RAMBLINGS.............December, 2012

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By:  Diane Sawdon

Ramblings is usually published on the first Monday of the month.  This past weekend I was well aware that I needed to put fingers to keyboard, but the “spirit” was not moving me in that direction.  Besides, the power was out for 16 hours and, yes, we have a generator to power my Mac.   With that being said, I sit here now ready to compose some words for the month of December.   Since last month’s Ramblings was leaning towards a negative vent (or rant), I shall try to do better today.


It is, after all, the last month of the year and in just twenty one days,  Christmas will be here.  I think it was the Grinch who learned that Christmas is much more than presents, wrappings and bows.  If memory serves, I think he said it means “just a little bit more.”  As we approach the big day, I think my family and I will consider this day to be a triumph of the human spirit~~~that spirit belongs to my daughter.  She has moved past her surgery and is ready to face what comes next on her road to recovery.   This has not been a “why me” state of mind for her.   Instead, she has chosen to make it a life lesson.   Seeing her navigate all the new obstacles in her life gives me pause to reflect on my own day-to-day annoyances.   I find myself thinking if she can do this and that, then certainly, I CAN do this.   What an exceptional gift to me.


I am trying to find those simple joys that I have written about so many times before.   Turning into my driveway in the dark last night, I had a feast for my eyes~~~the colored lights were glowing in the silent darkness on the fir tree at the top of the hill.   We all made Gingerbread Houses together after Thanksgiving and they are true works of art~~~the builders ranged in age from 3 to 65 years of age and I would venture to say that the 65 year old had as much fun as those two generations younger.    We shall be putting up the Christmas tree very soon.  I considered not doing it this year, but I quickly realized that it NEEDED to be standing in the corner of the room casting a warm glow with the lights reflecting off ornaments that date from the 1930s to the present.  When I email this missive to my Roommate, I plan to head into the kitchen to make some Oreo Truffles.   We are heading down to Fresno to visit with our daughter and family and I think these delicous and decadent treats will provide “lovin’ from the oven.”  


I am not the least bit sad to see 2012 come to a close.  Innumerable lessons learned this past year~~too many learned the  hard way.  I look forward to the new year.   May I have the grace and wisdom to face each day with a renewed zest for life.  


Happy Holidays~~share the joy with those you love!





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