exclusive buyers agent: Buying a Home in Maryland? Let's talk - 10/15/20 01:04 PM
Should you put your house buying plans on hold? 
"Is it still crazy competive for buyers right now?" and "Is it possible to get a deal on a house for sale?" are common questions from home buyers these days. My answer to both questions is, Yes!
According to new September 2020 data from the Maryland Association of Realtors, in 2020 the active inventory meaning the houses for sale through the Multiple Listing Service is 10,117. In 2019 there were 25, 146 homes for sale. 
In addition, the average days a house stays on the market for sale in Maryland in 2020 is 8 days. … (2 comments)

exclusive buyers agent: Guide to Buying a Home During the Pandemic - 09/14/20 10:57 AM
Does finding a home feel like an impossible dream? 
As an exclusive buyers agent, I help people buy homes and it's tough out here. Last night one of my buyer clients sent me a text saying, "Did you see what the house on 13th sold for? $80,000 over the list price!" My clients offer was one of 15 offers for the 1500 square foot rowhouse.
My client made a decent offer for the rowhouse on 13th in N.E. Washington DC. He even decided to escalate a little over the list price and keep the appraisal contingency. But as I told him, you can't … (2 comments)

exclusive buyers agent: Listen Up Homebuyers Podcast - 09/02/19 05:55 AM
This new podcast features buyer agents from all around the country. In this first podcast, Andi Defelice, Associate Broker with Exclusive Buyers Realty in Savannah Georgia talks about VA loans, obtaining seller credits and more! 
Here's a link to the podcast, Listen Up Home Buyers

exclusive buyers agent: First Time Home Buyer Class this Saturday! - 06/04/19 05:35 AM
Considering your first home purchase? 
Learn how to buy a home from true buyer agents in our comfortable office setting in downtown Bethesda Maryland.
Saturday, June 8th
9:30 am at 4849 Rugby Avenue Bethesda Maryland 20814
The ninety-minute comprehensive workshop is free but space is limited to 20 people. The instructors are Lynn Spiegel, Stephen Mercer, Marshall Henderson, and Victoria Ray Henderson-experienced true buyer agents and members of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents. 
You’ll be given educational materials and the class will cover several critical home buying topics, including, but not limited to, the following:
·      An overview of loans and what type of loan may work best for your situation
·      An explanation … (2 comments)

exclusive buyers agent: How Not To Be A Bitter Buyer - 04/09/19 12:06 PM
The escalation clause is used by home buyers who are competing with other buyers in a multiple offer situation.
Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash
In the Greater Washington DC area, buyers are competing for houses on the market near a Metro station, shops, and restaurants. In Arlington Virginia, where the Amazon headquarters will soon be located, the competition is tough. Last week, we submitted a contract on a one bedroom condo in Arlington and ours was one of twelve offers!  We included an escalation clause which looks something like this;
Sales Price $350,000 with an escalation factor of $1000 and a cap at $365,000
This means the … (3 comments)

exclusive buyers agent: Why Consider an HOA? Wordless Wednesday - 04/03/19 04:14 AM


exclusive buyers agent: 5 Top Tips for Visiting Open Houses - 03/22/19 06:38 AM
The real estate agent at an open house works for the seller. 
In many states, there is a sign, usually next to the sign in sheet, saying the agent at the open house works for the listing brokerage and the seller. 
If you are new to the real estate game, be polite to the open house agent but don't divulge too much about your personal situation. You don't want to compromise your bargaining position if you intend to put an offer on a house.
Here are a few tips on what to do when visiting an open house. 
Don't show your hand-Remember, the … (27 comments)

exclusive buyers agent: Homes in Virginia's Shenandoah-Wordless Wednesday - 12/05/18 05:24 AM


exclusive buyers agent: Should You Consider a Post Occupancy Agreement - 09/24/18 11:56 AM
A post-occupancy agreement happens when a buyer & seller agree to allow the sellers to stay in the property after settlement. 
Photo by Roberto Nickson (@g) on Unsplash
When it goes well, the seller leaves the property on or before the agreed upon date. The buyer completes the final inspection with their buyer's agent and finds no problems. At that point, buyer & seller agree to release the security deposit funds (security deposit from the seller held in escrow by the settlement attorney) and everyone is happy! 
But the post-occupancy agreement can get complicated and messy especially when the buyer and/or seller don't understand how it works. So here … (10 comments)

exclusive buyers agent: 5 Things to Know When Buying a Home from an Owner - 09/19/18 08:14 AM
We recently worked with a buyer who purchased a house for sale by owner. The owner was actually a flipper who had hired a listing brokerage to put the property into the Multiple Listing Service. The owner was the point of contact and handled all the negotiations. 
Top 5 things to know to protect your best interest when buying a FSBO
THE SELLER DOESN'T KNOW WHAT SHE DOESN'T KNOW - Every jurisdiction has addendums and requirements which become part of the contract. Several of these addendums are provided by the seller. For example, in Montgomery County Maryland, it's mandatory for the seller … (2 comments)

