17 Pros and Cons of Living in Uptown Charlotte, NC

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Since Charlotte ranks high as one of the most populated cities of North Carolina, many people have begun to consider moving to Charlotte. Since it is a diverse and versatile city, there’s a lot that might make you want to live in Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte, NC is a sports hub, commercial hub, and culturally artistic area. Though it’s a young city, it has grown to become a hotspot for nourishing diversity, creativity, and southern charm. Residents get the best of both worlds: parks and nature trails, as well as metropolitan skyscrapers. This is especially true for Uptown Charlotte, which offers its residents everything and more. 

However, living in this area has its cons, such as the crime rates at night and the growing pains of a young city still coming into its own.

Are you considering a move to Uptown Charlotte? Explore the pros that life there has to offer. You’ll experience exciting sports events, a wealth of entertainment and leisure, and gourmet dining. Consider the downside ( or “cons”) that come with it as well. Read on to learn more about living in this wonderful city!

Life in Charlotte, NC - Since it is a diverse and versatile city, there’s a lot that might make you want to live in Charlotte, NC.

Is Uptown Charlotte a Good Place to Live?

Uptown Charlotte is also known as the Charlotte City Center since it is considered the heartbeat of Charlotte, NC. Despite being called Uptown Charlotte, it is actually located in the downtown area. It was originally the city’s highest point of elevation, but Charlotte slowly grew around it.

Uptown Charlotte is a good place to live as it is home to plenty of attractions to visit and admire. It also offers many opportunities for job seekers who wish to move there. The area has a little bit of everything to offer to every kind of person. From tech startups to endless creative opportunities and many of the biggest banks in the USA. 

Not only that but the range of living conditions that Uptown Charlotte offers are wide and versatile. You can choose to live in a high-rise condominium or, the complete opposite, a restored and revitalized Victorian-type home. No matter your preferred type of home, there is something for you in the area.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Living in Uptown Charlotte, NC?

When you’ve chosen to move to a new neighborhood, it can be hard to decide whether or not it is the place for you. So if you’re thinking about moving to Uptown Charlotte, there are a few pros and cons that might help you make a decision.

PRO: The location gives access to an abundance of activities.

It can’t be repeated enough: Uptown Charlotte truly is the center of the city. Split at the intersection of Tryon and Trade streets and made up of four divided wards, Uptown Charlotte is surrounded by the best the city has to offer. 

This makes it so that living in Uptown Charlotte means easy access to tech startups, creativity-enriching hotspots, bars and restaurants, museums, and plenty more. Despite the city’s modest size, Uptown Charlotte brings the excitement of much larger cities.

CON: Culture is almost always changing.

Charlotte is a relatively new city that has seen an accelerated jump in growth in the last decade. Its residents are only starting to formulate a stable sense of culture. Since it is a newer city, there hasn’t been enough time to establish its sense of self.

Although there is no direct trace to discrimination cases in terms of economic, social, racial, or ethnic differences, Uptown Charlotte has still had its ups and downs. It hasn’t fully formed its identity or what the population of Uptown Charlotte, and Charlotte itself, needs it to be.

PRO: Diversity in its housing options.

Whether you are a single person, a family, or quite literally anyone, there is a housing option that can be offered to you in Uptown Charlotte. From high-rise condos to Victorian homes, this is what makes the neighborhood a popular choice for people who move to Charlotte, NC.

The residents of Uptown Charlotte range from young professionals to students, making it a very welcoming community. Its popularity is understandable, with the variety of available properties on the housing market and the diversity in options.

CON: The housing market might be priced higher than you think.

Because of Charlotte’s popularity and the appeal of living in Uptown Charlotte, available properties are becoming more and more expensive. As of June 2021, the average cost of rent in Uptown Charlotte exceeds the rest of the city’s average, at $1,697 for each month. 

The annual increase of home prices has gone up by 13%, with the median listing of Uptown Charlotte homes at an estimated $395,000. For newly-graduated professionals and families looking to save up on money, Uptown Charlotte’s house market may be a little bit out of reach.

PRO: There are plenty of options for delicious food to try.

Charlotte is famous for its food scene. The city is home to dozens of eateries that offer the best and delicious food. If you’re a foodie, exploring different local restaurants and bars will become an integral part of your life in Uptown Charlotte. 

PRO: There are many establishments for leisure and entertainment.

Uptown Charlotte boasts multiple all-day entertainment options that cater to various interests. You can enjoy exciting sports events or visit multiple renowned museums. There are parks and nature trails you can visit every day. Best of all, everything is easily accessible from the neighborhood, with minimal drive time. 

The Spectrum Center can offer you NBA games or unique concert experiences. The Knight Theater or the Mint Museum lets you immerse yourself in the rich artistry and culture that Charlotte can offer. Once again, all are accessible within 20 minutes or less on foot or by car. 

The nightlife scene in Charlotte is amazing and very lively. There are plenty of bars in Uptown that offer good live entertainment, good food, and great beer and wine. Taking a walk at night can lead you to pubs and places with the best free music to go along with the food.

Whether you love being out at night or not, the Uptown Charlotte nightlife is sure to reel you in.

CON: There’s limited public transit available.

Despite how Uptown Charlotte itself has a lot of walkable venues and establishments, traveling to other neighborhoods or areas in Charlotte itself might be difficult when you don’t have a car.

