buying process. But how do you know if the list price is a good price? What should you consider when determining the value of a property? 
No matter where you are buying a home, there are specific steps to take before writing an offer. If you've found a house you want to buy, follow these simple steps for success.
Have your buyer's agent send you comps for the home. Using the Multiple Listing Service (the main source for listing information) your buyer's agent will … (2 comments)

buyers edge: Cast a Wide Net When Looking for a Home - 01/04/17 02:02 PM
The Greater Washington D.C. area is the 6th largest Metro area in the country
Choosing where to live when you are looking in two states and the District of Columbia can be overwhelming. 
However, if you have a clear process and an advocate on your side, you will have success! And you will be glad you cast a wide net so you have no doubts or regrets when you buy your home. To be sure you're seeing every house that meets your criteria, sit down with your buyer agent and discuss these things. 
Price range - after you talk to your lender and get pre-approved, you … (4 comments)

buyers edge: Decorating with house plants - 01/02/17 03:36 PM
Keep Close to Natures Heart
John Muir 
Potted plants and trees can make a patio or screened porch look gorgeous in the summer. But when the weather turns cooler, you need to be creative with arranging and displaying tropical plants indoors without creating a jungle.
Here are a few things I've tried that keep my trees and plants looking good when I bring them indoors for the winter.
Keep your potted plants off the carpet and hardwood floor - This is a mistake you only make once! Water is not a friend to your wooden floor or carpet. The plastic or ceramic saucers are … (4 comments)

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