exclusive buyers agent: Big redevelopment plan at the RFK Stadium - 09/17/18 09:58 AM
New recreational fields, walking & biking trails and a large pavilion at the old RFK Stadium parking lot. 
Twenty-seven acres of asphalt parking lots will be transformed into a 217,000 square foot sports complex. The $489 million dollar redevelopment project will include soccer, lacrosse and baseball fields. A pedestrian bike path will be linked to the existing Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. There will be picnic areas and several playgrounds. 
A 47,000 square foot market hall for food vendors 350,000 square foot indoor sports  & entertainment facility Construction on the RFK sports complex started this month and is expected to finish the first phase … (0 comments)

exclusive buyers agent: Hang Up Your Phone and Live Your Life - 08/28/18 03:01 PM
Hearing a baby in distress is upsetting.
I was standing in line at the grocery store and I heard a baby's muffled cry. I did a quick scan of the area and didn't see the baby. Then she cried again and I saw her. She was scrunched onto one side of the baby seat of the grocery cart. Her head was hanging over the side of the cart and her feet had slipped onto the seat. She was in trouble! The baby's mother was standing right in front of her but her back was turned and she was typing furiously into … (20 comments)

exclusive buyers agent: Unbelievably Bad Real Estate Photo - 03/07/18 10:27 AM
This is what not trying at all looks like...
Every morning, I go through new homes for sale on the Multiple Listing Service. I'm not surprised to see dark or fuzzy photos, but this morning I saw a picture of a front door-
Seriously?! Couldn't take the time to click rotate on the picture?! 
Don't worry, these aren't the pictures from the MLS-it's my door. 
If you are listing a property for sale, pay a professional photographer or at least take the time to edit the pictures. The seller has put their trust in you and expects you to properly represent their home. 
Here's what I am looking … (9 comments)

exclusive buyers agent: Spring Day in late February - 02/21/18 09:36 AM
Dobby settles in on the porch

exclusive buyers agent: The Psychology in Real Estate - 01/19/18 08:07 AM
The decision-making process is more complex than you may think
Photo by Letizia Bordoni on Unsplash
Buying a home is a big deal. It takes focus and dedication to the process to get it right. You will make a list of what you want & need in a home. You and your partner will choose a neighborhood after considering your daily commute and other important factors. And even when you've checked off all the "must-haves" on your list, you could be missing an important piece of the process. 
There are subtle details that can drive your decision-making process Understanding what drives your choices will help you make … (17 comments)

exclusive buyers agent: Goodnight Moon Hello New Day - 12/06/17 07:11 AM


exclusive buyers agent: Best Holiday Happenings in Washington D.C. - 12/04/17 11:09 AM

There are so many fun things to do in the Greater Washington D.C. area during the holiday season.
Here's a list of my personal favorites. 
ZooLights at the National Zoo - Thousands of Washingtonians take advantage of the free event featuring lights, a winter wonderland theme, and live music. The reptile house is an active place at night and I highly recommend going to see the snakes and other creatures when they're awake and on the move! The gift shop is open and you can buy food and drinks at the concession stands. The military night is December 19th and all military personnel receives … (3 comments)

exclusive buyers agent: Should You Take a Break From Social Media? - 11/30/17 09:06 AM
Blogs, Tweets, Instagram Posts, FB Posts,Snapchat...
Social media is awesome! With a snap, post or tweet, we are instantly in touch with everyone! I've shared photos of rafting trips in Oregon, a yoga retreat in Costa Rica and a hike through the woods in Silver Spring Maryland. I also love seeing pictures of my high school friends who are scattered all over the world. They all seem so happy and successful. 
How do I compare to everyone else?
Am I as happy and successful as the next person?
Am I missing out on great life experiences that others are enjoying? 
Social media is causing us … (22 comments)

exclusive buyers agent: Negotiation Strategies That Work - 11/13/17 08:45 AM
s nd hef  
Are you beginning the home buying process? 
What Can An Experienced Buyer Agent Do for You? 
You're about the make the most expensive purchase of your life. You should have an experienced advocate on your side. Your buyer agent should know how & when to use the tools in their negotiation toolbox. Ideally, your agent will be experienced and have a clear understanding of market conditions. But in order to "win" in a negotiation, your buyer agent needs you! In fact, the home buyer is the driving force in every contract negotiation. 
Here are a few strategies to know before you write a contract

exclusive buyers agent: Wordless Wednesday - Boston - 10/11/17 05:08 AM
Boston is Beautiful


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