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Today is our wedding anniversary... Translated: The 28th marks the spot representing 16 years of fascinating insanity I'm grinning like an idiot over... I have a nice surprise for hubby - I updated the wee people portraits. I have to send him his e-mail so he can see how nice the shorties came ou...
    As promised here is the digital film and time lapse photography of the creation of Susana Isakharova's portrait (Study #1) in black and brown graphite. I've been hanging out in Starbucks all morning responding to e-mails but now I have to go home and get back to work. The next time lapse/dig...
Josef Katz wrote a stellar post that made me realize I don't want to be recruited by any real estate firm that doesn't know who and what ActiveRain.com is. Andrew J Lenza also gave me great advice in the comments section of a previous post about selecting a social media savvy firm. After reading ...
Picking out frames... Won the bet... Stay tuned for the YouTube. The YouTube on this is fun. It's approximately 18 minutes. I had to use three songs because I couldn't figure out how to get 16 hours into 7 minutes (LOL). There are three YouTubes in progress for my three new works of art that I w...
Tann Starr Sketchbook Chronicles: Time to sink or swim... Are you ready? Tonight is going to be a wild ride on the artistic side because I'm not just creating new works of art I'm also taking stills for the animation documenting every step of the creative journey. I am not allowed to erase, even...
Alicia Anderson is waiting for me to send the final photo selections over for the cover of her new book. She's my gal pal from the sixth grade and sings with me on the single "Amazing Grace - Believe." Click the link on her name to check it out. We're doing another set besides the "Believe" proj...
Hip Hop Gonna Getcha... Just uploaded my latest single to the distributor and it should be live in my iTunes catalog in approximately 48 hours. I'm hoping I can keep Sana's portrait animation down to 4:42. If not, I shall have to write her a new song (LOL). Still up... still drawing... and our l...
This is my gal pal Susana Isakharova. She's going to be one of the models for my gallery show at the Ward Nasse Gallery in Soho later this year (that's another blog post, so stay tuned - LOL). We're packing up my photography gear because there's someplace we've both gotta be at 5 PM. If you read...
Live from Shahlimar's We're going to cook up something really neat to answer some of your questions. My gal pal Susana is being high-jacked to pose for me. I'm going to set up the photography lights, grab a backdrop, plop a 16 x 20 canvas on my easel and draw her portrait. Every ten minutes I'm ...
I woke up to 4,243 e-mails... Give me a couple of days to do a YouTube... I am trying to figure out how to answer some of your questions so please be patient with me because I normally only get a couple hundred e-mails a day (between eight accounts) and there is no way in Hell I'm going to read ...

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