There are available train and bus lines and plenty of establishments that are made for easy walking. However, Charlotte itself remains a driving city. The available modes of public transit are affordable, but they have limited stops, especially in the Uptown Charlotte area.

PRO: Good and high-quality education is available. 

Charlotte, NC has around 175 primary and secondary schools. Better still, many of them are close to Uptown Charlotte or within the area itself. 

Uptown offers plenty of options for schooling, especially for students wanting higher education. The Uptown district includes Johnson & Wales, the University of North Carolina, and Central Piedmont Community College, and there are more than just a few good options available.

PRO: The diversity of the commercial scene offers plenty of employment opportunities.

Since Uptown Charlotte is “the heartbeat of the city,” endless commercial companies and organizations are located there. They range from small startups to as big as Fortune 500 companies.

If you’re a bit low on cash or the hunt for a job, no need to worry much! As a growing and newer city, Charlotte offers an abundant supply of employment opportunities. It has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in any city.

You’ll have an effortless time finding employment or job opportunities in Charlotte. Even if it isn’t the dream job that you’ve always wanted, it makes for a good starting point in your career as a Charlotte citizen.

Pros and Cons of Living in Charlotte, NC - If you are considering a move to Uptown Charlotte, explore both the pros and cons that life there has to offer.

PRO: The banking and work scene in Uptown Charlotte is booming.

Speaking of employment opportunities, plenty of jobs in the financial world have popped up. There are jobs available at Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and many more. The job opportunities in the financial sector of  Uptown Charlotte are almost endless.

Even outside of Uptown, the Charlotte job market is a heavyweight in the fields of finance and insurance and the Healthcare and Social Work field. With the rise in technology and the modernity of Charlotte, NC, there are many great opportunities in the corporate workforce popping up everywhere.

For a bit more reassurance, the average salary of Charlotte, NC stands at $54,000 annually. The unemployment rate is at 5%. Charlotte is faring very well despite the aftereffects of the pandemic.

CON: There is very minimal water access.

The nearest ocean is hours away.

PRO: Charlotte, NC is the 6th fastest-growing city in the entire United States and grows. 

With so many people moving to Charlotte, NC, it is constantly growing. There are no signs it will be stopping any time soon. Even surrounding towns are growing at fast rates. A growing population means a fast and strong job market for the city. This is not only in one industry, but also in multiple ones such as Automotives, Financial Services, Energy, Biotechnology, and the like.

CON: The population growth may be overwhelming.

This might only be a negative for people who prefer to live in secluded, more quiet places. Even if accepting, diverse, and friendly, a large community can overwhelm people looking for seclusion and calm. 

CON: Traffic is one of the biggest problems.

Charlotte itself is a city with accelerated growth in population. As more residents come to the city, more cars arrive, which brings a lot of traffic. Even if Uptown Charlotte is a neighborhood that relies more on walking, traffic is unavoidable mainly because Charlotte is the third-largest city in NC in terms of population.

PRO: The weather is great.

The weather in Charlotte can be one of the main reasons people move to the area. If you’re a fan of the cold, you can go skiing or take a trip to the mountains, with the closest one only being 30 miles away. Taking a refreshing 40-mile drive can offer you a sunny day at the beach to Lake Norman.

There is very little snow in the winter, and the snow that does fall is very manageable. Summers in Charlotte can bring heat and humidity, but its newcomers become used to it quickly.  

Aside from temperate weather and climate conditions, Charlotte is full of nature and greenery. People commonly associate cities with street lights and neon signs, but Uptown Charlotte, and the whole of Charlotte, has a great view of the night sky. You can see the stars clearly due to the city’s low level of light pollution. In the morning, the skies are very blue and nearly always bright.

PRO: Charlotte is welcoming and diverse.

The city not only welcomes young people looking for a city to live in, but it is also very open to people from all walks of life. Uptown Charlotte offers everything for everyone, whether your interests lie in sports, building a good career, or even if you want a community filled with great people.

No matter who you are or where you come from, there’s always a place for you to belong in Charlotte, NC.

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Is Uptown Charlotte Safe?

When considering a new place to live, the biggest concern that everyone has is how safe their new city might be. As you’re most likely considering moving to Charlotte, NC, you’ll want to know how safe Charlotte is.

While Charlotte does have a higher than average crime rate, it’s only due to the handful of neighborhoods in Uptown that account for 8% of it. These areas are only 2 square miles of the entire city, so it’s very little to worry about. Most of the communities are safe for all ages and kinds of people.

Uptown Charlotte is one of the safest areas in all of Charlotte, NC. Its streets are quiet and well-lit. Whether you’re walking home or going to events, restaurants, and other establishments, you’ll be safe in Uptown Charlotte. 

Charlotte, NC’s more violent crimes are concentrated mostly in easily avoidable areas. Even with the seemingly high crime rate, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Final Thoughts

As a relatively young city, Charlotte is still going through constant changes and reinventions. Hence, you might find a few cons if you are considering moving to Uptown, Charlotte. However, despite these few cons such as the limited public transit available or the minimal water access, Uptown Charlotte is a great place to live with its several pros.

If you are planning to move to this city, contact the best real estate agent, Nancy Braun of Showcase Realty today.

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