What is considered an "Act of God" on a Homeowner policy?

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What is considered an "Act of God" on my Home Owner Insurance policy?

We recently had a client of ours call to say his neighbors tree fell on his fence, car & garage and how does he put a claim in against his neighbor's insurance?

wind damages car & garage
Act of God Wind Damage

We had to explain to our client that since nobody was negligent for the tree falling, it is considered an "act of God" due to winds. These high sustained winds have nothing to do with the neighbor's blame for his tree falling. Since it is no one's fault, the insurance property claim for our New York client was his to report.

We've also had incidents where our client wanted (and tried) to put in a N Y Property claim against the town, village & city, whose property the tree was on. These government entities are also not responsible for the wind toppling a tree, so the same "act of God" provision would apply.

That is why at my agency, Larsen Insurance , we want our clients to call us first not the insurance company. We want to educate them and help them walk through a claim or potential claim. Once a claim is filed with an insurance companies record, it becomes a permanent loss record and could affect changing insurance companies in the future.

So being a smart consumer will help with against property claims for home owners in New York

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